Monday, April 26, 2010

Makes as much sense as an iPad

There have been at least eleventy billion posts on Arizona passing a law that says that their police officers can stop someone and ask for their paperwork. While this certainly sounds frightening to most people that are concerned with ever increasing government intrusion, sometimes the government has to take drastic action to stop illegal activity that is actively PROMOTED by the national Democrat Party.

Face it, folks, the federal government is NEVER going to protect our borders and if you were a murdering (redundant) Muslim wanting to get into our country, what easier point to enter than the Mexican border? This act of ignoring the huge influx of illegals into the United States MUST BE STEMMED.

A bunch of people defend the illegals by saying that they are an industrious sort and only come here for the work. YOU KNOW THIS IS A DAMNED LIE. The overwhelming majority of Mexicans enter this country to spawn an anchor baby and get free stuff from taxpayers. You know this is true, but saying so would make you a RAAAAACIST in really dumb people's eyes. Why are you so concerned about what stupid people think of you, Nancy?

Ignore the fact that welfare programs do NOTHING to reduce the percentage of people living in poverty and in fact INCREASE the number of people that do nothing to provide for their own sustenance. The number/percentage of Mexicans on welfare has DOUBLED since 1983. Oddly enough, Ronald Reagan allowed 2.7 million ILLEGAL Mexicans to receive amnesty on the condition that the Democrat Congress would do something about sealing our Southern border. Guess what? The Democrats did not hold up their end of the bargain. SHOCKER! THEY LIED!

What happened after Reagan got snookered? A whole shitload of NEW Mexicans ran to the United States hoping for MORE welfare, too.

Now, we are currently looking at giving that wave of Mexicans amnesty, too. Guess what? If we do that, there will be yet another wave of Mexicans that run over the border to get free stuff. This is a never-ending cycle. I find it increasingly unbelievable that there are any Mexicans left in Mexico, they are all here.

Did you know that the total population of Mexico is about a THIRD of the total population of the United States? Well, punch my belly and call me "Stumpy," that is just a shocker. Guess what else? The current population of non-white "Hispanics" in the United States is only HALF of that total population of Mexico. (This is probably a little incorrect because it is difficult to count folks that are here illegally, you know?)

Does this stun you?

Do you realize that over 12 million Hispanics are currently on welfare and there are only around 47 million of them in the United States? Do you realize that is over 25% of total Hispanic population? Do you think that compares to the rate of single, black women on welfare?

Twenty-FOUR percent of single, black women are on welfare, slightly LESS than total Hispanic population. There is a shocker to me, folks, really. I thought that SBFs made up the majority and they did until recently, too.

Please, quit trying to tell me that the Mexicans that flood into this country are an industrious sort. Facts and figures show just the opposite. I wonder why the state of California is having trouble paying their bills?

While it bothers me, too, that Arizona is having to do something about protecting its citizens from the Mexicans, this would NOT have had to happen if the Democrats in DC would do their damn job, but that would be unheard of with them spending all day long downloading porn.

Note: Have you noticed that G-Mail now has a new feature that allows you to add an invitation to your e-mails? I can add something to my calendar, like "Bathe the dog," and then invite everyone that I e-mail to that function. Trust me, you want a bunch of folks to help you bathe the dog. I think that "bathe the dog" is a really cool euphemism, too.

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Skunkfeathers said...

Kudos to Arizona, making full use of federal law that the Barry regime WON'T enforce, even tho' they are constitutionally required to.

Anonymous said...


The United States is a settler project, originally for the ppl of the British Isles.

As a settler project, it guessed it, settlers. New people to take up the slack left by the old guard. The US settler project is going into a new phase in which the population is being transformed.

There is no "native" population here, the overwhelming majority of people in NA are not indigenous (by that I mean our physical appearance was not shaped by the environment of North was shaped by Africa, Europe, and Asia).

What is your beef? Just step aside and let the new comers in, the project needs them and will not stop them from coming in. It didn't stop the eastern Europeans or the Southern Europeans, so how can you expect it to stop the South Americans (yes I know Mexico is not South America but the cultural roots are similar....Indigenous population mixed with (or overwhelmed by) African, European elements under the Spanish empire). Not to mention the Asians (South and South Eastern).

I know it is hard to accept the inevitable but you have to, birth right citizenship is the law of the land and as such the population is shifting to those who have the babies (duh). Unless you want to help nourish the tree of Liberty, there is not much you can do to stop it. Business and gov't (new prison jobs, more police jobs, more welfare jobs, etc) need growth and the new population is giving it to them. You can't win, with business and gov't in need of new settlers it can't be stopped.

First accept the fact that the US is a settler project and once you accepted this model of development then what is happening now is not much of a surprise to you. It was and is inevitable, a new population is coming to fore. And it will happen again, and again, and again,...etc...See the pattern?


Anonymous said...


I see your point, but keep in mind the very reasons you cited are the very same reasons the gov't wants them here, along with the business community.

This new population needs gov't services, ka-ching. This is what the gov't wants, a population that depends on it. Not to mention expanding the gov't workforce to service this new population, hooking in the native born to be okay with the situation since their job/lively hood depends on this new needy population. Not to mention an expanded customer base for the corporations.

See this is why the rules don't matter, because the two most powerful interest in our society don't want the rules enforced. Employers take the fake documentation provided by illegals at face value and give them jobs knowing the documentation is fabricated.

Also the Mexicans aren't the only group dropping babies on our soil, the South Koreans are doing it too (like many other groups). Can't blame them with a crazy neighbor like North Korea, if it goes ape shit I can't blame them for giving their child an out card to the US.

The settler project is chugging along. The population is a changin. Not trying to throw it in your face, but this happening whether we like it or not. I used this "settler project" model I found about a few weeks ago to understand why it is happening.


Andy said...

Rod, I hear ya'! I understand that you are just explaining, not advocating.

But, it does not have to be inevitable. Oh heck, maybe it is...

I'd just like to believe for one brief second that things can be turned around. Probably just a pipe dream...

I don't mind things a'changing...they always have. I don't mind people immigrating to the US from "wherever." Heck, my folks came here from somewhere!

I'd just like to see the brake applied for a while so that we can take stock of where we are. Right now, we really don't know...the whole thing is so out of control that it's dangerous and unsettling to everyone.

The long-timers like me, and the newbies are all confused about things. It's just moving too fast for my old brain, I guess.

Paul Mitchell said...

Roderick, yes, the US is founded upon immigrant populations, YET! The illegal immigrant problem stems from a purely financial standpoint. It is only about dollars and cents and could be alleviated without labor restrictions that price manual labor out of reach of most employers.

We all know that minimum wage is doing this, without the promise of low priced labor, businesses have no reason to hire illegals and THE ILLEGALS know this. The minimum wage hikes have only exacerbated the problem, too.

If we pass an amnesty law, then you will quickly find ALL PRICES jacked up and then a new wave of illegals head in to take the place of the newly minimum waged employees.

Squat and watch.

Unknown said...

Why do people have to complicate the simplest things? Crossing the border in the desert in the middle of the night, is by US law illegal, no one can argue that point. There are many people wanting to come to this country and have been waiting for years to do so, the only difference is that those people are trying to enter legally.

Let's face it, if they would have not crossed illegally then we would not have all these problems that are associated with it.

This is a MAJOR problem that is costing both you and I everyday with tax dollars and affecting services that we should be realizing. Schools, hospitals as well as the criminal justice systems are all being abused by people that should not be here. Why are they so special, just because they can walk across some sand to get here to the US?

The real problem is the corrupt government of Mexico, who rapes the country of all of it's wealth and resources and is in bed with the drug lords. Hey here is an idea, stay in your own country and make it better, I know it's a concept.