Friday, June 11, 2010

RACISTS!!! The Conservative Blogosphere's Got 'Em!!!

The most interesting story in the world right now is the South Carolina Democrat primary win by Alvin Greene.

This terrifies me no end because back in 2005, there was another really stupid Democrat Senator that no one expected to avoid prison time, yet somehow THAT imbecile wound up getting elected President of the United States.

From the old Haloscan Comments on the above linked post in October 2005.
1. this sounds like democrat presidential material to me!
2. Damm I hate this dude. Any punk ass who openly supports an ex Klan leader is a punk in my book.
3. I wholeheartedly agree Snoop, the only good thing is that he will be insignificant in the long run. The Democrats will eat him.


Now, we have the next coming of Barry Obama, dumb as a box of rocks, wins elections because of abnormalities, no one knows anything about him, and criminal charges pending.

Please do not make the "Greene is black and Obama is black, so you are a racist" comparison. I have made all efforts to PROVE that Obama is as black as eating marshmallows with a ghost in a blizzard. I proved this by using MATH!!!

Greene is simply the typical Democrat. Dumb as a barrel of hair, ignorant of all facts involved with anything, and obviously a criminal, PLUS he likes teh pr0n. What is the big deal here? I mean he is EXACTLY like Barry Obama and Bill Clinton, maybe he will be the next Democrat president!

The even more fun part is James E. Clyburn (Dumbass-SC) wants Greene out of the race. Even though Clyburn is black, obviously he hates black people since he wants Greene to bow out, amiright?

Ooooo, he was on Keith Olbermann's program, now at least seven people outside of South Carolina have heard of him!

Remember, the Democrats only want really white "black" people to run for office, even TPM is dissing this truly black dude.

I wish Democrats would distance themselves from their racist ways.

By the way, on this day in 1963, DEMOCRAT George Wallace stood in the doorway of Bammeroid U to keep Vivian Malone and James Hood out of the "white" school. To this day, Democrats still practice the racism of Wallace, Byrd, Kennedy, and Obama.

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Joubert said...

I saw Greene on TV yesterday. He may not be the stupidest Democrat alive but he's a close runner-up. The people who voted for him are even stupider.

Paul Mitchell said...

Barry, Greene needs to run in Georgia's fourth district. He is perfect.

Skunkfeathers said...

And all this time I was convinced that the stupidest voting district in the country was tied between DC and Georgia's 4th.

SC is vying to unseat 'em both.

Paul Mitchell said...

Skunks, this guy is Heaven sent for GA-4.

Skunkfeathers said...

Isn't GA-4 the home of Cynthia McKinney, and the moron who said that Guam was going to tip over? Cream of the libtard crop!

Paul Mitchell said...

It is indeed home of McKinney and Hank Johnson, Skunkfeathers. And that in itself should keep you from ever going to Atlanta.

paul mitchell said...

It is indeed home of McKinney and Hank Johnson, Skunkfeathers. And that in itself should keep you from ever going to Atlanta.