Friday, March 19, 2010

Drive-By Blogging - The Disgusted Edition

I am actively trying to keep from blogging this total meltdown of the United States economy and the moves taken by the most corrupt and inept administration in history. It ain't easy. I have not stopped reading the news, I am just trying to not concentrate on the ramifications of what they are doing. Hell, I accepted this path the second that really stupid people elected their movement's Head Dumbass as President of the United States.

But, what continually gets my goat here is that we have a complicit media. The people that operate our daily news outlets are so sandpoundingly stupid as to actually think that Barry Obama is intelligent. This startles me because there is an ever growing MOUND of proof that he is a simpering idiot. I think that his interview on Fox News really exposed him for being an utter moron, but the other news outlets immediately dove into cover-up mode by continuing to attack Fox for actually doing their job. Bret Baier, a guy that looks like he is twelve years old, made the left's Smartest President in History look like a doofus. Well, exposed Obama for being a doofus, anyway. Just watch it at Malkin's blog.

Um, seriously, Barry Obama is what the left thinks is a smart guy? We used to lock up people that were that crazy.

What seriously shocks me is that the folks that are not morons are finally calling the Democrats out for being corrupt and having zero respect for our country and our founding principles. Are y'all really just NOW wising up to the Democrats? Hell, they have always been the party of slavery, corruption, racism, hatred, and anti-freedom. Why has it taken y'all over 150 years to recognize that? Dammit, y'all are worse than Darwinists!

Anyhoo, in the past couple of days, there have been stories on Social Security reaching the tipping point (something that happened when it was INSTITUTED in 1935), the SPLC lumping Black Separatist and Muslim groups into "Rightwing Hate Groups," the corrupt Obama Administration restoring funding to his former employer, ACORN, the federal student loan program lumped in with ObamaCare to force students to become doctors after almost half quit because of ObamaCare, more and more Moonbats saying that we cannot use nu-ku-lar power because global warming will destroy the reactors, finding and exposing the way that Obama's buddies, Lehman Brothers, ripped off the taxpayers, and finally, the release of the final ObamaCare Bill that will exponentially increase taxes and add huge numbers of IRS agents to the already overwhelming number of government employees.

Full Metal Patriot also reports on the ObamaCare debacle.

Hawkins has Democrat dumbass quotes on ObamaCare.

Folks, Democrats are just flat-out stupid. Everyone should know this and no one should vote for Democrats. If someone that you know does vote for a Democrat, seek help for those people immediately, they are mentally unstable and are suicidal.

Kinda like this Boomer Sooner dude. I wonder how his prom turned out?

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Full Metal Patriot said...

Thanks for the link!

It's hard to believe that our elected officials are about to "deem" a bill into law, and then use the IRS to dictate our healthcare. I can't even begin to express how angry this makes me!

Andy said...

TD, I'm wondering why the Okie Dokies nixed the license plate. Seriously.

So, I started looking into it, and wrote a blog post.


Staci said...

Dude shoulda went with DOWNLOW or sumpin'.

In spite of the red & white hat,I think he is a "Cowpoke" fan, because of the "poke" part.

I also would bet good money that he voted for Obama.

Paul Mitchell said...

Full Metal Patriot, it is not hard to believe for me. This has been building for a long time. Even Republicans started getting all fascist-y when they held Congress.

Andy, they nixed it because dude/dudette lives in Norman. They can't have that crap around the school.

Staci, you would have a hard time finding anyone to cover your bet. Someone that wants their tag to tell who they are screwing, always votes Democrat.

Skunkfeathers said...

The Democrat Party, such as it was, is dead as a possum on the road.

The Party of Whores is what they have proven themselves to be. And every prostitute that sold out to the Party of Whores, should be fired in November.

Bite me, Janet.

classicaliberal said...

Bite me, Janet