Monday, June 28, 2010

Guns, the Supremes, and Idiots

Disclaimer: I am NO Constitutional scholar like President Waterwing Ears McDoofus, but the Second Amendment is really easy for me to understand. Here is a post of me understanding it to the hilt.

Please understand that the almighty federal government cannot EXTEND gun rights at all. Since the Constitution states plainly that everyone can have a firearm, then the ONLY thing that the federal government can do is RESTRICT firearm ownership contrary to what is affirmed in our Constitution. Do you want a Bradley Fighting Vehicle? Ownership is guaranteed by Number Two.

Salon posts that the Supremes ruled that local governments cannot ban guns. What actually happened is that at least five of the Supremes READ the Constitution. Obviously, four of them have not.

I do find it hilarious though that Scalia took the time to write a second opinion because he thought that Alito's did not go far enough in smacking that dunce, John Paul Stephens, around.

By the way, check out this RAAAAACIST dude that caused this case to come about.

Face it, folks, the reason that Democrats want to take away all of your weapons is because you might kill a Democrat voter when they are trying to steal your car or break into your home or business. What would happen to the Democrat Party if all of the criminals got dead all of the sudden? Who would there be left to vote for Democrats?

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SAY said...

I saw this on "Yahoo Breaking News" and all I could think of to say was YAHOO!!!

Paul Mitchell said...

ABC was trying to downplay it by saying that the Supremes did not say that gun ownership is a right, they say that the Chicago ban just went to far in curbing that "privilege."

SAY said...

I saw this on "Yahoo Breaking News" and all I could think of to say was YAHOO!!!