Monday, April 12, 2010

Things I Just Cannot Accept

I simply cannot understand the need to try to UN-invent something. It seems to me that everything that liberals believe is directly denying facts, logic, mathematics, and science.

Last week, yet another idiot on the left, President Moronic Obama, came out and said that he would sign a treaty, with whatever countries wanted in, to reduce our national defense systems. Make no mistake, he meant every word of it, he wants to disarm us slaves. He WANTS us to be in danger from every corner of the Earth to better modify our behavior.

But, ALL military weapons are necessary if you have the intelligence to understand one basic premise of human behavior. You can never know the heart of another person. True, they can tell you all they want that they love you and want only the best for you, but there is a point where you TRUST, but VERIFY. Respect is never freely given, but EARNED.

For anyone to tell Mahmoud Ahmadinejad that we shall not use nuclear weapons v. biological weapons is the height of stupidity
. To let even your "friends" know what you are willing to do as a response to military attack is suicidal. Certainly to make a VERY public announcement of your intentions as far as military strategy is silly on so many levels that it defies the imagination.

Kinda like telling Muslims that we will withdraw from the Middle East on a certain timeline. You know, stupid shit.

President Imbecile TOLD y'all, about two years ago, that he was going to get rid of all things nuclear. He TOLD y'all that he was not going to work on new defense systems. He TOLD y'all that he would not work on missile defense. He TOLD y'all that he was not going to "weaponize" space. What part of that did y'all NOT believe?

He TOLD y'all that he was going to lie during his oath-taking if you elected him and did y'all listen? By the way, since everyone thinks that Sarah Palin is so sandpoundingly stupid, why can she grasp the lunacy of Obama's nuclear weapons statements? Seems to me if Palin was as dumb as everyone tells you she is, then she couldn't grasp the stupidity of Obama's proposed policies, right?

you do know that Obama is a socialist by NOW, right? We have known for YEARS that he was a member of the New Party in Chicago. Aren't they Socialists?

By the way, Obama totally dismantling our military is secondary to the utter losses of our individual freedoms that he has initiated. President Obama and the Democrat Congress have already taken over your health. Call me crazy, but to me, the freedom to live my life as I see fit is the most important thing that I received the minute I was born.

I was not born into slavery, in fact, it was much later that I was captured, shackled and chained, and put on the auction block. They may have captured me, yet they are certainly going to have difficult time getting me to pick their cotton. Especially not for these idiots that actually believe in Lord Obama. To all of those folks that think passing a law demanding that I submit to the federal government shall actually MAKE me submit to the federal government, Y'ALL ARE NUTS. It shall never happen. You know how much of my money y'all are going to get? NONE.

Am I overtaxed? Fucking A. This week being tax time, you know that I know exactly how much of MY income y'all are confiscating. I did better this year, though. Y'all only got fifty-eight percent(58%). Put that in perspective. For every one hundred thousand dollars I make, I "get" to keep forty-two thousand dollars ($42,000.00) of that income. Sorry, the tit has gone dry. I am not doing it anymore, you have beaten your rented mule to the ground and I refuse to take another step. Do you know what President Obama thinks about me being overtaxed? Nope, because he doesn't know, he is an idiot.

Do you know what else the federal government is in charge of that is going to cause a huge economic calamity when it FAILS? Yes, these things have been going on for years, but as long as we actually have a forum to show you these things, let's get rid of it all. I am sick to DEATH of these idiotic government programs that are set up to buy votes. Yes, they are engaging in very public BRIBERY and it simply must stop.

People, you see the economy getting PROGRESSIVELY worse. Yet, we have a very active media telling us that things are getting better. Even the people that are causing more and more damage are telling us things are getting better.

And calling us RAAAAACISTS in the process, too.

The oBamaPad.

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Staci said...

OMG, the future looks bright. The government will control my retirement (what little of it there is), not that they don't already. They will control my health care. Whatever money I should be saving for retirement in the next couple of years will be eaten alive by furlough days (thanks to the federal rulers), that is if I don't get RIFfed.

I wonder if Obamacare will cover some mood-altering drugs; that way, I won't even care if life SUCKS!!

Paul Mitchell said...

Staci, I just got my Social Security statement in the mail today. Guess how much they said I paid in 2008? ZERO. A BIG FAT ZERO. Funny, I distinctly remember cutting a check on April 15th last year for a whopping sum. You know, write the check, go to my son's swearing into the Navy, and then went to a Tea Party. FICA says ZERO that I paid for 2008.

classicaliberal said...

LOL at thinking that there will be a Social Security System in 5 years from now!

WV: habla bbl - I know Paul does!

Paul Mitchell said...

CL, the only BBL that I habla is Brown Bag Lunch.

classicaliberal said...

Uh huh.

WV: pontang You're getting no help from the word verification.

Skunkfeathers said...

WV is trying to hep him, but it's linguistically challenged.

Barry is living down to his name, and burying us, one marxist step at a time.

Neil Cameron (One Salient Oversight) said...

Beginning in November 1985, at a meeting in Geneva, Reagan and Gorbachev sought to slash nuclear weapons stockpiles in the U.S. and the Soviet Union by 50 percent or more. A year later they met in Reykjavik to discuss proposals to completely eliminate nuclear weapons from the arsenals of both nations. The U.S. president's approach was so radical -- and radically sincere, according to everyone close to him -- that it alarmed many of his more conservative advisors. His hawkish defense secretary, Caspar Weinberger, was appalled. Relieved when the Reykjavik talks ended without agreement because of a fundamental disagreement over missile defenses, the hawks were disturbed, to put it mildly, when Reagan and Gorbachev signed the Intermediate Nuclear Forces Treaty in 1987.