Saturday, March 20, 2010

Fascism is AWESOME! (UPDATED!!!)

I have been hammering home the stupidity of any government run medical programs for YEARS. When this stupidity came up in the presidential campaigns back in 2004, I knew that it was simply a matter of time before the Idiocracy that is Democrat political ideology found enough morons to fall into lockstep.

Christina posted a good glimpse into the future when she found these two videos. Yes, the Wave is here and normal people will have to grin and bear it as the Democrats destroy our physical well-being. Of course, when this push fails miserably, as it positively will, the normal people will have to repair the damage that the intellectually incurious caused while they were IN POWER. You know, like watering crops with Gatorade instead of water that we could not use because doing so "endangered" some fish that no one eats anyway. Such is always the case, the idiotic mob gets control and crushes individual wealth and health, then finally the poor people that were ruined get smart for a little while and vote the idiots out.

Of course, with the utter corruption of this Democrat run government, there is the possibility that armed revolution will be the only way to get them out of power. Isn't it odd how Democrats HATE HATE HATE individual ownership of guns? Hopefully, it will not come to the point of armed revolution and the average citizen will throw their legislators out of office before that is necessary. If your representative is a Democrat, they simply MUST go even if they vote against this ObamaCare debacle. There has only been ONE responsible Democrat in Congress for as long as I remember, and now it is even time for Gene Taylor (Dumbass-MS) to go. They ALL have to go.

By the way, HERE's a good rundown on one theory of how things would shake out if armed revolution does wind up being necessary. Let us PRAY that the Democrats do not force this to happen, but there is no telling when you are dealing with a political body as corrupt and power mad as these Democrats.

In my lifetime, all 45 years, there has only been twelve years when the Republicans held the Congress completely. Oddly enough, that was also during the greatest peacetime expansion of the WORLD economy, ever. Weird how that happens, huh? When Republicans held the Congress, EVERY SINGLE HUMAN ON EARTH GOT RICHER. There was not one human that did not benefit from Republicans being in control of the economy. NOT ONE.

Since the Democrats took Congress back in January 2007, wonder what kind of economic meltdown we have had in the WORLD? I think that you know.

Remember the almost perfect correlation between the Democrat control of the Senate and unemployment? When Democrats are in control, everyone on EARTH gets poorer. Yes, there is a definite cause and effect going on there. Ignore it if you want to, but you are only hurting EVERYONE IN THE WORLD by doing so.

Anyhoo, Doug Mataconis has a good group of posts up on the House procedural moves to ram ObamaCare own our throats. Granted, he does have videos of that nutcase Ron Paul on there, too. But as a fiscally responsible representative, Paul is without equal.

UPDATE: I know that this is a terrible thing to say, but I do not care if abortion funding is in the "healthcare" bill. The only women that are GHOULISH enough to slaughter babies are liberals anyway. They need to be kept from reproducing and spawning more idiots. So, get on with it.

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Skunkfeathers said...

You point out why the libtards need to dumb down education; 'cuz their female libtards are killing their future libtard voters before they're born.

I object to having to pay for them to do it; but if they want to wipe out their own spawn, fine. Fewer libtards is good.

Skunkfeathers said...

Damn, almost forgot: bite me, Janet.