Wednesday, June 16, 2010

President Feckless Make Heap Big Talkie on Black Gold (Texas Tea)

Sorry, I did not get to see Feckless McStupiddummy's speech last night. I had to sit on the patio and chain smoke while catching lightning bugs. Goodly enough for me, though, many other people watched Obama's Malaise Speech.

Seriously, people are comparing Barry's talk last night to Jimmuh Cartuh's Malaise Speech. Not kidding. I have to abstain from that comparison because I do not actually remember Jimmuh Cartuh's malaise speech, but I can tell you in all honesty that ALL of Barry Obama's speeches are about as inspiring as rotten bananas to normal people. I have no clue who came up with the idea that he was inspiring at all because I have actually been to community theater that was more inspiring than an Obama speech.

The image to the left shows Barry Obama's typical clueless countenance. Doesn't he look like a deer in the headlights? I really do believe that he is mentally retarded.

"Um, uh, wait, dude, you got some Doritos? Awesome, pass the spliff!"

Does anyone actually know how some (obviously stupid) people came to the conclusion that Obama is smart? The only reason that I can even imagine that someone would say that is because our society has gotten to the point if you actually criticize even a black MURDERER that you are somehow RAAAAACIST!!! Again and again I point out that Barry Obama is at least ONE MILLION TIMES more white than he is black, so that argument doesn't hold water for me.

But, if I keep running my cakehole, Barry might kick my ass or something, right? Um, hardly.

Maybe Barry thought that he needed to come out with some kind of talkie action to make up for his complete and utter failure to even consider the problem? Remember, on Sunday, Obama compared the spill to the Muslim attacks on September 11, 2001 and then took off to the golf course.

A quick aside. I have watched Obama swing a golf club. President Obama, PLEASE stay the Hell off of the golf course on the weekends. You are fucking life up for everyone that can actually play the damned game. YOU. ARE. TERRIBLE. AT. GOLF. (and your awful play is holding the whole course up, moron)

Anyhoo, last night, President Supertard came out and stated his decision to follow the Von Anderson Method of Problem Solving. Just as last night's talkie thing did nothing about the problem, Barry's "solution" is to do nothing about the problem either. "Hey! Here's a GUH-RATE idea! Let's form a committee forming committee to talk about forming a committee and maybe even an AGENCY!!! AND RAISE SOME TAXES!!!"

Basil has the transcript. Go read it and then come back, yo.

Yes, that is exactly what Barry Obama said, folks. I know that Basil was posting this tongue in cheek, but it EXACTLY WHAT OBAMA SAID.

Look when even Chris Matthews and Keith Douchebag ridicule Obama's talkie, you know things are terrible. If you need more evidence, here is video.

Here's a post roundup of the reviews of Obama's Committee Forming speech.

Should I go on? Of course not.

Now, a REAL executive would have addressed the problem this way.

One minute after the rig blew up: "Get the head of BP on the phone."

Two minutes after: "Mr. BP Headman, what the Hell happened and what do you need from me?"

After phone call: "Assemble the cabinet."

At cabinet meeting: "Get the best drilling people here now and set up a conference call with those that cannot get here."

Before DAY ONE is over: "Let's meet first thing in the morning and discuss options and resources."

Day Two: "Okay, what we got?"

Continue for the first three days. Then start cleaning up the spill.

I know this is a simplistic series of events, but do you know what President Moron has been doing? Partying.

It is now beyond time to get President Alvin Greene to RESIGN. Accept no other alternatives. I thought that Joe FREAKING Biden would be an awful Vice President, but there is amazingly little evidence that Biden would be in the same REALM of failboat as Barry Obama.

Folks, start asking for Obama's resignation at every turn. He is detrimental to the entire world and he is dangerously STUPID.

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RightGirl said...

Likewise, I sat on the patio and drank wine. The Gentleman Friend, however, sat inside watching it and chain smoking. It's a team effort around here.

"Barack Obama doesn't care about black people" is what it all boils down to. Or something.


Staci said...

I watched the damned thing. I should be taken out and shot. It was like sticking an icepick in my eye.

Red said...

Unfortunately people are going to continue allowing this administration to shit things up even further. That Harvahd grad is either going to make the next president look like the second coming of Reagan or it will get irrevocably worse.

Skunkfeathers said...

Barry is in so far over his idiot-educated head, he hasn't the first idea of what makes for "solar power", because he can't see the light of day for all the Alinsky crap packed between his ears.

Basil said...

Hey, thanks for the link. Again.

Oh, here's today's stock tip: Invest in popcorn. Every conservative in this country will be buying popcorn as they watch the left turn on each other, trying to pass blame for Obama.

Paul Mitchell said...

Basil, that is a great idea. I am going to check Redenbacher throughout the day today.

Herb said...

I am wondering, though, if someone, whoever the Karl Rove of the Left may be, is not orchestrating this whole fiasco in order for the Commies to seize another part of the economy and further destroy the will of the governed? Let this drag out, preach the evils of oil, suddenly there is another "energy crisis" and ram the Cap and Tax bill up the people before November.

Paul Mitchell said...

Herb, doesn't it concern you that we have become this distrusting of government to actually contemplate that?

Herb said...

I am that distrusting of government.

paul mitchell said...

Herb, doesn't it concern you that we have become this distrusting of government to actually contemplate that?