Sunday, April 11, 2010

Barry Obama Stupidly Wants to Spend Money on Stupid Things

As always, there is a monumental divide between the ideology of (so called) liberals and (so called) conservatives. Today's liberals actually think that building new schools is a good idea. Today's liberals actually think that building new roads is a good idea. And in an odd contradiction, those schools are always built with new roads leading to them. We are building new roads to areas that were not served by roads at all until we built the new schools. Knowledgeable, sane people think that is simply stupid.

Yes, we need roads, yes we need schools. Simply put, I NEED a new car, too. I just do not have the available money to spend on it right now. Democrats control the government, so individuals, that actually work, are BROKE. Such is ALWAYS the case when Democrats are in control.

Understand, building a new school does NOT add a single job, unless it is to add another unneeded teaching position. Building a road does NOT add a single new job.

You see, fact number one of United States politics is this: Democrats are ridiculously stupid and they rob the working public to give handouts to deadbeat losers. AND! If you vote for Democrats, you WANT to be poor and rely on others to GIVE you stuff.

From Gateway Pundit comes the link to this article with this paragraph:
An $80 billion-plus Senate plan promised an infusion of cash to build roads and schools, help local governments keep teachers on the payroll, and provide rebates for homeowners who make energy-saving investments.
What part of that seems to be GOOD FOR THE ECONOMY?

Ignore the "energy-saving investments." That would fail miserably and you know it.

But, put the rest of that ridiculous statement into perspective. We currently have fifty-three percent (53%) of the population paying for the remaining forty-seven percent (47%) of the population to live.

Fifty-three percent (53%) of total population of the United States leaves us with a total of one hundred fifty-nine million people. Using TOTAL population, we see that if the federal government simply took the 80 BILLION dollars and sent it back to the people that sent that money in to begin with, each one of us would receive a check for five HUNDRED dollars and change. What could you do with your five hundred dollars?

You see, you can spend your money more wisely than the federal government does every time, all the time. Do you even consider how much better off you would be if you did not have to send around half of your income to local, state, and federal government for them to squander on stupid giveaway programs?

Does it even register with you that the federal government wants to build MORE schools to reduce class size, to reduce the number of children per teacher and that has been proven to NOT have any net effect on student performance? That is called "GOVERNMENT WASTE." Ignore the fact that the federal government is NOT even supposed to be involved in schools, they already took that over during the FIRST coming of Barry Obama, known to people that can remember back before breakfast, as THE JIMMY CARTER ADMINISTRATION.

Can you even imagine the detrimental effect to our country's economy that we receive by building more and more classrooms? Not only do we have to staff those classrooms (teachers make a killing in salary and other perks), at a very exaggerated cost (government construction costs as much as ten times more than private construction), but we also have added those costs FOREVER with never a single net result. We also have to heat and cool those areas with an added cost to our budget, depleting of natural resources, and we get NOTHING IN RETURN. We have increased in "education" costs exponentially and have received NOTHING IN RETURN.


I am not even going to get into Obama stupidly negotiating nuclear weapon reductions. Can someone please tell me of any reason they voted for this douchebag other than to finally put to rest the President's race thingy? And how is that race thingy working out for you? It has only been a year since Obama was inaugurated, and only three since the Democrats took control of DC. Are you better off now? That was a rhetorical question.

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Andy said...

It's interesting that you mention class sizes. A while back, my best life-long buddy talked me into getting on The Facebook.

Not too long after that, one of our old friends posted our "first grade" class photo. I counted the students. There were 32 of us in Mrs. Haynes' class. As I began to tick off old faces, names, occurred to me that EVERYONE I recognized, and have kept track of, have done just fine in life. And that was FIRST GRADE! There was no kinniegarden junk...nor pre-school...nor Head Start.

Nor "Pre-K"...sheesh!

Sure, I know that some of my 6 year-old classmates probably fell through the cracks, and became mass murderers, or simple drug dealer felons. And, I do know that two of them became lesbians because they now have lived together for many years.

But, they can fix their own trucks. Just sayin'...

As much as I appreciate the teachers that have taught my own sons...I believe the good ones would have done just as good a job without half the money, and with twice the students.

Paul Mitchell said...

Andy, my first grade class had 42 kids. My second grade, 39. If you want to see what a really good teacher can do, run The Google on Jaime Escalante, he took more than 50 in some of his ghetto school calculus classes.

It is all about the teachers in my opinion. Get rid of the unions and hire only teachers that want to produce smart kids.

Skunkfeathers said...

Classes of 30+ was nothing when I was in school, and our teachers were TEACHERS, not SOCIAL ENGINEERS; what's more, they could maintain CONTROL of a classroom, unlike today.

But dumbed-down social engineers mislabelled as teachers, begets dumbed-down students, and a total deterioration in the quality of education. All at the hands of libtards.

Jill said...

Have you gotten your govt issue vaseline and your 'health' cards yet? Isn't it great to know the nanny state is looking out for folk like us? Nice of Barry to bankrupt our greatgrandkids too, isn't it. Is it November yet?

Paul Mitchell said...

Skunks, I do know, Mrs. McCleod, my first grade teacher, was born before engineers were invented. I think that she is still teaching, too. She is over four thousand years old.

Jill, I am jumping right on the healthcare train and riding. I am done paying taxes. You suckers gonna pay for me to go to the doctor.