Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Google Products NUDE!!!

Since we are back to our normal traffic levels and the Rima nude crap has worn off, I thought that I would link some stuff that the regular readers of this TRIPE might find interesting.

It is no secret that I like Teh Google products even though it appears that to work there you have to be a stark raving moonbat.

The folks at GOOG have updated the calendar again. Seriously, I cannot tell you the last time that I have entered an appointment in my phone at all. When I set a meeting, I simply text it to my G-Mail and add that to my Teh Google calendar. You can send SMS messages to your phone with GOOGlendar to remind you of events. It is too cool. And you can also add The Old Ball and Chain's calendar to yours, too. That way you can know immediately what plans that she is changing at the spur of the moment that will destroy months of meticulous planning in your own life. Please shake her enough where she adds her damn stuff to her damned calendar though. Chicks love chaos, remember?

G-Mail has added another Lab Feature that allows you to relocate the icons that have always seemed misplaced to me. Now, if they could just move the "Report Spam" button away from the damned "Archive" button, we sausage fingered troglodytes would appreciate that.

Also, it is now official, Teh Google Wave has been released to you normal folks, you know, those of you that us POWER USERS call, "Losers." And no, I still have not had the opportunity to use Wave for its intended function, unless they really want me to edit Classicaliberal's stuff to make him sound like a Gayboy. (He is from Cali, soooooo....)

And here's how to use G-Mail for worky-work, too.

By the way, Girl on the Right and I were just chatting about some coding issues and I found this for your html problems. You might want to wear EYEMUFFS for the name of the site, but it repairs html screw-ups.

By the way, Right Girl also linked my nude v. naked post and I never thanked her because I suck at blogging. Thanks for the link, Dear.

And click the Amazon link on this post to tell me what happens when you do it, please?

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Andy said...

Heh! Play the "nude" deal for all it's worth, TD.

Thanks for the info. I'm so far behind the curve, I doubt I can understand it all. But, I'm sure the more astute will be grateful.