Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Barry Obama - The Keystone War President

It has become increasingly hard for me to believe that President Obama doesn't just wander off into the wilderness to be eaten by predators, but obviously the Secret Service continues to do their job exceedingly well. When this idiot is finished with his one term in the White House, I suggest that all of the people charged with keeping him safe get a month long holiday in the islands. Their jobs must be nearly impossible when they have to protect someone that is dumb as this dude. I can also imagine that Obama is so ridiculously stupid that he has to sleep with some kind of apparatus in his mouth to keep him from swallowing his own head.

There are a bunch of folks that point out daily how stupid the president is by using Barry's OWN WORDS, but all the liberals just say that those quotes are taken out of context. That is what they always say. But, when you listen to the entire quotes from Barry, you leave with the wish that you had just heard the soundbite, the whole context is even worse. Can anyone remember who first pushed the meme that Barry Obama was smart? Because I have picked the entire internet up, turned it over, and shook it really hard to find a single shred of evidence that he has ever uttered an intelligent word. I have scoured every article written about this dude, watched every video clip, and still NOTHING. There is no possibility that anyone has ever heard Barry speak and come away with anything other than sheer terror at the magnitude of his ignorance regarding everything.

But, there is not another single topic where Barry proves his fecklessness better than his sandpounding stupidity with regards to economics. Of course, liberals have such a detached understanding of money, business, and wealth, that they actually hear Barry's words and think, "Now there is a smart guy." But, liberals are freaking stupid, so they would think that.

Obama held some kind of photo-op in the Rose Garden with small business types yesterday and he produced some of the most confusing stuff imaginable. Now, in case you were not aware, these photo-ops are exactly that, no reporter is allowed to question the president. You see, unless Barry Obama knows EXACTLY what is going to be asked, has weeks to formulate a response, and practices his delivery of the prepared answer for hours and hours, we get calamity, chaos, and stupidity in Barry's response. And then the evidence continues to mount that our president is RETARDED.

Make no mistake at all, Barry Obama is the dumbest person ever to occupy the White House. AND if we had a media that was concerned with facts, instead of pushing a liberal agenda, the question most asked of Robert Gibbs, the White House Press Secretary, would be, "WAIT! WAIT! WAIT! Are you fucking serious?!?!?!?!"

There are a few HUGE stories that are currently on the front pages of all the legitimate blogs and websites, the accelerating failure of the global economy, the criminal Mexican invasion, the oil spilling into the Gulf of Mexico, Communist aggression in North Korea, violence coming from the Democrat Unions, and Democrats taking bribes from the criminal elements. None of these things are being reported by the Barrystream Media types.

The AMAZING thing about all of these problems is that there are some crazy folks that actually WANT the president to get involved in the solution! What kind of suicidal maniac would want Barry Obama to attempt to formulate some kind of idiotic "solution" to any big problem? I mean, even the people in his administration are so stupid that they have never held jobs in the private sector except for some kind of "award position" at Goldman. Seriously, none of his cabinet has ever accomplished anything!

Here are the current "solutions" to those problems.

Here is Barry's "economic" plan. I have seen one of the "Recovery....Act" signs in my neighborhood. They repaved a stretch of Spillway Road from right around the fire station to Highway 471. This is a WHOPPING 2.9 miles. I feel richer ALREADY! But, Barry's PIMP thinks that things are getting WORSER.

Oh, and look for the Obamoron's administration to extend the homebuyer's tax credit thingy to falsely inflate home sales. I state this plainly because the housing market is continuing its deterioration and Obama HAS to make something happen before the shellacking the Democrats are going to get in November.

Barry Obama has decided to send 1200 National Guard troops to Arizona to "help out" with the criminal Mexican invasion. My first thought on this was that the federal government is attacking Arizona, but I just cannot imagine that Barry Obama is THAT DAMNED CORRUPT. Could Obama actually think that he can order Guard troops to fire upon the citizens of Arizona? Plus, here is the way that Obama REALLY wants to handle the criminal Mexican problem, by letting them have a free ride from ALL laws.

What about the oil spill in the Gulf? Well, can anyone figure out what the Obama Administration is even doing about it? Since liberals are so devoutly anti-science and anti-mathematics, why would anyone want them to get involved at all? And can someone PLEASE take a little more interest in the pay-offs from BP to the Barry White House? I mean the Obama Administration gave Deepwater Horizon a damned safety award last year and let them slide on TWO INSPECTIONS! By the way, Bayouchild is documenting the oil coming into the Louisiana marshlands. Read every one of her posts. I am NOT on the side of the Obama Administration "seizing" anything at all. I am on the side of Obama getting out of the damned way and going to the golf course. Oddly, Barry kinda likes my idea since he has played five rounds since the rig blew up.

In response to North Korea sinking a South Korean ship and all around saber rattling, Barry Obama quickly apologized to the Norks and then gave Kim Jong Il a wicked, sloppy blowjob and then smiled as Kimmie dropped a Cleveland Steamer on Barry's chest.

Union screeching continues to break glass as far away as on the Space Station. The unions plan to spend oo-koodles of member dues to re-elect criminal Democrats this fall. Plus, at least one Republican thinks that we should bail out unions and proposed legislation to give those unions your hard-earned money.

Also, the Westboro Cult is planning a trip to Louisiana to disrupt a soldier's funeral. Red has a round-up of all our friends that are posting on this. When you are showing up to support our military and to protest these DEMOCRATS that are disparaging our military, please keep in mind that sometimes VIOLENCE is the answer. Only you know for sure when that should be, but sometimes thinning the herd is necessary.

Our all too absent friend, Christina Jade, asks "What does 'conservative' really mean?" Let me offer my thoughts on this.

Being conservative means that you are inextricably tied to CONSERVING the initial concepts that founded this, the greatest country in the history of the world. That means that a conservative bases EVERY concept of his/her/other's ideology upon the very basic premise of individual freedom and liberty. To actually adhere to that FIRST principle, we must respect and protect individual property rights, individual beliefs and make all strides to defend the most obnoxious of all individuals from the GROUP-THINK of the uneducated masses.

The true conservative, that has the time, should drive to Minden, Louisiana and beat the ever-loving shit out of the Westboro people because they are intruding upon the individual rights of everyone in the Tomlinson family. Such is the nature of a conservative and it is NEVER an easy thing to do to stand proudly upon the righteous ground of doing the right thing at all times.

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ChristinaJade said...

Yes, primary season has made me a slacker. My bad. I'm glad it is over. Battling liberals before the general election sounds way more fun!

Skunkfeathers said...

I don't advocate violence except in self-defense and/or against terrorists; the Westboro pukes qualify as terrorists in my book, and deserve the same consideration as an Islamofascist (I do NOT refer to the kind of consideration Islamofascists get from Barry).

Paul Mitchell said...

CJ, quit whining.

Skunks, for the Westboro folks, take a tubesock, filled with pennies. Apply to the head-ish region repeatedly.

Joubert said...

"Being conservative means that you are inextricably tied to CONSERVING the initial concepts that founded this, the greatest country in the history of the world. That means that a conservative bases EVERY concept of his/her/other's ideology upon the very basic premise of individual freedom and liberty."

Couldn't have said it better.

Paul Mitchell said...

BtB, thanks, but I am certain you could have.