Sunday, June 13, 2010

Another Day, Another Rant

I have started four blog posts in the past day and have failed to even get through the first paragraph. Bear with me, please.

This blog has apparently become nothing but still another bitching board for me. For some reason, it seems as if I am griping about everything all of the time, yet nothing could be further from the truth in reality. I am exceedingly happy every stinking day. Life is fun and muchly enjoyable.


I am seriously worried about the state of the nation, the mindset of our people, and the onrushing economic calamity. If you think that the economy is getting better, try to find a new job, compare prices on daily staples, watch the prices of gasoline daily, keep an eye on a totally decoupled stock market, or take the time to count cars of people heading into work in the morning. Unstable is an UNDERSTATEMENT.

If you are marginally aware of the current situation in our country, you MUST be well aware that things have not been in such a terrible state since the late 1970s when the last simpering moron was running things. And daily things seem to be getting more and more unstable.

This is TOTALLY the fault of the Democrat Party and the ideology of idiots. There is NO OTHER reason that things are this terrible. You can attempt to blame things on anything else, but you are just WRONG.

How is it even possible that some folks just do not see things for what they are? How is it even possible that there is STILL a single person that believes in the "Progressive" ideology? How can that be when there is unlimited evidence that "Progressive" ideology has failed miserably every time it is tried? There has NEVER been a single success of "Progressive" philosophy in the entire course of history, yet some folks continue to adhere to it? SILLY.

This past week, still more evidence of the sheer and total failure of "Progressive" ideology was discovered. (Like we need any more at all!)

The cost of the United States Census increased by a WHOPPING 325% because of the multi-cultural bent of the questioning and the overwhelming waste of government workers' ideology. If you did not answer the census, there is no way for you to know that most of the questioning was not about ACTUAL ENUMERATION as required by The Constitution, but about your "Hispanic" ancestry.

Also, this past week, it has come to light that insurance that President Obama told you in no uncertain terms would be maintained, will NOT be maintained. This is NOT a shocker to ANYONE that is even remotely tuned in to what is actually happening.

Not only that, the ObamaCare estimates did not take into account the HUGE cost overruns of this "Grandfathering" of most insurance plans.

In layman's terms, NO! Most of you cannot keep your present medical insurance plan and the few of you that can are going to see monumental increases in your coverage costs.

And you also might not have heard about the BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION stuff that Barry put into place, either.


Those are not the only major stories about your medical future. There is also going to be a rationing of medical services and a decrease in the number of doctors.


We also found out that the idiots in Hollywood do not like normal people. Yes, they like the good Marxists in Haiti, the idiots in the Lower Ninth Ward of New Orleans, and the morons in Gaza, but they do not like people that do not need Hollywood to survive.

Speaking of Gaza, do you find it shocking that one of the participants in the blockade in Gaza, Saudi Arabia, has given the other participant, Israel, the permission to use the airspace over Saudi to launch attacks on Iranian nuclear sites? Maybe Saudi is concerned about Mahmoud Ahmadinejad having nukes, too?

Wonder why Obama is not too concerned about that? It could NOT be because he is an admitted Muslim, could it?

If you want to read a very good description of our current Douchebag in Chief, check out what Mark Steyn has to say about Barry.

And finally, if you are in my industry, check out this .pdf on the current state of the construction employment figures. I think that those stats tell us something that the Barrystream Media is ignoring.

There is a bright spot on the horizon however. I just know there is because I always look for the good stuff. At some point, those bright spots will reveal themselves, but not until THIS CRAP is destroyed with the most violent response we can muster.

You NEED this book, folks. NEED IT.

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Anonymous said...

Paul, after watching that video I had to go throw up....sweet Lord....

Paul Mitchell said...

Yeah, it is bad. My heart bleeds for those poor children that are receiving what amounts to a criminal education.

Staci said...

Steyn's article: Obama is the man he'd been waiting for.... God, how true is that. A legend in his own mind.

Anonymous said...

What is wrong with the video?


Paul Mitchell said...

Roderick, these people are called RACISTS and they are "teaching."

Anonymous said...

You do realize that "African-Americans" are a creation of the "white" population of the US right?

Without slavery and suffrage being racialized, African-Americans could not exist. If there weren't laws and socially accepted violence against integration these "racists" could not exist for the simple fact that the "black" population would not exist since the color of ones skin would no have been a marker for social exclusion and physical violence.

They exist because they have been created, artificially by our nations history.

What do you expect to happen after all these years, they are apart of an artificial construct. It wasn't the black folks that wanted a one drop rule, or were against integration/assimilation.

Are you really surprised by that video?

Without miscegenation, these "racists" will always be among us because there is a built in audience. I cannot see how they can exist with the prevalence of miscegenation. This is the only way to deconstuct the identity of the group, is there another way for destroying an artificially created identity?


Paul Mitchell said...

Roderick, I am so utterly sick to death of folks falling into the victimhood role. How can these men call themselves men and continue to teach these impressionable youngsters how to be victims?

Anonymous said...

I am against victimization propaganda too, but as long as these individuals view themselves as "African-Americans" they will always be the "victims"...Their mere existence(in the current physical form) is testimony to "victim" status, if they/we looked more like former representative Harold Ford Jr, the victimhood propaganda would be planted into salted soil.,_Jr.

Changing identities is the desired option in my opinion. Change identification would render the propaganda mute, very simple...except for changing the identity thing,now that is the hard part. Burning history books would be a start, one man's proud past is another man's mark of "shame."

Just a thought.


Paul Mitchell said...

Roderick, Harold Ford is more "black" than Obama could ever be, yet he is not black enough?

And if you are not careful, imma post a photo of you on here so everyone can see you are as black as Harold Ford.