Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Liberal Conundrum CONTINUES.......

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger of California has come to a startling revelation, liberal policies are ridiculously stupid. No, at no time in the past have any liberal ideas ever worked, but still some folks have to try their hand at FORCING them to.

Luckily Arnold has seen the writing on the wall after pounding his liberal head against the evidence of facts, history, mathematics, and science. It finally dawns on him that in order to have financial success, government has to get outta the damned way. Better late than never I guess.

But, he still is light years away from the ultimate truth, while tax credits are GOOD, true tax CUTS are better. You see, tax CREDITS are simply taking in the money from the legitimate OWNER of it and then trying to manipulate things to get the government's desired behavior from certain people. It is a soft tyranny, but tyranny just the same.

What tax CUTS do is to leave the money with the RIGHTFUL owner. But, incrementalism has been used to get to this idiotic place we are now, it must be used to get back to the place that we need to be.

And of course, there are many different opinions of what is going to happen when government spending is cut, but the TRUTH of the matter is that in order for government to have a single penny, those MASTERS have to take it from the economy from the jump.

In this scenario presented by the SanFran article, the most offensive person is Debbie Eison, executive director and founder of Creative Child Inc. Her "profit" from her business is not legitimate, she is a LOOTER and so are ALL her employees.

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Anonymous said...

Nevermind Ahnold-we wanna see new pics of Paul. Tell the failboat staff there to post some. Heh.

Paul Mitchell said...

That IS me.

Andy said...

TD, I've gotta give Arnold some grace here. But you know me, and I'm always willing to shell grace out to folks that find themselves in a "no win."

Certainly, he has not fought the good fight during his goobernorship. But, I doubt that it would have mattered if he had.

The whole of California is a wasteland of liberals, wetbacks, Hollywood retards that have way too much money and not enough sense, and trust fund tanners that do not even understand what pays for their Malibu mansions.

It's just the facts of life. The best thing that could have happened is if Gary Coleman had won in his bid for goober in the Davis recall election. At least Gary knew what it was like to get screwed over...go from riches to rags...but, now he is dead, too.

What Arnold is trying to do (or so he says) will NEVER happen in California. The vision of the voting public is 20/400. Oh yeah, we've got friends like CL in Buck Owens/Merle Haggard country, and Pam's kinfolk in Oxnard, and friends in Hesperia, etc...that are as mad as hell. But, they are a tiny minority.

Right now, I'll bet you dollars to donuts that most of the State Legislature, and even Arnold himself is banking on Congress for a bailout...all of them are figuring in the back of their feeble minds that the Treasury will pump fake money into their fake bank account and keep the fake lifestyle alive at least through November.

They are just living for "today," and have got not one clue as to what it takes to survive "tomorrow."

It has been that way for a loooooong time in The Golden State...and I guess around most of the rest of the country, too.

This Eison chick really stumps me...I tried to figure out where she was coming from with her bitching. But, it's getting late, and I'm sundowning...

Skunkfeathers said...

I don't call it Califorlornia for nothing. Even had Ahnold had some stones to stand on solid conservative principles, he had a solidly libtard state house and senate to buck, and they are too wedded to their failed ideology and policies to wake up and check the shittide about to inundate their state. And of COURSE they expect a bailout...that's all libtards do: screw the pooch, and look to taxpayers to go further in hock, so libtards can deliberately choose stupid and failure at the expense of others.

For those who DO wake up...the hangover must be devastating.

Neil Cameron (One Salient Oversight) said...

Ah but he's a Republican.

What? You mean Republicans can be liberals?

Well that means that Democrats can be conservatives.

Just like the few Democrats who represent Mississippi.

Paul Mitchell said...

OSO, please you do not know what you are talking about in Mississippi, just stop. Bennie Thompson makes Cynthia McKinney look sane, Travis Childers and Gene Taylor both voted for Nancy Pelosi for Speaker.

But, yes, all people in Cali are liberal, yet Arnold is actually trying to make them move toward a more responsible government. That means, AWAY FROM LIBERALISM.

Skunkfeathers said...

It just occurred to me that OSO is more than just a mere libtard; she's a stupid BLONDE libtard.

Does the 'dumb animal' clause kick in here?