Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Meh. Same Old, Same Old.

Daily we are inundated with more and more crap coming from "our" government in DC and it becomes mind-numbing. What would be really interesting if there was all of the sudden 535 Paul Ryans in the Congress that would bitch-slap President McIdiot and his merry band of morons. Face it, those that are running this country are simply too stupid to know any better.

Did we teach the Republicans a lesson this past election OR WHAT?!?!?!

There comes a point where everyone must come to realize that this governance BY THE PEOPLE is not a joke. The United States of America determines the direction and success of the world, folks. There are 6.7 BILLION people counting on us. Granted, the vast majority of them are too stupid to know that ours is the hand that feeds them and we should be responsible with that hand. We simply cannot allow Democrats any more power. It is TOO devastating to the human species, which THEY HATE.

When you take everything at face value, you have to acknowledge that Democrats are decidedly against success for anyone. This philosophy is inherently evil and must be ended. Yes, they are the ENEMY and must be destroyed. Since our lot in life is to always do what is right, we simply cannot take out guns and knives and LITERALLY destroy them, we must take the high road and persuade others that are like-minded to join the cause to save mankind from Democrat policy.

The daily news is chock full of what Democrats stand for. You cannot miss it if you actually focus your brain on it.

And the Democrats are trying to create a list of y'all and that list is going to be used to DESTROY you. We continue to call for those invisible "moderate" Muslims to call out their violent brethren, but they never do. Why don;t we do the same for public school teachers? I challenge all those public school teachers that are not Kool-Aid drinking idiots to stand up to their violent brethren and make a difference. Stand up to your unions that are Hell-bent on producing moronic Democrat voters.

Changing our educational system is imperative to saving our country from the leeches and deadbeats that are gradually turning our country into some Third World Hellhole. Organizing AGAINST children is evil, folks. Wanting children to grow up stupid and subservient to government is evil. It is the ever continuing slave mentality. We must end it, NOW.

This is who is running our schools now, racist, bigoted, idiots that have no clue what freedom even is. Normal people must set the load down for a minute and crush this growing movement that is turning innocent children into brain-dead imbeciles. We have to do more to end this welfare mentality that runs our country. End it NOW.

We have to commandeer the Congress and turn them away from passing legislation that everyone knows shall destroy us, but we are too afraid to stop. Holy Hell, the Congress is passing stuff, that companies actually follow, and those companies are immediately called before Congress like they are criminals.

Do you think these laws are good or bad for the economy? Do you think that these laws were even considered for any reason other than to buy votes from stupid people?

Face it, things HAVE gotten to the point of our national media trying to destroy normal folks that are upset with our government SEIZING control of our every decision. The media has abandoned their DUTY of keeping a check on government and is actively promoting government. FIRST AMENDMENT? Screw that!

The most terrifying development from our national media is that they are trying to direct blame towards the very people that are attempting to thwart this government takeover. The national media even tries to make you think that the current executive branch is taking steps to stop criminal banking practices, even though that very same executive branch is tongue kissing those very bankers.

What will it take for you to get involved and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT?

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Full Metal Patriot said...

My eyes, my eyes! (re: the purple unicorn O-bot)

Paul Mitchell said...

At first I thought it was you and then I noticed there were no inkings.

Skunkfeathers said...

I will vote for a dead goat before I will vote for a single, solitary libtard running for ANYTHING. The goat's got better ethics.

Lisa G in NZ said...

lol Full Metal Patriot...

Mr. purple needs to meet Mr. Grape at IownTheWorld... check it:

Paul Mitchell said...

Skunks, you and me both.

Lisa, that is the very last thing that I needed to see first thing in the morning. What in the Hell is happening in that photo anyway?

Lisa G in NZ said...

I have no idea... some commenters thought grape-y photo from France...?

iOwnTheWorld is great though, darn funny stuff there...

sorry for ruining your breakfast dear

Lisa G in NZ said...

lol Full Metal Patriot...

Mr. purple needs to meet Mr. Grape at IownTheWorld... check it: