Friday, May 14, 2010

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While sitting in the car today waiting on a meeting, I caught the end of the Rush Limbaugh radio show. I rarely listen to Rush because of the sheer number of commercials since nearly anyone that is in business wants to advertise on the Limbaugh show because of the HUGE audience. That is called capitalism and since Limbaugh has such a large audience, his network CAPITALIZES on the volume of ads they can sell. This is in diametric opposition to Air America, the leftie station that went bankrupt, got propped up to air once more, and then promptly went bankrupt again. Since deadbeats/lefties are all sitting at home busy NOT WORKING and get free cable paid for with our tax money, why would they listen to radio when they could just watch 600 different television stations and eat free food?

Anyhoo, Rush read some words from a leftie moron, Ruth Marcus, about Elena Kagan, the Obamoron's newest Supreme nominee. I had to come home to read the whole article and judge for myself if it was as asinine as Rush depicted. IT WAS.

Elena Kagan is a fifty year old, never married woman. Marcus says that the reason Elena Kagan never married is NOT because she is gay, but rather because she is TOO SMART for men to marry. I'll come back to that later.

Elena Kagan is simply ANOTHER of the Chicago South Side political hacks that Obama prefers. There is NOTHING exceptional about her life, her career, nor her political views. She is IDENTICAL to our moronic president in beliefs and in accomplishments. It is the very same thing as if Barry nominated himself to the Supreme Court.

A brief background check on Kagan shows that her very first job was clerking for DC Appeals Court Judge Abner Mikva, then she went on to clerk for Thurgood Marshall. She then went to work (FOR A WHOLE TWO YEARS!) for Williams & Connolly, the firm that defended former president Bill Clinton, the rapist, and John Hinckley, the dude that tried to kill President Ronald Reagan.

She was a full-blown professor at University of Chicago, which makes her even more qualified to be president than Obama, so there is at least that.

Then she went to work for Bill Clinton. Harvard Law School Dean.....that is it. NOTHING. She has accomplished NOTHING that is good, in her entire fifty years.

Her opinions? Anti-First Amendment, Anti-Second Amendment, is staunchly in the Socialist Camp, and if you want proof of all those things, the Barrystream Media is calling her "a hard-right Bushie."

I bring all that up to say this. Obama ONLY appoints people that are so utterly feckless and stupid because he needs to appear SMART by comparison. Think about it, Joe FREAKING Biden, Hillary Clinton, Sonia Sotomayor, Eric Holder, Tim Geithner, Ken Salazar, Hilda Solis, Kathleen Sebelius, and Janet Napolitano....the list is endless, but those are the cabinet morons that I can think of off the top of my head.

If you search for those folks on Wiki, all you have to do is read the articles that are obviously trying to tout their accomplishments. None of the folks listed above HAVE ANY OTHER "ACCOMPLISHMENTS" THAN GOVERNMENT EXPANSION. That is IT, folks.

Now, knowing that Elena Kagan has accomplished NOTHING in her entire life, has been consistently surrounded by Marxists and the Obamabots, and believes everything that those morons believe, can we all agree that the reason that she never married is NOT because us poor, poor men are intimidated by her vast intellect? You know, because Elena Kagan is an absolute DUMBASS, just like everyone else that Barry Obama drags into the Blackhole of stupidity that surrounds him?

Oh, I almost forgot, the photo above is NOT Elena Kagan, it is Ruth Marcus, the woman that suggested men are SKEERED of Elena Kagan. I guess that she couldn't simply say, "Kagan is unmarried because she is as ugly as a MUD FENCE." Wonder why?

If you want to see Elena Kagan, here she is. Please view on an empty stomach, though.

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Skunkfeathers said...

The Barry's state-run media's propping up Kagan the way George Soros propped up Air America. If Kagan were truly a conservative, Barry wouldn't have touched her.

JMK said...

Here's the astoundingly stupid thing about all this. The Left (in the persona of Andrew Sullivan) brought this up and now other Lefties are railing against Kagan's sexuality ever being brought up....insinuating that it was brought up by Right-wing Bible thumpers.

What a bunch of dopes!

There's NOTHING remotely "Conservative" about fact, there's very little that isn't reliably radical.

Paul Mitchell said...

Trenton, I think you have Joyce Dewitt and Bonnie Franklin of One Day at a Time mixed up.

Anonymous said...

Are you ever going to comment about the BP mess? That is going to seriously affect your state.

If I missed it, let me know.


Paul Mitchell said...

I linked a couple of articles about it. I hate the fact that our president received the largest contributions that BP ever gave any candidate and then allowed BP to receive two EPA exemptions on Deepwater Horizon. Of course, he'll use this disaster HE CAUSED to further restrict drilling and further destroy our economy. Obama should be imprisoned for accepting bribes and subsequently destroying the fishing industry in the Gulf. Nothing more to say at all.

Anonymous said...

I am confused, this is Obama's fault or BP's?

So if Obama gave you a gun and you go out and shoot someone it is Obama's fault for giving you the gun, right? Well there goes our right to have guns since your implicating gun sellers in the acts of gun users.

Should the BP executives pay a price for this, or not? Guantanamo bay, extraordinary rendition (black hoods, taken off the street and thrown into a van), etc...

Peoples lives are literally ruined (no ability to feed themselves and families) and the executives get bonuses? If you don't have an argument for this then aren't you just setting up guys like Mao and Lenin by not addressing personal responsibility of power private individuals, deflecting just gives more power to these kinds of guys by increasing the outrage in ordinary folks thus leading to their eventual radicalization which will just produce another Chavez (remember he is democratically elected).


Paul Mitchell said...

Roderick, the construction was not done by BP, it was done by the South Korean company that owns it. I am almost certain that BP did not oversee the construction at all. So, holding them responsible for the failure of the rig is like holding the Army Corps of Engineers responsible for the failure of New Orleans levees that Mary Landrieu's brother built. Remember, BP just leases the rig, they do not own it nor do they maintain it, they operate it. Kinda like if your water heater goes bad in your apartment, the landlord fixes it.

I guess that BP could have known that the rig was built in a crappy way and that is why they bribed Obama, though. But, ultimately I think that it was the contractor/owner's fault for building a piece of shit with none of the regular safety devices and then Obama's fault for letting them off the hook for that, TWICE.