Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Nude Photos of Miss America - Rima Fakih

Ooops, I got my Stripper contests mixed up, Rima Fakih is Miss USA, NOT Miss America. Sorry for the mix up, like that matters.

By the way, I think that Rima looks smoking hot in this lingerie.

Banging hot brunette chicks are always a good thing. I do not care which side of the political debate these chicks are on, they are hot chicks and I personally do not even listen to anything that they say. You see, Miss America is a BEAUTY pageant. It is NOT Knowledge Bowl. The fact that they ask these chicks anything other than "Can you bend your leg behind your head" seems like an exercise in lunacy to me, but who am I to judge? Oh yeah, I am a FREAKING DUDE. But, dang, do NOT get the liberals talking about BEAUTY CONTESTS or anything for that matter, their heads could literally EXPLODE.

All that said, we have a problem. I have officially become my grandfather. For some reason, I do not want Miss America to have marks all over her body from STDs and from guys poking her with a ten-foot pole. And Rima Fakih appears to be somewhat LESS than wholesome. Remember Vanessa Williams? Who wants to PROMOTE that to a society that is already deteriorated to the point of no return from liberal ideology?

In a day and age when we are actively promoting stupidity in our school children and are running roughshod over any kind of morals that still exist, maybe it is a bad idea to have someone represent our country in a beauty pageant that is a slut, huh?

And doesn't this contradict the liberal meme that Islam is the only good religion and that we should not poke them in the eye with a sharp nipple? Wonder what the stereotypical Rackmir Ackbar Splodeydope would do with Miss Fakih after he was through raping her? And why are the moonbat college professors utterly TERRIFIED of Muslims? Man, I just have no clue. (Hat-Tip: Kathy Shaidle)

Such is the very nature of being a liberal, your ideology and rationale don't have to make sense because you honestly believe in NOTHING. That is probably because you have to be a moron to be a liberal. Morons have a tendency to have no clue how to make something make sense. See the vicious cycle, here?

We can look at the ridiculousness of any liberal position. I do that on a daily basis, too.

Illegal immigration? Oh, where have you gone Chief Crying Indian? Dammit! Which liberal crying jag trumps the other? Those horrific Mexicans are destroying the planet or everyone should have the right to working people's income? A liberal conundrum must be maddening for the typical leftist idiot.

We have seen this confusion in the end results of everything that liberals try, yet for some reason we have not banished them to the LITERAL wilderness. Dang! The Soviet Union collapsed, but we simply must try Communism in its purest form, those Soviets just did not do it right. (Personally, I think that the Soviets probably did do Communism correctly, they just slaughtered the wrong people.)

An additional fun part about the Miss America Stripper Contest was that the chick that came in First Loser was given a question about Arizona's new criminal Mexican Law. The fact that she answered the question CORRECTLY by saying that is Arizona's business stunned me. Of course, First Loser Chick WAS from Oklahoma, the only state in the entire country where not one single county voted for I am Sam McDoucherson for President.

Now, since we have touched on the "Liberals are Idiots" theme of The Blog Show, I decided to link still more overwhelming PROOF. We normal folks lurve us some proof of things. That is yet another trait that separates us from folks that prove Natural Selection wrong.

You would think that a president that used to be an attorney before he lost his license to practice law would at least try to know something about THE DAMNED LAW, right? Well, you would be mistaken. Obama's Douchebags have come out and proclaimed loudly that the Arizona Criminal Mexican Law was somehow "unconstitutional." There is only one minor drawback in their conclusions. No one in the administration has READ THE DAMNED LAW. Not Eric Holder, the Attorney General, nor has Janet Napolitano, the Director of Homeland Security. That is beyond my comprehension. REALLY.

Of course, we have always known that Holder is an idiot, criminal Democrat that refuses to do HIS DAMNED JOB, but you would think that the Director of DHS would concern him/her/other self with BORDER SECURITY, huh? Which begs the questions, "Is Janet Napolitano a chick or a dude?" and "Who would you rather never contemplate in a bikini on a pole, Janet Napolitano or Janet Reno?"

(Don't worry, I just hit myself in the face with a steel ash shovel for that Janet bikini comment. No, it did not work.)

Oh, and the bikini chick in the photo above is NOT Miss Stripper America, but then again, she is still hot and I still would not ask her opinion on economics or mathematics.

Speaking of economics, here are the Zero Hedge TRUE unemployment calculations. They seem to be at odds with the Democrat Federal Government's calcs, but that is to be expected.

Remember the economic meltdown was caused totally by the ideology of Democrats and their government programs and bribery agencies. And guess what one of those slush funds is getting involved in? Yeppers, Manmade Global Warming. That should end swimmingly.

All the while, less than 33% of meteorologists believe Catastrophic Climate Change is caused by man. Most people that have half of a brain know that since we have only been able to judge temperature accurately since 1955, we do not have enough data to even judge temperatures over a long enough range to ascertain even IF there is a change.

Reverend Jeremiah Wright acknowledges that he was thrown under the bus. Paul Mitchell reports, "It is impossible for me to give less of a shit that Wright was thrown under anything and I would prefer that people keep throwing more on TOP of Wright so he would shut the fuck up."

In totally unrelated news, anyone that would pay one point thirty-three million for 850 square feet of living space should be banished to a deserted island where their stupidity cannot get into the water supply.

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Miss USA Rima Fakih nude. I am killing it on this search, too.


Staci said...

Miss Oklahoma even did a pretty good job on the Fox News this morning. She should have won, but of course we have to have a Muslim Miss USA, because we are so politically correct. I'm surprised Miss Arizona didn't win, but then again she probably wasn't an illegal alien, or she would've.

But whatever, you know the libs are doing their damndest to pull up some dirt on the Oklahoma girl.

Paul Mitchell said...

Staci, I already found the "dirt" on the Okie. She won the 4-H Speedmilking Contest two years ago. But, she was hot, too.

The other thing about Rima Fakih is that she is actually Catholic, she converted from Islam from what I have been able to find. In other words, she is dead meat.

OregonGuy said...

On another note, the world does need more Rons.

Andy said...

Nyuk! Iron Eyes Cody...


"Speedmilking contest."


But you're just a tad off on that one Paul. Okie cows do not give milk. It's too dry for dairy farms in Okieland. Oh, they might have a few, but the Jerseys and Guernseys never quite caught on up there.

But, they do raise big old Brahmans, and cross-matched Bramah/charolait (I know I spelled it wrong)/angus cattle.

Just sayin'...

Andy said...

BTW: I just ordered checks from ChecksUnlimited two weeks ago. If you had had this ad up beneath your posts a few days ago, I could have made you some coins!

Paul Mitchell said...

Click the nude Alicia Silverstone video ad!!! She is NOT nekkid!

Staci said...

I'll have to look into the Speedmilking results more often!

But for real, I just learned a little while back that some of the rural high schools out in western Okieland now have "Shooting" teams. We're raisin' those kids right 'round here. Wish they'd have offered that back when I was in school. I did take archery and bowling though. For college credit.

Paul Mitchell said...

Good on ya', Staci, for those college credits on bowling and archery. If you add three more hours to that, you can get what passes for an economics degree these days.

Anonymous said...

the video is a fake-- some japanese couple and all the good parts pixalated out.

Paul Mitchell said...

Thanks for that, Anon. I was not about to take the time to download that if it was not real.

Anonymous said...

The name of the woman in the photo is Mercedes Terrell.

Paul Mitchell said...

Thanks for that information, Anon, meeting that beautiful girl is now my life's ambition.