Sunday, April 11, 2010

Let's Break Down a College Professor's LYING LIES in the Paper

Today's free Clarion Ledger was an unwelcome annoyance. As always, the moron contingent is W-A-Y over represented. However, it had been a while since even the C-L had stooped so low as to publish something screeched from Robert S. McElvaine.

I guess Kingish pointing out the other day that McElvaine was still on the loose reminded Ronnie Agnew that he had a local moonbat supply from which to draw.

Please understand that Professor McElvaine is a very sick man. For him, a professor of "history," to be this blatantly wrong on HISTORY, kinda scares me. The only explanation for his stark-raving craziness that makes sense to me is PCP flashback.

Check it:
Far from being a socialist, Barack Obama is very much a centrist.
I have no idea how to even screw my brain up enough to even read that without wincing. I wonder how bad it hurt to write something that blatantly dishonest? Or, PCP flashback?

How about this one:
Jobs are now being created, whereas they were being lost at a rapidly accelerating rate through the last year of the Bush presidency. Oh, and health care will now be more available.
Does he really believe that or.....PCP flashback?

Let's list some more craziness.
1. "History" professor calling our country a democracy.
2. Saying Bush was buddies with Wall Street.
3. Saying Barry Obama is NOT buddies with Wall Street.
4. Mentioning the DJIA being up 3k, but failing to mention that is because there is NOWHERE else to put investment money.
6. Tax cuts CAUSE deficits.
7. Founders set up a democracy but with checks and balances. Um, "republic?" PCP?

How about this?:
Worried about deficits? You should be.
But, in the very next sentence, Crazy Robert talks about Bush's deficits. Barry Obama has QUADRUPLED the debt in just over a year. FOUR TIMES BIGGER than left by Bush!!!

How about this:
Barack Obama is not your enemy; Wall Street manipulators are.
By the way, I just wonder who in the world could have raked in the most contributions from Wall Street. Dammit, if there was only somewhere that we could find that information!!

I just wish that maybe I could find a clearinghouse of information to tell me who in the Hell gave money to whom.

I just cannot figure out HOW to find out which candidate benefited the most from having buddies on Wall Street, it is like that information is NOWHERE to be found.

And I also cannot imagine where to find the info telling me who directed the most money toward Wall Street. Or who even VOTED for the bailouts for Wall Street. Does LSD cause flashbacks or hallucinations?

I am certainly glad that Obama did not give all that money to Wall Street and then put the very same guys he gave bonuses to in his cabinet.

I am NOT simply going to ignore Crazy Robert saying there are no death panels in the "healthcare" law. Even Crazy Robert's hero, Crazy Thomas L. Friedman of The New York Times, readily admits the death panels are in the law and says that they are needed. Everyone KNOWS that the "committee" vaguely defined in the bill is going give a thumbs up or thumbs down on treatment. Just because the law never has the words "death panel" in it, does NOT mean that is not what it is. Sorry.

Crazy Robert also says that there is no incarceration spelled out in the law, again he lies. From page 1757 of the law, "Any person that violates Section 519 shall upon conviction be imprisoned for not more than ten years..." Nope, NO ONE is going to jail for anything in this law.

I think that is sufficient to fisk the idiocy of Robert S. McElvaine.

Folks, I really think that Robert McElvaine is insane from all the drugs. That is the only explanation that I can find. If you send your kids to Millsaps, you are an imbecile.

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Skunkfeathers said...

Since Raunchy Agnew can't find any INTELLIGENT WRITERS for the Cladipus Licker -- not that he apparently LOOKS FOR ANY -- this libtard so-called prof is probably subpar for his course.

Paul Mitchell said...

Skunkfeathers, the only way to collect this huge number of morons is to actively be seeking them. That is is the only way.

JMK said...

Yup, Paul's got that 100% right!

You DO have to actively search out the moron contingent to get this many of them in one place.