Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day - 2010

First enacted as Decoration Day to honor the war dead after the Civil War, Memorial Day is now become a three day weekend for folks to go to the pool and get together with family. Not that that is bad, but we have moved away from the honorarium of our fallen soldiers. You hear that it is the soldier that protects our freedoms, it is the soldier that defends our country, and that it is the soldier that allows us to continue our way of life.

And our soldiers die in the line of duty.

The one thing that sends me into fits of rage is the use of the word "sacrifice" on this day. The soldier that is killed defending our country has not "sacrificed" in the current use of the word. In today's language, sacrifice means surrendering a value for something that has no value. As valuable as the life of a soldier is, the philosophy and the tenets upon which this country was founded are of even greater value. Therefore, it is NO sacrifice. Those that have died have done so to ensure that we can continue to live our way of life.

Today, please take the time to realize exactly why you have the opportunity to hop in the pool or fire up the grill. It is because of people that have given their very lives to protect our freedoms endowed by our Creator. By our Creator, not from other men.

Yes, those freedoms are being eroded by other men at an alarming pace today. There are people that continually make strides to further remove those freedoms from us, yet the military still swears to uphold and defend The Constitution, even though a great percentage of us have not even read what the military is pledging to defend. And still, those that do not know are guarded and protected by people that know their actions are not appreciated.

There are even people today that do not know how many states we have or their individual locations. Still our military pledges to defend those ignorant fools, too.

Mere words cannot express my appreciation to those that have given their lives so I can live the life that I desire. My thanks and appreciation to those and to their families.



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classicaliberal said...

Thanks for the link love. I almost posted the same missing man video over at my place.

Skunkfeathers said...

I was negligent this year; I covered my Memorial Day remembrance over at Facebook. Not here. My bad.