Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The State of the Metro-Jackson Area

As far as blogs in Jackson, Mississippi go, there is only one that I read because the others just do not interest me that much. There was one that I did read and comment on, but for some reason my comments started getting moderated. Yeah, fuck that. No, I do not use the cussy talk on others blogs, unless there is a clear understanding there.

Anyhoo, Jackson Jambalaya has a quick post up about the crackdown of the Jacktown Poh-lice on minor traffic violations. So, beware when driving/parking in the Capitol City. (Especially beware while driving, they do not pave their streets in Jackson and there are potholes the size of LARGE planets!)

Also, on the comment section of the post, you will see some strange comments, like, "I parked the wrong way on my street in Belhaven and got a ticket. I went to court to fight it and the judge threw it out."

or..."38 in a 35? In most places a ticket like this would be illegal!"

Good Lord. People, if the posted speed limit is 35, drive less than 35 miles per hour. Simple. If you are facing the wrong way to park in front of a building/house on a street, turn the fuck around and park the correct way. Again, simple.

You cannot have things both ways. "I want the police to protect me and my stuff, but NOT if they are going to give me a ticket for breaking the speed limit or parking illegally."

DON'T ignore the fact that most CRIMINALS are CRIMINALS all the time and YOU can quit being an idiot. Puh-leeeeze.

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Red said...

Cops need to spend their time bustin' the big time baddies, not the traffic dorks.

Andy said...

Ya' gotta admit TD, "38 in a 35" is pretty ticky. But, you can never believe ANYTHING a moron commenter writes. It was probably more like 48 in a 35.

I do not know the particulars of Jacktroit, or why one would get a ticket for parking on the wrong side of the street. I mean...regardless of which way you park, isn't it a bad idea to do it anyway.

Skunkfeathers said...

Oh, quit pickin' on dink traffic violation tickets...cops need donuts too, y'know ;) And libtards, they lurve any form of taxation ;)

Staci said...

I wish just once they'd write a ticket for all the people I see on the street that are driving new cars with paper tags that expired 6 months ago.

Andy, parking on the street IS a bad idea. I'd just got my car (yep, still had the paper tag, only had it a week) and went over to somebody's house and parked on the street. About 20 minutes later, somebody in a freakin' U-Haul truck came barreling down the street and destroyed the driver's side of my car! Not only that, they drove off even though we all ran outside to see what the noise was all about. As I have said repeatedly, I'm LUCKY.

Paul Mitchell said...

Just as a clarification, in Belhaven you have to park on the street, there is not much off-street parking. The commenters were bitching about getting ticketed for parking facing the wrong way. You know, parking like a moron.

Skunkfeathers said...

Oh, quit pickin' on dink traffic violation tickets...cops need donuts too, y'know ;) And libtards, they lurve any form of taxation ;)