Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Church Night Folder Cleaning

Man, it has been one of those weeks. Don't you wish that TAX TIME wasn't so nightmarish? Dude, what kind of sadist wrote the tax code for our country?

Oh, you deadbeat loser Democrats, enjoy my money that y'all got, I guarantee that you won't get any next year.....maybe. I have tried to tell myself for the past ten or fifteen years that my money was going to support the military, that ain't working for me anymore.

I know better than anyone how this guy feels.

Please keep in mind that almost HALF of the country pays ZERO in income tax. They are looters.

Why exactly does the voice-over dude at Geico want to call and leave idiotic voice mails at Freedomworks? Really, this is insane. Please tell me, is there anyone on the left that is not sandpoundingly STUPID? Oh, since the Tea Party folks are so good at ringing phones off the hooks, here's Geico's number: The customer service line for Geico is 800.871.3000. Get on it.

And in DC, President Douchebag shows dictators how to shut out the media so you can do whatever the Hell you want to do. Who in the Hell voted for this fucktarded twatwaffle?

Why would President Moron shut out the media when all the media has done since he cropped up out of the Chicago sleaze is promote him as the next coming of Ronald Reagan? Goodness, the media is going to get a repetitive stress injury from bending over to kiss Barry's ass so much.

AARP tries to kill more old folks. Dunno about you, but I think that is mean. That is as bad as killing babies.

Ted Koppel doesn't like blogs or "new media." My opinion? Blogs and internet news sites are the only media outlets that are not so far up Obama's and the Democrat's ass that all you can see are their shoes. So, fuck Ted and his likes/dislikes.

Right Girl talks about pedophiles and oddly it is NOT about the Democrat Party! And yes, she mentions ME ME ME ME ME ME ME!!!

Here's Klaven:

As long as we are on racism, here's a WaPo story about the segregation issue in Southwest Mississippi in Walthall County. What do I think? I think that there is a freedom of SPEECH issue here and there is no way around it. If someone doesn't want to associate with folks of other races, that is THEIR BUSINESS. For the government to tell folks with whom to associate, it kinda against the premises contained in our Constitution. Of course, the government has thrown that august document out the window years ago.

But, if the government is going to make a school for women admit men, a school for whites to admit blacks, schools for people without handicaps to admit people with handicaps, they are pretty much going to dictate everything that any school does. Even if it only uses private money. The slope has been covered with Vaseline and we are already looking into the abyss.

Weird that our local paper took the EXACT opposite stance when Dr. Ronald Mason opined on reducing our number of historically black universities from three to one. State money, but they APPROVE of THREE racially single-minded schools? OH!!! My bad, it is okay to exclude white kids from the black kids' schools!!! What was I thinking?!?!?!

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Skunkfeathers said...

Ted Koppel molests hamsters and prunes. At the same time. So who cares what that libtardosaurus thinks?

Red said...

"sand poundingly stupid" and "fucktarded twatwaffle" have intonated this post with virulent aplomb. I shall link you now.

Mr. Shife said...

As a small business owner I am more than willing to listen to someone that will lessen my tax load. I need to figure out how Exxon and GE paid zero dollars in taxes to the IRS this year. And bravo for working fucktarded twatwaffle in your post. It is the first and I certainly hope not the last time I hear it. Have a good one.

Skunkfeathers said...

Paul is a word-creatin' machine. Twatwaffle needs to be added to the 2010 Webster and other dictionaries.

Red said...

Totally linked. I hope you get massive traffic.