Monday, June 28, 2010

It is Hard to Deny that Barry Obama is an Idiot...

...unless YOU are an idiot.

We see it daily, now. Barry Obama speaks and everyone pauses to go, "WTF is he saying?" We were constantly told that this was supposed to be the smartest guy to ever be elected president, even though we sat around and kept thinking that we were missing the obviously smart part of what he was saying.

We saw his pastor of twenty years screeching about the evilness of whitey and how great Castro was. We heard about his grandfather's, his grandmother's, his father's, and his mother's loving embrace of Communism. We read about Barry's own love affair with Communism in college, his over the top drug usage, his criminal past, his racist tendencies, his struggles to get through college with barely passing grades, the list is endless.

BUT! He is possibly the smartest president we have ever had.

Now, I do not know about you, but I have been watching this guy for at least three years before he went against his statement that he did not have the experience to be president, AND RAN FOR PRESIDENT.

In other words, he is exactly what we thought he was!

Yet, still to this day, there exist a few really stupid people that think Barry is doing a good job. Let's ignore the fact that the economic failure is accelerating, that unemployment is higher now than since Jimmuh Cartuh shit the economy in the toilet, housing foreclosures are increasingly exponentially, and just about every decision that Barry makes is the EXACT opposite of what needs to be done.

He is still the smartest president we have ever had. Let's accept that premise and agree that a SMART president is not what we need anymore. We need someone that is the exact opposite of smart if Barry is the standard for the description. We need the dumbest, most inbred, junior high dropout that we can find.

And there were a bunch of folks that went batshit crazy over what they called Bush's Katrina failure. Since Bush could not actually control the weather, let's let him off the hook for actually CAUSING that disaster that did not hit New Orleans.

But, Barry Obama's disaster is the explosion of Deepwater Horizon and the subsequent damage to the Gulf of Mexico. I really do not think that Barry set any charges that caused the explosions, which is more than the "I Hate Bush" crowds said about the Muslim attacks on September 11, 2001. No, Barry did not set those charges because he is what is known as SMART in liberal circles, this means that he cannot even light his own cigarette without falling out of a moving vehicle in the process.

But, since Barry is so Mensa-smart, one has to wonder why Mr. Smartie Stupendous Super-Dooper Dude never appointed an inspector general for the Interior Department whose job it is to stop these rig problems. In fact Barry moved the dude that was doing that to a position to police stimulus money (Google: Earl Devaney), then Barry gave Deepwater Horizon a safety award last year for SMART work, went on to allow the Minerals Management Service to give Deepwater Horizon exemptions for their inspections, he allowed BP to drill without any kind of permitting in February of THIS YEAR and sat idly by like a really SMART knot on a log after the rig exploded UNTIL THIS DAY AND BEYOND.

Barry has known since February 13, 2010
, shortly after drilling STARTED, that something was bad wrong with the well, yet since BP paid him so much in campaign money, Obama just let stuff continue.

But, hey, let's boycott BP!!!

When someone takes a good look at the rig explosion that has caused eleven deaths so far, plus untold damage to the Gulf, there is ONLY ONE person to blame for this overwhelming failure and he is the smartest president we have ever had.

Barry is just like Al Gore, he is simply TOO SMART to be president, he should resign and let Joe FREAKING Biden take over because, "Nobody messes with Joe."

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Red said...

Methinks the Kool-aid has gone sour ;-)

Paul Mitchell said...

Yeah, and I did not even think that Kool-Aid could do that! I was wrong.

Staci said...

You speak the truth. All people who voted for him ought to be ashamed by now, ya think?

Paul Mitchell said...

If they are not ashamed, they are not paying attention.

Boogie said...

They'll never really back away from him, though...not the true believers. Their criticism of him is that he's not liberal enough.

Obama's much-vaunted intellect is, I believe, questionable, at best. The mark of an intelligent man (or woman), I've always believed, is the ability to take criticism. Such is not the case with one Barack Obama. Criticism is a foreign concept to him, and will continue to be so.

God have mercy on our country with such a psuedo-intellectual manning the bridge.

Boogie said...

Oh, by the way, Paul, haven't been reading long enough to know if you really care, but the Supreme Court incorporated the 2nd Amendment to apply to all states.

Seems that some 200+ years later, they've decided that the 2nd Amendment means what it says.

About time.

Paul Mitchell said...

Boogie, you are too young not to be an Obamabot, how did you escape that lure?

Paul Mitchell said...

And I saw the ruling this morning. Short opinion, I think you should be allowed to own a Bradley Fighting Vehicle if you want one and are not a felon.

Boogie said...

paul mitchell said...

Boogie, you are too young not to be an Obamabot, how did you escape that lure?

Jun 28, 2010 9:56:00 AM

Um, not really sure, just to be honest with you. My family wasn't what you'd call politically minded while I was growing up, and, truthfully, I never paid much attention to politics until I spent a couple of years in NY. After that, I got interested in economics, meshed that with my socially conservative beliefs and formed somewhat of a libertarian bent.

Plus I got really sickened with other people my age (and some older folks who should know better) that were all about the nanny state and seemed to be getting far far away from the legacy of rugged individualism that has defined our country from its beginnings. I figured since knowledge is power, the best way to gain the upper hand and help things be right is to be informed, and the more informed I became, the less likely I was to entertain socialist/liberal tendencies.

Boogie said...

As for your opinion...I'm not sure I could afford to run a Bradley for long, but man, would it be fun while it lasted.

Paul Mitchell said...

If you have never seen the chain gun in action, you have no clue what you are missing. Dude, need to tear down a barn? Get out the Bradley.

I am a Mississippi State grad and I was utterly shocked to see the full blown socialist ideology, students and professors, while I was there. It must be hard for you.

Boogie said...

I've had my battles, as both an undergrad and a graduate student. One of the worst occasions was when I was forced to watch An Inconvenient Truth in a plant science class. I kinda wish I still had the paper that I wrote on it; I might have addressed the actual movie in half of the paper, and spent the last half blasting the choice of such abject political propaganda for viewing in an academic setting in the rest. It was lots of fun, and I still made an A in the class.

I've kinda come to expect socialism from the teachers here, but the students really amaze me. They have a problem standing up to reason, so they rely on emotional arguments, as is the bent of liberals in general. I'll be glad when I'm done (soon, prayerfully), but I'm thinking I'll encounter such stupidity in Jackson, as well.

Paul Mitchell said...

Moving from Starkvegas to Jacktroit? Same thing, dude, same thing.