Friday, April 02, 2010

Bill Minor is Retarded (UPDATED!!!)

UPDATE at bottom.

When continuing our "You CANNOT make this shit up!" series, we can never ignore when it is coloring day at the NERVOUS HOSPITAL.

Bill Minor is on the loose, again! When will those people entrusted with the Thorazine, shock treatments, and the straitjackets ever learn how to shackle Bill and keep him away from the finger paints? Bill Minor IS Harry Houdini.

And of course, The Clarion Ledger must publish what Bill writes. It is in the C-L's pact with Satan.

One can only wonder how many Ku Klux Klan outfits that Bill Minor owns. Wonder if he has them custom tailored and sends them out for dry-cleaning? HOLY CRAP!!! Minor IS also Matlock!!!

Screw it, on to the blog show!!!

From Blithering Bill's column which the C-L is honor bound to publish:
Awaiting outside was a hate-breathing mob that resembled escaped inmates from the nut house. As several black Democratic congressmen walked past, the throng - tea-partiers? - hurled racial slurs and even spat on them for supporting the bill.

Today is Friday, April 2, 2010. The incident of alleged RAAAAACISM happened on March 21, 2010 and was PROMPTLY debunked. Since that time, NOT ONE SHRED of evidence has been produced that remotely shows anything of the sort claimed by Bill Minor. It has been almost two weeks, folks, and the Clarion Ledger STILL published Bill Minor's lying article in today's paper.

Again, absolutely zero video or audio has been discovered that even remotely supports the claims of racial epithets being shouted. Think about that, in this day of overwhelming ability to capture images, video, and audio, NOT ONE SUCH THING has surfaced. As far as the "spitting incident" is concerned, video HAS surfaced of that circumstance and proves without ANY DOUBT that it was wholly unintentional.

So, Bill Minor's column is a complete out and out LIE.

The best part about it is that Bill Minor KNOWS that it is a lie. He even threw in a bunch of useless historical references about John Lewis that are not germane to the topic at hand. That information was intended to obscure the point of the FRAUD.

Face it, if someone called any black person a "nigger," even if that black person DID NOT participate in the Civil Rights marches, it is STILL racism and is JUST AS BAD as calling John Lewis one. Lewis' past is irrelevant to the act. There is NO DIFFERENCE at all. Does Bill Minor think that John Lewis is more important to the world? If he does, then Minor has changed his tune since the 1960s when he was sitting in Mississippi restaurants with his racist Democrat politician buddies and denouncing the very same John Lewis, huh?

Folks, again, those morons on the left are freaking dangerous to freedom and our individual liberty, we MUST call them out on everything that they do.

You could not make this shit up if you spent an entire Saturday trying.

UPDATE: Just to reiterate, you might need Saturday AND Sunday to make this shit up.

It seems that Representative Emanuel Cleaver is NOW saying that he never said that he was INTENTIONALLY spat upon. So, even though his office released a press report, just after the incident, stating that he was spat upon, now he is saying that he was NOT INTENTIONALLY spat upon and that he never said that at all, that OTHER people said it. "It depends on what the definition of IS is."

And here is another tidbit that seems somewhat fishy. There seems to be some COLLUSION going on to get the RAAAAACIST! and spitting stories out. McClatchy states that they got the story from HuffPo, yet McClatchy published BEFORE HuffPo. Odd, huh?

Andrew Breitbart has even more and since he is ponying up the money to pay the reward to anyone that comes forward with proof, you owe it to Breitbart to read what he wrote. It's good, too.

In related "healthcare" news, the first PRIVATE lawsuit has been filed against ObamaCare. In Mississippi. FIRST!!!

And you know what happens when the Democrats get busted being Democrats? Yeppers, they double down on the stupidity with the help of the complicit national media.

A recap, the N-Word did NOT get shouted at a Tea Party, there was NO intentional spitting, there have been ZERO acts of violence other than those acts perpetrated by the Left, but HEY! The Tea Parties are JUST LIKE THE KLAN according to the left, which literally IS the Klan.

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Unknown said...

video HAS surfaced of that circumstance and proves without ANY DOUBT that it was wholly unintentional.


Paul Mitchell said...

OSO, I have no clue why some folks do what they do. It was still clearly unintentional, however. Wonder why the national media continues to rail on that and try to make it into some kind of racist incident? Is it because the media people are RACIST against white people?

Skunkfeathers said...

I just heard that PETA is filing a lawsuit against ANYONE who uses the Cladipus Licker to line the bottoms of bird and hamster cages; they say it's cruel and unusual punishment to subject birds and hamsters to the abysmally pathetic libtard drivel that IS the Cladipus Licker.

OSO, libtards are eons behind on apologies for their outrageous, ignorant, abysmally stupid conduct. When they get caught up, you can start expecting some quid pro quo. But you're eons behind, laddie. Get crackin'.

Paul Mitchell said...

There's more to the story, now, Skunks. The whole thing is coming unraveled, of course on Good Friday so the national media doesn't have to cover it. This is just so much fun now that we have legitimate news sources to debunk ALL of the liberal lies in the national media. I think that maybe, just maybe, we can wind up putting the final nail in the coffin of these racist fucking Democrats once and for all.

on-the-rocks said...

Did Bill's meds run out? Did some state Medicaid board decide that continuing them would be too expensive?

Paul Mitchell said...

on the rocks, yeah, I do believe Bill's meds ran out when the Klan dropped his health insurance. Minor has always been a nut/Democrat as far back as I can remember.

Unknown said...


You said on your post:

It seems that Representative Emanuel Cleaver is NOW saying that he never said that he was INTENTIONALLY spat upon.

IN the link provided it says:

Rep. Cleaver never commented on the incident, but it didn't take long before many people claimed that he was spit upon. In an interview on Tuesday with FOX 4 News, Rep. Cleaver would not directly answer the question of whether or not he was intentionally spit upon.

Which is sort of completely different to what you said it said.

Neil Cameron (One Salient Oversight) said...

(BTW, "One" is me. If ever you see "one" comment here it is me)

Neil Cameron (One Salient Oversight) said...

It was still clearly unintentional,

Okay here's my thing.

Let's say I'm on the steps of congress with my Jackboots and Nazi Swastika screaming and yelling obscenities at Republicans who have passed some law that reduces governments spending and increases personal responsibility.

And so as I'm screaming out how wonderful Karl Marx is and how all these guys will be the first against the wall once the left wing revolution comes, a Southern Republican White Male walks past a little bit too close to my spittle.

The man turns and looks daggers at me. I suddenly see a bit of my spittle on the side of his cheek. What would I do?

Well if I intended to spit on the worthless SOB for, you know, encouraging freedom rather than the dictatorship that I really, really want, then I would simply keep yelling at him.

But if the incident was accidental then I would stop yelling, I would put my hands up and say "Oh look I'm so sorry! I guess I was yelling too loud and a bit of my spittle came out and hit you. I know this looks bad, you being a righteous white conservative male and me being a liberal pinko who hates freedom. but I can assure you that it was a mistake, that it was nothing personal, and.... here, here's my special Hilary Clinton memorial handkerchief, let me wipe my mess off your face. Look if you're still pissed off at this I am more than willing to go to the media and explain that, yes I did spit on you but it was my own fault because I shouldn't have been shouting so loud. In fact, see that policeman next to you? Just ask him to get me to make an official statement. And see that guy filming us? get him to come over here and let me explain to him right now, just minutes after this has happened."

Well, you know what actually happened? The actual guy on the actual steps of congress who actually spat in the actual face of a black member of congress (who has actually been spat on by racists in years past) did not actually offer ANY form of apology or try to ameliorate the situation in ANY way. He just kept yellin' at the guy, shouting over the black congressman's questions about whether he spat on him.

The lack of remorse or realisation from the spitter indicates very clearly his guilt.

If it was a liberal who spat at a conservative you would be baying for blood.

Skunkfeathers said...

A losing argument, and a dishonest one, too. Typical libtard methodology.

Andy said...

OSO, in the spirit of Easter, I am going to shock you. I agree with you!

But just on one point.

Cleaver HAS said that he did not believe the spray he got was intentional. There are several articles reporting his statement.

But, if it had been me, I would have apologized immediately. Obviously, you would have, also.

Why the guy did not is between him and his conscience. Not everyone has the same standard of what constitutes good manners.

But, the lack of an apology can in no way be cited as proof of intent. Look, everyone knows that they were spoiling for "something" to happen. It was an "in your face" act to parade through there anyway.

Certainly they had the right to take that route, but it was either unwise...or an intentional plan to provoke. I suspect the latter.

Paul Mitchell said...

OSO, I would never be baying for blood. Violence is part and parcel from the "left." But, this comment from you is actually scraping at getting to what happened, but you fail to see that the Democrats did not apologize to this man that they just enslaved. So, accidental spitting v. saddling this man's children with debt for the rest of their lives really is not comparable. Sorry.

If the US national media had not set out to intentionally lie about what happened, my opinion might be more in line with yours, but yours is ideological, not based on this situation or the men involved. You are not being honest. You are perpetuating the lie that the media jumped on. Clearly it was an organized PLOT to discredit those protesters in DC. No one can dispute that.

One other thing, from my link, Emanuel Cleaver's office sent out a press release that certainly did attempt to tie this incident with the Democrat racism from the 1960s and offer the idea that the spitting incident was intentional, which yet again, still solidifies my point of what Democrats do, they project their idiotic racism on everyone else, JUST LIKE I SAID.

Skunks, the national media will never tell us the truth, that nearly goes without saying, but I am going to keep saying it to my last breath.

Andy, I would like to think that I would have apologized, too, but I do not think I would have. And it is solely because the Democrats headed out to taunt the protesters. The fun part of the whole charade is that while everyone was saying that the protesters were dangerous and violent, Nancy Pelosi headed out into the crowd with her ridiculously sized gavel and that shit-eating grin on her face MOMENTS after the "spitting" incident. If there were any possibility of violence, no police officer on EARTH would have let that idiot walk out there carrying that huge gavel and smirking like the moron she is.

JMK said...


Apologies are for INTENTIONAL offenses.

There's no need to apologize for unintentional transgressions.

Anonymous said...

I don't know who Bill is but I know one thing for sure. Calling him retarded makes you look like a total tool. Why drag people with special needs into it? Have you no shame?

Paul Mitchell said...

Anon, your opinion is noted.

paul mitchell said...

Anon, your opinion is noted.

JMK said...


Apologies are for INTENTIONAL offenses.

There's no need to apologize for unintentional transgressions.