Sunday, May 23, 2010

President Obama Continues the Criminal Failboat Sailing!!!

Since ALL criminals are stupid, why would you think that President Criminal would be any different? Here he is with what I THINK is his criminal aunt from Kenya that has been granted some kind of citizenship or something. She was in the United States illegally, living on welfare for years and of course her idiot nephew said that he did not know she was here. Of course, most of us know that Barry Obama hates black folks, so this is highly possible, too.

In the past week, President Moron has sided with Mexico over Arizona, continued to ignore reading a Arizona law while bashing the folks that wrote and signed it, all while kissing the ass of the Mexican Cartel leader. Intelligent folks knew years ago that Barry Obama was an idiot, but since we still allow idiots to vote in the United States, they headed to the polling places and voted one of their own into the the White House. Shocking that idiots would vote for an idiot, huh? I just hope that those very same idiots do not write a law that forces us to "water" our crops with Gatorade. But, that would not surprise me at all, you know?

Wonder how many tax dollars went to pay-off the folks at ShoreBank to cover up for our president?

Let's do the linkfest.

Obama's foreign policy makes Jimmuh Cartuh's look competent by comparison.

Wonder why Barry did not throw up his skull about Oklahoma's criminal Mexican laws? Th answer to that is that at the time that Oklahoma passed their laws, even Barry never imagined that the population would be dumb enough to elect him as president.

Obama HEARTS Mexicans that hate our country, too. Of course, the Mexican LIED.

By the way, since Arizona is the kidnapping capital of the United States, wonder how long it will be before Texas makes a run for that title? Mexican pirates in Texas.

I don't think these tunnels were going to be long enough to reach Mexico, but maybe they were being dug to HIDE Mexicans?

Uncle Jimbo has a few cusswords about ICE.

Klavan on the criminal Mexicans.

By the way, did you know that Obama's HOME DISTRICT elected a Republican for the first time in twenty years? Hopefully, that gives us some idea of the direction of the voting to be had in November....

I found this somewhere this morning and laughed out loud about it. "Kenyan-born Obama...."

Mortgage delinquencies are headed through the roof. Homeowner bailout FAIL.

Thirty-two states now officially bankrupt. Stimulus FAIL. (Mississippi is NOT on the list, YAY!)

Hottest trend in global warming is GLOBAL COOLING....FMTT.

Speaking of "science," what happens if a scientist talks about something that has been KNOWN for centuries? Well, of course, Barry Obama fires them because they spoke the truth. If there is one thing that Democrats HATE HATE HATE, it is the truth.

Obama's thug friends attack a residential 'hood, terrorize children in their homes, and generally act like Democrats.

Speaking of 'Hoods, RightGirl lives in one.

New York makes the idiotic move to ban salt. I see this as a good thing because Damian was already on a diet and stuff. When food spoils in less than a minute, Michelle Obama's food deserts will crop up and Damian will drop all the weight that he wants. WIN-WIN!!!

CNN wants to know if the iPhone has lost its cool. In other words, no one at CNN knows what the word "COOL" means.

The supporters of idiotic policy, known mainly as Obamabots, are doing really well with their Coffee Party idea.

I am not so sure that the BIG TENT of the Republican Party is big enough to include thingy. So, yes, there are crazies on both sides. Luckily most of the crazies are on the dumb side.

On an end note, I think that I stole this from Red at Caught Him With a Corndog.

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Andy said...

That Kenyan-born Obama article from 2004 is rich...good find.

And Louisiana is not on the list of insolvent States, either. That is because we lie about our assets, and liabilities. It's an accounting trick...kinda like Enron. We are broker than the Ten Commandments.

Anonymous said...

We're gonna be a whole lot broker after BP's glory hole finishes us off.