Monday, June 28, 2010

Drive-by Blogging - Hit and Run Linkdump

I updated my Robert Byrd (Dumbass-WV) page. By the way, his real name was Cornelius Calvin Sale Jr.

And here is my architecture Tumblr page. If you like living inside, instead of living outside or in caves, you should look at it.

Andy has not posted today. I hope he is not tied up supervisoring the lawncare bidness.

How to take your company mobile.

Mississippi Gift Company.

Stacy McCain edits the HuffPo. (That would take lesser men the rest of their life.)

Boogie fisks Jerry Mitchell of the Clarion Ledger. (Low hanging fruit, you know?)

Blacks and Mexicans get foreclosed on more often. (Hat-Tip: Kathy Shaidle)

ObamaCare, just another failing government boondoggle. ALREADY.

Writers at the WaPo are batshit crazy nuts insane.

Oh, and I am going to be hawking some products on this page, if you like my blog, you should spend the kid's college money buying this stuff so I can eat and buy Bloody Marys.

Please take the time to comment.


Boogie said...

Gimme a break, I just started blogging. I have to go for the easy targets first, right?

Paul Mitchell said...

Oh, that might read somewhat wrong, huh? I take down the Clarion Ledger all the time. Here's my first Jerry Mitchell post

Boogie said...

Eh, I was joking. Low hanging fruit is there, might as well go after it.

Boogie said...

As to that article...

Yes, the CL is bad. Not as bad as the Meridian Star, though. I'm kinda OCD about sentence structure, spelling, grammar, etc., especially in something meant for public consumption. It's all I can do not to get out a pen and start editing the paper when I go home to see my parents.

And I'm not an English major, folks. I'm an agricultural economist. It doesn't take that much friggin' effort to make a written word medium presentable.

Joubert said...

Wow - just wow! I'm not crazy about most modern architecture but some of those buildings are beautiful.

Paul Mitchell said...

Barry, I noticed pretty much after all of them were posted, that I have a strong lure to the water stuff. Weird.

Andy said...

Painting! Not mowing...PAINTING!


I have not even read the post, but saw the thousands of hits coming, and discovered that I was a victim of a Meanylanche!

I will come back and read the post after I clean out a dozen brushes, throw away the three used rollers, douse the place with gasoline, and throw a lit Camel in the midst.

BTW: Did you know that you have a LOT of readers from Mississippi State, and USCCC?

Paul Mitchell said...

Thousands of hits? Hardly. And you know damned well the people from uSCCC are just here for the pictures, they can't read.

Andy said...

Well, maybe I fudged. Three!

And your blog is so obviously image heavy that I'm sure that's why all both of 'em from USCCC visit.