Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Google, Teh Interwebs, Traffic, and Toys

With the impending collapse of the economy as we know it looming on the horizon, I have FINALLY become motivated to ramp up my efforts to make finding my income stream damned near impossible for our loathsome federal government. In other words, morons in the United States, that elected President Idiot, did me a huge favor.

You see, Democrats are anti-wealth by design. They do not want a self-sufficient society because self-sufficient people have no need for Democrats. Not only that, with the Democrats hideously destructive fan-base of unions, welfare queens, and super-retarded people, most companies are moving the actual production jobs out of our country so their businesses can continue to be profitable. We have gone from the greatest producing country, to a service oriented country, to a country of intelligence workers in my lifetime.

In the past couple of weeks I have crammed so much information about making money on information services into my head that my left eye is kinda blurry. Hopefully, you can benefit from the things that I have learned, too. And then we can ALL be rich even while the Democrats destroy our country.

Face it, print media, physical books, and literal libraries are either dead or dying a swift death. The interblarqs are already where the new information is going to be found. You know it, too. If you need to know how to spell something, you no longer get out the dictionary, you simply Google the word.

I asked a question in a post yesterday about e-mail addresses. There are so many reasons that I asked that question, but one is that I really, really LIKE G-Mail and I do not want some old folks telling me that a G-Mail address is less professional than one with a domain for one reason. G-Mail kicks ass. Yes, I know that I can forward my POP mail to G-Mail and send POP mail from G-Mail, too. But WHY? Don't most folks already know that we are doing that? Is this another little hiccup that everyone already knows, but they are just not going say anything about it? And furthermore, if you are looking for clients, don't you want the client that actually recognizes that you are NOT wasting money monthly maintaining a faux e-mail address and that you are focusing on cost savings and efficiency?

Here are another five things that you can do with attachments in G-Mail.

While we are talking about search on the interwebs, did you know that all you have to do to perform a Quick Find with Firefox, on any wesbite, is to click / to bring up the search box on the bottom? Go ahead, try it, now. I have been using "Control F" for so long, too! Of course the "Control F" box is a little different, but not much. "Control F" works in all browsers, though. On Chrome, it pulls down from the top, which is weird.

Chrome is blindingly fast, too. And since it is a Google browser, it is set up for Google efficiency from the jump. Here are some Google Doc extensions for Chrome that will help out with your productivity. I use the .pdf viewer all the time now.

Oh, in case you were unaware, Google Docs has just rolled out the newest version. It has not totally killed off Microsoft Office for me, yet, but it is damned close.

Just look at the Table of Contents thingy. Since I am making an all out effort to remove the stationary computer or local dependence that I have, Google Docs is going to become a larger and lager part of my life.

And sharing is becoming easier, too. When you have Buzz Wave and Google Docs set up for your consultant team, everyone has access to the very same document. There is no chance for mistakes and someone working on the old scheme. Everyone stays up to date. This is VERY important in my industry.

For the past two weeks, I have been developing my website and another two websites to go totally cloud with them. In order to do that, local software is not the way to go. If I am in Honduras and I need to update something that I am doing, and my computer goes to Hell in a handbasket, a interblergs cafe can suit the bill. When I was learning all about this stuff, I found a great way to get information on subscribers and build a list of contacts. Check out this video and see what all you can come up with for uses of a Survey.

And then for driving traffic to your site, you can use Google Adwords Tools to find the most searched for items in your particular market. Let's imagine you are selling KILNS and you want to find out what folks are searching for regarding KILNS. Go to Google's keyword tool and type in "KILN." This gives you a breakdown of world searches, local searches, and the amounts of different sites already using that keyword. Well, smack my bottom! That is so damned easy, you should send me a bunch of money for giving you that tip!

And then, when you have all that information, you can mosey over to this Blogger hack page and find out how to use those keywords for the most effect.

Oh, one more thing that I found that helped me immensely to STEAL code and stuff is this Firefox plug-in called Firebug. I can download the CSS or html from any site. Coupled with Download Helper, which snags all of the images on a given page, I can recreate the site on my comprooter in mere seconds, with code intact. Dang it!!!

Anyhoo, I am off to make some money, yo. You should send me much dinero to my Pay-Pal for giving you this information that took me Y-E-A-R-S to acquire.

Oh, I added a Label for 'Google.' I wonder how fast that label will get full and I will have to make a new one?

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Andy said...

Hey man, thanks for all this info. It's a lot to absorb, seeing as it took all them years to put together.

I bookmarked this, and plan to spend some time with it later. Thanks again.

Paul Mitchell said...

Dude, since I posted this, I found something else on Google Docs that will make business five million times easier. I'll post it later this week. Stay tuned, it is freaking awesome.

Red said...

Man! Thanks for the tech article. I'm all about some Gooble.

Paul Mitchell said...

Red, I gots a doozy of a post on Teh Google tomorrow, better come back...

paul mitchell said...

Red, I gots a doozy of a post on Teh Google tomorrow, better come back...