Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Clarion Ledger - All the Lying News that is Fit to Lie About

This has been a banner week for our local paper displaying incompetence and dishonesty. Seriously, does anyone PAY to read their crap anymore?

To bring you up to speed, Mississippi executed two murderers this week, and the Clarion Ledger was all over it. You know, the C-L is run by Democrats that think the only people that need to be in prison are the people that work and think that they pay too much in taxes.

Here's the C-L's take on the death penalty.
Arguments are obvious against the death penalty: selective sentencing, the state's failure to finance proper death investigations, racial and/or socioeconomic discrepancies and, for many, basic moral/religious objections.

The hilarious point of this opinion, WHICH IS WRONG, is that still there are people that think mainly black folks are getting executed. Since black folks make up a HUGE majority of people in prison, with Mexicans trying desperately to come in second, you would think that there WOULD be more blacks getting executed, but oddly, the percentage is LOWER THAN WHITES.

Another stunning thing was that the C-L published three photos of death row inmates on the front page of the birdcage liner where that Op-Ed was published. ALL WERE WHITE. Here's the two that went to Hell this week.

Here's the Death Row roster for Mississippi, of the fifty-nine (59), thirty-one (31) are black, one is Asian, and the rest are white. In case you are mathematically challenged, that is a fifty-two percent (52%) black death row population. Blacks also commit murders in Mississippi at a rate over three times that of whites. So, obviously, there IS a racial disparity, but NOT the way that the Clarion Ledger supposes. I guess that the staff at the C-L cannot download the very same PDF from Chris Epps office to get this data. But, I can and did.

Also, here are the TWELVE folks executed in Mississippi since 1976. I have no clue on their races, but TWELVE folks. In THIRTY-FOUR YEARS!!!

Oddly, the total prison population is over seventy percent (70%) black. So, if you take the racial makeup of our state, which is around 36-37% black, you might think that crime is rampant in the black community. Well, since the total incarcerated population is over seventy percent black, YOU WOULD BE RIGHT.

That was not all that the Clarion Ledger botched this week, and it would take me the rest of my entire natural life just to debunk the paper TODAY, but there is one Delta Democrat article that the C-L published that I had to add my two cents to on their website. CHECK IT.

Here's the money shot (emphasis mine):
When Bill Clinton was president during the 1990s, one of the Democrat's most impressive initiatives was welfare reform. The cause established him at the political center and helped pave the way for his election to a second term.

The legislation they are referring to is called, "Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Act." Bill Clinton threatened MANY times to veto it. And why is it just dumb as all get out that they would bring this up?

It was part of the Contract With America and was passed by the Republican Congress in 1996. The Republicans actually sent TWO BILLS to Clinton in 1995, and he VETOED them both saying they were too harsh. It was quickly becoming Bill Clinton's albatross and he was losing mightily in the polls daily.

What led to Bill Clinton's re-election was that Republicans were so stupid, they ran Bob FREAKING Dole against Clinton.

Anyhoo, if you rely on the Clarion Ledger for your news, you have no clue what is going on in the world.

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Staci said...

Latest on Death Row in Oklahoma:

The comments on the article are pretty darn funny.

Andy said...

Paul, as you know (I think), I am not a supporter of the death penalty. However, the "racial disparity" argument holds no water. It's a strawman that ignores real crime stats...not punishment stats.

As to welfare reform. The media will always and forever credit Clinton with it. I remember watching Clinton stand before his base & explain "why" he had to sign it, even though he didn't want to. And he told them, "we'll fix it later." Lord, he was/is a jackass...

And oh're a raaaaaacist!

MUD said...

Karl Roberts who killed my 12 year old niece has been on death row for 10 years in Arkansas. I hope he rots there.
Is Mr Viagra now know as Bob freaking Dole? Kansas Weeps... And we laugh sometimes. MUD

Paul Mitchell said...

MUD, I had gotten the image of Bob FREAKING Dole sporting wood outta my head finally. You suck.

Karl Roberts should be beaten to death with a sock full of pennies. And wasn't your niece also HIS niece?

Skunkfeathers said...

The Cladipus Licker has been sub-intellect of a door knob quality since you introduced me to it.

Paul Mitchell said...

Skunks, the C-L staff only wish they had the intellect of a doorknob.