Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Twitter Stuff to Supplement the Last Post

The main thing that I have noticed about Twittah is that you can immediately drive someone to click on your post if it is interesting. Coupled with the NUDE knowledge we have gained, that should be fairly easy to do, too. Of course, tricking folks to click on links is not beneficial in the long run, you know?

Here are nine benefits of Twittah for bloggers. These are solid reasons to use the Twittah.

And here are some of the ways that bloggers can use Twittah. Our good friend, Baby Basil, does a bang-up job at the Twittah. Of course, he is swamped right now with the beauty pageants and all......

Mashable has some good ideas to show you how to work out your Twittah branding and increase your followers. Of course, the sheer volume is unimportant, again we are looking for QUALITY.

If someone follows you, but you do not really know this person, check them out first. Do not just add folks to have a bunch of contacts. SocialWhois works well for Twittah and Friendfeed to find out who someone is.

And occasionally, you need to check through Friend or Follow to find out who added you and then dumped you just to jack up their stats. If you have a bunch of folks that you are following, but few folks follow you, then your ranking and value are diminished. One of the main problems that I see with Twittah is that there are some folks that add a bunch of people to get followed back, then immediately dump those folks to jack up their own stats. That is cheap bullshit, NEVER DO IT.

Finally, HubSpot created Twitter Grader to see how important you are. Yes, we blog to have fun and to make friends, but we also want to add to the conversation. We want to be important. Then be important.

Oh, and before I forget, do NOT use Twittah or FAILbook from their homepages, it is just too damn dangerous. Get you a client, there are quite a few good ones that handle both sites concomitantly. I use Seesmic Desktop, but bunches of folks use TweetDeck. There is also TweetGrid which I use quite a bit, and TweetVisor is another good one.

The main reason to Twittah is to drive traffic to your joint. Do it.

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