Sunday, May 16, 2010

Again, With Solving Problems - Assume a Can Opener

All people cannot see all things all the time. Yet, most people can see some things some of the time. And still, some other people REFUSE to see anything at any time. We call this latter group of people, "Liberals." Since I cannot ever understand the liberal/progressive mindset, because I was lucky enough to be born with more than two braincells and obviously they continue to reproduce, I can never wrap my head around any concept that originates in the liberal camp.

When a liberal comes up with an idea, they simply assume a can opener and it dumbfounds me that anyone listens to anything that those liberals say. Following the liberal ideology is like taking financial advice from a baby before that baby possesses the ability to speak actual words.

In a layman's terms, "Liberals are idiots." Normal people have to actually SEE that can opener, you know?

In the past year, we have been continually told that Barack Obama and his administration are making moves to reverse the downward spiral of our economy caused by George Bush and his administration. Since normal people KNOW that Obama is wrong in even his most basic concepts, we have to assume that every move he has made and shall make are going to be wrong. His knowledge base is non-existent. In other words, Obama started out with wrong premises and then moved forward basing subsequent information on those initial wrong premises.

He could actually wind up getting the answer in his equation RIGHT, but that outcome would be totally by accident. And odds are OVERWHELMINGLY against that actually happening.

Here is the very first thing that must happen in order for Obama's path to wind up in Everyone Gets Rich Land: Taking a shirt away from one person and giving it to another person produces two people with shirts. The can opener that Obama assumes is that he is taking away a finite amount of shirts from someone that has an infinite amount of shirts.

Do you see how this ideology could pose somewhat of a minute problem?

You can apply this type of logic to ANY liberal idea, play it through to the end, and come to the very same result. FAILURE.

Where do we begin to push back against the tide of demanding everyone to live their lives as imbeciles? Geez, I have no clue, but wouldn't that be nice if we actually could perform that task of intelligence equality?

Here's where I talk about the POSSIBILITY of continuing the excellence that the United States breeds. I live in a country that (in theory) does not limit my success. I can gauge that success by any metric I so choose, too. However, my success must be facilitated by one thing and one thing only. I must never accept that it is okay for my success to be contingent upon the failure of any other person.

That is my very bottom-line premise. I must achieve everything I do achieve without placing the cost of that achievement upon the back of another. This is called INTEGRITY.

In order of my personal Utopia to exist, NO OTHER PERSON may attempt to place a claim upon anything that I produce. I produce things for my own benefit.

The liberal mindset is such where if I wake up early in the morning, grab my shovel and go into my field to produce food for my survival, another person can come along and take my food in order to live. My dictionary calls this "STEALING" or "LOOTING." If I produce something that is to benefit ME, then if another takes that stuff without my permission, they are criminals.

Now, we add into this mix some vague concepts of what I must have to produce those things that I do produce. There is NOT a finite amount of food. There is a finite amount of land on which to produce that food, though, and somehow I must acquire land to produce my food.

In order to accomplish my goal of buying land, I must SUBMIT to another person that owns land. I must perform a service of VALUE for that person in order for my being able to purchase that land. Here again, the liberal assumes a can opener. I cannot do that because I cannot take what is not mine. I must EARN something in order to provide for my own support.

These concepts should be very evident to anyone that can actually THINK.

Here is MY proposal. If you want something, let's say FOOD, CLOTHING, and SHELTER, go earn the money with which to purchase those items. Aw, no one will hire you, Buttercup? It could be because you have NO marketable skills of VALUE.

Can you walk in a straight line? You can? Then you can MOW GRASS for a living. Can you hold your fingers in a circle? You can? Then you can dig ditches for a living. See how easy that is?

The problem that we currently have today is that the Democrat Party is actively developing a slave class of people that are only required to sit on their ever-widening asses and another slave class of people that are FORCED to support the folks just sitting around. Democrats assume that the ones that are actually toiling to make more and more money are always going to do that, too.

Today in the Clarion Ledger, David Hampton tells us that we paid the lowest tax rates last year since 1950. Only one little problem with that, it is a blatant LIE. Of course, he does point out that information came from USA Today, his parent company, so maybe Hampton is too stupid to check it.

Here are 2008's tax rates. Here are 2009's. Oddly enough, THEY ARE THE EXACT SAME. Of course, you did wind up paying more last year than you did in 2008, because the additional money owed for each individual tax rate went UP. Also, compare last year's taxes to 2005. You paid much, much more last year than you did in 2005. So, how does Hampton argue that you didn't? Assume a can opener.

We can go around and check out the numerous times that Democrats/liberals/progressives have been wrong, but nothing strikes home more than the money to me. You see, money is the ROOT of all FOOD. We have a really good example in that RULE in the form of Haiti. Even though Haiti is on the very same block of land as the Dominican Republic, there are HUGE differences. Haiti's embrace of liberal ideology is the MOST of that. Plus the fact that there is that victim mentality that allows Haitians to breed corruption. Oh, those dumbasses in Haiti do get screwed more often than not, because they turn to other liberals to help them.

But....there in lies the rub. Liberal ideas always lead to calamity. Plus, the fact that liberals do not learn anything about mathematics, science, or history and you have the Mother of All Meltdowns.

When liberals set out to help people, they must ALWAYS hurt others in the process. Such is the nature of being freakin' stupid. Free "healthcare" for an additional thirty million deadbeats is going to devastate people that are simply trying to sell their houses.

When a Democrat says something, they are never able to remember what it is that they said. Obama has perfected this tactic because none of the national media will ever call him on his lies. Why those media personalities will even lie to cover up Obama's lies.

And as the media keeps telling us that our economy is growing, they also admit that some of the folks that lost their jobs shall never find jobs like those ever again.

There must be some reason that gold is becoming increasingly harder to purchase, right?

Here we have three videos to watch. The first up is Nancy Pelosi in her infinite wisdom telling people to quit their jobs and letting fewer and fewer people to carry them.

Now we see a sane and fiscally responsible COLLEGE KID tell us why Nancy Pelosi is an idiot.

And then we have someone, from last Summer, that appears to have solved the way that we push back against the idiots in the Democrat party. With a BAT.

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Skunkfeathers said...

Ah, but your friend Erik has tried to tell your unenlightened self (and is firmly believing me to be as well)..."from each according to his ability, to each according to his need".

Or as a bumper sticker I saw at work today puts it: "Work Harder. Millions On Welfare Demand It!"

When one adopts the libtard ideology, the road to ruin is a crash waiting and bound to happen. Ettu, Greece?

Andy said...

Excellent piece, Paul. Depressing in many ways, but that's where we are now.

BTW: The guitar show was fabulous! Good find...