Friday, April 02, 2010

Why Democrats' Ideology COSTS You Plenty

The debate raging for the past year and a half regarding "healthcare" simply dumbfounds me. The fact that no one can see that this law was passed to undo the last Democrat "healthcare" bill is not surprising, because as ALWAYS Democrats try different things to keep the population enslaved and when that policy collapses, they jettison the idea and blame it on the folks that always opposed them in the initial endeavor. And the Democrat ideology is always the same, MORE government control. ALWAYS MORE.

That is the only way that they have actually survived politically for this long. And as always, the morons in the national media have been complicit in keeping those very same Democrats in power.


Do any of y'all actually know why medical services prices have escalated EXPONENTIALLY in the recent past?

Of course it was BECAUSE of Democrats and the HMO Act of 1973, penned by none other than TEDDY KENNEDY (DUMBASS) and signed into law by President Nixon (RETARD). The main effect of this bill took control of individual's health away from those individuals and placed it firmly in the hands of government. Plus, it created the cottage industry of "medical insurance" which was just a BET on whether you would get sick or not. You have been paying for YEARS for something that was never needed until Democrats MADE it so and not even then, either. Yes, Democrats created an industry that caused medical prices to escalate and took MORE of your hard earned money in the process, while wrenching away MORE control of your own life from you.

I am just stunned. And today that very policy is described as an "Employment BENEFIT."

You see, Democrats had to buy votes for their party back in the 1970s, because of the utter bullshit debacle of creating WELFARE, and now they have to repeat the very same thing. So, in a move that rivals the city of New Orleans asking the federal government to repair levees that the federal government screwed up to being with, the entire nation is asking Democrats (and invoking Teddy Kennedy's name to pass it) to fix something that Democrats (and Teddy Kennedy in particular) screwed up to being with. And the Democrats are again, as usual, doubling down on the very same stupid ideology that they bring to the table.

Here are Teddy Kennedy's very own words on his legislation in the 1970s and in the year 2001. If you do not want to clicky, here is the brief synopsis. In the 1970s, "HMOs are the bestest thing since a pocket on a tee-shirt." In 2001, "I cannot believe Washington DC has screwed over the awesome Americans by passing HMOs."

Again I'll say it. Democrats use the very same ideology of keeping the slaves on the plantation, forever increasing government control over every little thing, and when that fails, the only idea they promote is increasing government control.

In ten years when the "healthcare" law fails miserably and none of us have a doctor within three hundred miles of us unless we live in the major metropolitan areas, Democrats will double down yet again. From where I stand, their ultimate solution will be the same as HITLER's!!!

Now, the debate continues to rage because some folks still regard their "employer funded" pre-paid medical plan as a "benefit" and do not see that it is NOT insurance, either. Not only that, those very same people do not even regard this "premium" as a cost of their "healthcare." Let me just show you how this concept is wrong.

If I receive, from my employer, a PRODUCT that is actual compensation, that PRODUCT must be considered as income. Trust me, it is going to be considered exactly that in the future and it counts as a medical COST. For the sake of argument, I am going to round some numbers because I am doing this in my head while contemplating one thousand other things.

Let's take a base salary of 50k as a starting point and throw in an additional 6000 dollars (500 a month) as a "benefit" for what is known as medical insurance. That brings your total TAXABLE income to 56k per year. That is effectively an eleven percent (11%) increase in your salary and Democrats will SHOW you that they gave you an 11% increase in salary from the MINUTE that is done. All the while, that minute change will increase your TAXABLE income and lower your actual NET income, making you POORER from the jump, but the Democrats will call it AWESOME. But, since Teddy Kennedy's 1970's bill was signed into law, that "insurance" has never been taxable and in fact, it has been a credit for your employer, because he doesn't have to match that income for the purpose of FICA. Of course, this ties into the devastation caused by FDR's Social Security Act and Johnson's Medicare and Medicaid debacle. Not only are employers or employees not having to contribute to FICA on that INCOME, the employers are getting tax breaks for offering the medical insurance.

The employer "gives" you a "benefit" and doesn't have to pay FICA on it either, who wouldn't want that? Ignore the fact that the whole concept is NOT even breaking even.

Let's recap what is GOING to happen, you are going to get taxed on an unneeded program forced upon you by Democrats, that reduces your net income and increases your taxable income, while substantially increasing your (and your employer's) contribution to FICA, which is another utterly failing Democrat program. And the cycle will continue until Democrats are laughed out of office.

Do you see how this is an absolute house of cards and is LITERALLY unsustainable from the jump? If you want to bring down "healthcare" COSTS and the costs of everything else at the same time, you must do away with ALL FOUR of the Democrats' horrendous big government programs that have brought us to this point, but that will never happen.

Democrats cannot allow those things to be overturned, just like the minimum wage that falsely raises income levels, while at the same time raises the costs of everything. In other words, wonder what the TRUE inflation rate even is? And why is it that despite the fact that incomes basically remain level indefinitely when all things are considered, prices ALWAYS go up in direct proportion to minimum wage? At some point, we will all be making one trillion dollars a year, yet still have the very same net worth, ZERO. Has anything really changed? Well, other than the FREAKING DEBT?

Democrats HATE the free market, the founding principles of this country, and any type of true competition. Pluss anyone with a basic knowledge of ANYTHING will never vote for the Democrats. So, to stay in office, Democrats have to keep the population stupid and enslaved. They do this by buying off ever more significant portions of the population.

Understand, if you have employer provided insurance, that is definitely income and it counts toward the costs of medical services. YES! You should be taxed on that, there is no other way to look at it, but as INCOME. So if you NEVER go to the doctor, not even one time in a year, you have effectively paid 6000 dollars for something that you NEVER got. Just for a reference point, I have NEVER paid more than 5000 dollars for medical services a year EVER in my lifetime. For me and my son. EVER. If I take my savings from the entire length of my lifetime, I have saved more than 45,000 (6000-5000MAX) dollars by NOT buying a pre-paid medical policy. The actual number is MUCH, MUCH higher. In other words, my costs are much lower than someone that has "insurance."

Sorry, this is a FACT. Or as I like to call it, "Democrat Kryptonite."

I shall also guarantee one more thing, the Democrats are going to TAX that "benefit" in the future, if this "healthcare" law doesn't already do that. BET ME.

If there is anything that can always be bet on, it is the ever creeping fascism promoted by Democrats. When they finally arrive at the point where there is total government control over every industry and the country is STILL BROKE, they will not move away from their ideology, they shall only double down and demand government OWNERSHIP of those industries. You disagree?

Ask General Motors and Chrysler. You have seen it, folks. There is EVIDENCE. If you do not believe what it an absolute undeniable FACT, then you seriously need to quit voting or admit that you want the chains back. You want the whip and you shall do whatever it takes to keep that whip from being applied to YOUR skin. All at the expense of your brother, sister, and yes, even your own MOTHER.

Embrace who you are. Report the other slaves that have run from the plantation. Watch idly as they have half of their foot chopped off for running, too. YOU DID IT. You CHOSE it.

Lesse. What other craziness can we find, today? (Andy points out that I need to make these links open in a new window. Man, that is a lot of work, since I still use html in my editor. But, if you right click on any link below, you can choose "Open in new window/tab." I have no idea how to do that on a MacApple, but can y'all even get on the Internet at all? A non-answer means, "NO.")

How about Democrats forcing restaurants to list caloric counts on menu boards? You know, I do not remember having this ridiculous bullshit about calories when I was growing up. And oddly enough, I rarely saw fat people. They were too busy out making a fucking living to sit around with their Cray 26,000 figuring out what kinds of NUMBERS they could ingest on a daily basis. If they started getting a little soft around the middle, they kinda pushed back from the FUCKING table earlier and took the time to move around a little more. Rather than shoving a Double Quarter Pounder Super-Sized Meal down their gullet. Holy shit, does anyone even sell a drink these days less than 48 ounces?

And, since we are staggering down memory lane, do you remember when no one would even THINK about driving a Toyota, much less work at a Toyota plant? Democrats caused every bit of this. From CAFE standards passed when Jimmuh Cartuh was in office, to unions demanding ridiculous sums of money to wrap tape around some wires. Wonder why Toyota is shutting down in Cali? Is there ANY DOUBT?

Have you heard about the Republican National Committee wasting money on lesbian bondage clubs? Of course you have, you get your news from Jon Stewart. Have you heard about the Democratic National Committee doing the VERY SAME THING but four times worse? You have NOW.

The Russians, that turned away from Communism when Ronald Reagan's policies broke the Soviet's back, point to the United States rapidly moving toward those failed Communist policies.

I seriously have no clue what else to do other than rant and rave about these Democrat failures and HOPE that really dumb people are able to CHANGE their ideology. Everyone that believes the same as I do needs to help.

Finally, do you want to actually HEAR a Democrat say that the Constitution means nothing? Well, I do not want to hear that, but here it is anyway.

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Joubert said...

The HMO Act of 1973 happened before I came to the USA (1978). I'm going to study it.

The only explanation that I have for Democrats insanity is that most of them are drunk like Ted Kennedy and the drunks are being manipulated by die-hard communists who want to destroy Western civilization.

That's why I can't rant about them all the time the way you do. To me the details are not important. The end is all and it justifies any means to commies.