Thursday, June 17, 2010

Racism Defined

RACISM: The belief that each race has distinct and intrinsic attributes; The belief that one race is superior to all others; Prejudice or discrimination based upon race.

Here you go, two different photos of black folks, do the images elicit different emotions? If you do not know that the dude on the right is Louis Farrakhan, a hugely offensive racist, then YES, you see a clean cut dude and two thugs. But, if you were walking down a busy street, even in broad daylight, the guys on the left would make you uneasy, no matter what YOUR race. The guy on the right? Not so much. Is that RAAAAACISM? No.

I had a good FRIEND e-mail me this morning and tell me that the articles that I was posting on FAILbook about President Moron made me look racist and that it was pissing them off. My reply was, "Am I a racist?" They replied that they knew I was not, but it looked that way. If you KNOW that I am not a racist, why would you get pissed? Because YOU are racist, Homer. See how that works? You defend someone SOLELY based on race and get offended when someone else points out the incompetence of your hero. I am NOT harping on the race thingy, YOU ARE.

(An aside, in today's vernacular, it is allegedly impossible for a black person to be racist, but screw that, I ain't playing that ridiculous game.)

Now, I use the images of black folks because that was what was posited to me this morning, but I could have just as easily used a photo of Tila Tequila and Mr. Miyagi. Well, not actually, because I was going to make a karate comment about Asians and stuff....dammit.

Back to the point. I am not anti-Obama because of his PERCEIVED race, I am anti-Obama because HE is anti-freedom and incredibly stupid. I am anti-Obama because he goes to the damned golf course every minute he gets and "golfers" like him are the reason that it takes six hours to play eighteen holes on the weekend.

I am anti-Obama because the people that adhere to his ideology have been responsible for the slaughter of over 100 million people worldwide in less than 100 years. This number is very, very low because Obama's ideology has been responsible for so many deaths in Africa from Malaria and Yellow Fever from the outlawing of DDT, which was foisted upon this world by a Socialist named Rachel Carson.

I am anti-Obama because of his ignorance of economics and the subsequent failure of the economy of THE WORLD because of his ignorance. This ignorance shall be the death of untold numbers of people, too. And it is ALL documented to the hilt from occurrences that have ACTUALLY HAPPENED in the past.

I am anti-Obama because I want to KEEP what I have earned, because if I did not want it, I would not have made the effort to earn it. I am anti-Obama because he is not interested in inspiring people to be everything that they can be, he wants everyone to become wards of the state because that is the ideology that he follows.

The fact that ANYONE, and I mean ANYONE, would try to make the ideological battle against Obama's policies to be about race simply means that their argument has no validity and they cannot back up their beliefs. Just so you know, the left cannot back up their philosophical battle with facts because their ideology has FAILED every single time it has been tried.

Now, to address the importance of this racism question to me. I was born in the DEMOCRAT controlled state of Mississippi in 1964. (and yes, Mississippi is STILL to this day controlled by DEMOCRATS) I started PUBLIC school during the time when black folks were STILL forced BY DEMOCRATS to ride on the back of the bus. I saw the DEMOCRAT FORCED segregated drinking fountains and lunch counters. A-N-D I saw the fallout of the degradation of black folks caused by those very DEMOCRAT FORCED programs.

I have seen the sheer failure of the DEMOCRAT FORCED programs on the black community. I worked government subsidized housing for years and have witnessed the victim mentality of the black community and the regression to slavery of black folks the nation over because of the DEMOCRAT FORCED entitlement programs. I watched the black family fall apart because the DEMOCRAT government was paying black women to have children without a father in the home. I have watched the ever increasing crime rates in black neighborhoods because to actually go to school to get an education was considered "TOO WHITE" for those black children.

I sat in stunned silence as the black community surrendered everything that was RETURNED to them by the Civil Rights Acts because of the entitlement programs that their "leaders" promoted. Jesse Jackson got rich on teaching black folks to become victims and by enticing those black folks to accept the shackles of slavery that the REPUBLICANS removed. Jesse got rich as the rest of the community got poorer.

In this day and age, we now have SCHOOL TEACHERS, tasked with teaching our kids, telling black kids that they cannot achieve excellence because of some perceived slight in testing. To tell a kid that he or she cannot succeed because of the color of their skin OFFENDS me. Google Jaime Escalante and see how that race thing works in the REAL WORLD.

Then, you have one of the most powerful power brokers in the world DEFENDING President Obama, not because he is not at fault, but SOLELY because of his PERCEIVED race. Ignore the fact that this particular power broker is utterly FULL OF SHIT, she should be calling President Punkass out for being a complete failure.


When President Obama was elected, I made the statement that his election was going to set race relations back ONE HUNDRED years. And it already has. Never in the history of our country has someone achieved so very little and failed so miserably in such a short period of time, only to be LAUDED by our national media. And the only reason that they have waited so very long to start pointing out that he is a miserable failure is BECAUSE HE IS HALF-BLACK.

And this mentality has allowed another hugely apparent MORON to get nominated to the Democrat Party's Senate ticket. Face it, the reason this has happened is because people have to be stupid to vote for Democrats. There is NO OTHER REASON.

Let me put things in short form. If you think that Obama is not failing at an alarming rate, you are too stupid to form an opinion. And his failure has nothing to do with his race, face it, his ideology is WRONG and fails every time it is tried.


Here is the definitive tome on why Obama is a sheer and total failure. And, NO, the title is NOT RACIST, you idiot.

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Joubert said...

What an excellent and enjoyable rant. I'm not a duffer but I liked '"golfers" like him are the reason that it takes six hours to play eighteen holes on the weekend.'

Anonymous said...

Artificial people, artificial people, artificial people....

When a people are "created" this is what you get. I guess this time the example is alittle personal for you.

Now do you understand? See we could have went the Brazil route and have better race relations, in so far as people would define their identity by their specific hue of skin. That is not as racist as it sounds, it individualizes people and you have families with a wide range of skin colors so "whitey" or "blackey" is not the other it is your cousin, or aunt, or uncle and there is no shame of having either as your get the idea (miscegenation!!!!!). Of course we didn't go that route so we are stuck where we are, as your recent personal experience revealed.

You know what is really clever, how an artificially created people could be dissolved...I'll assume anybody who is reading this knows I am not speaking literally.

Ask your "friend" this, would he/she support a philosophy that could have a negative impact on their "people." Like the "white" business owner who hires the best candidate instead of the best "white" candidate because he judges those by their character instead of their gene expressions. Or an "African-American" who supports college admissions being purely based on test scores that would put a hard filter on his "people" but he/she believes in a strict code of meritocracy which in their eyes will induce their "people" to step up to the challenge and improve themselves accordingly to compete. Or what SEC football is doing now by selecting only the best football players where a majority of them just happen to be "African-American" instead of doing what was done 50 years ago.

In other words does your "friend" have a philosophical worldview beyond his "people?"


Skunkfeathers said...

Simply put, in the argument with your friend, you win hands down.

Racism has become the last card of play when a libtard has nothing else to offer in debate. And their debating options are thin as it is, based on the ideology they've chosen to lead them astray.

Paul Mitchell said...

Barry, seriously, in Mississippi you can go to the golf course on the weekends and there will be ONE person holding up the entire course because they are hacking their way around. Obama is that hacker that everyone hates.

Roderick, when I first started blogging about serious stuff, it was mainly about racism and its detrimental effects on our society. It is very personal because the direction we are going is wrong, wrong, wrong.

I think we need to pare the list of races down to the three that make sense, Caucasian, Negroid, and Mongoloid. The other perceived races, like for instance, "Hispanic," make no damned sense. I think that the folks that suffer from the racial identity politics do not have a philosophy that makes sense to normal people and that is the whole damned problem, you know?

And y'all, this friend that called me out has been one of my best friends for years. It is beyond comprehension that they question the reason that I cannot stand Barry Obama. I just do not get the adulation for that moron. You really have to be a racist in order to support him and I said that was the only reason that anyone could have for voting for him in the beginning.

stilettoGOP said...

Well, lemme see, my house was broken into Wednesday, and I'm guessing it was the two guys in the pic on the left. Does that make me racist? Or does it mean that I simply know the demographics of the crime committed in my area? (Plus it's almost the weekend and they momma and cuzins had to get crack money somehow. -wait, that mighta been a little racist.)

But do we really think two kids on summer break from Jackson Prep ransacked my house and stole all my electronics? Nope. Those two gentleman in that pic did. Some things just are what they are.

My name is stiletto, and I am racist this week. And I don't give a shit.

stilettoGOP said...

Meh. I'm still racist this week, thanks.

But when did I say 'no drugs in Prep'? I didn't. Also, I'm actually familiar with the private school world, we go to one. (I mean I AM a pre 1970's Southern white-robe wearin' racist, right?)

Look sir, I do have some detail about my break-in that backs up my "theory" about what race they were, but I don't feel like getting into it. Not to mention, I did use a little word called demographics. They were black, and you know it. So sue me.

Anyhow, Roderick, if it hasn't happened to you already, I sincerely hope it never does. It sucks.

Paul Mitchell said...

Stiletto, Roderick is actually a Cali-fella. So there!!! And we Mississippians have SOOOOOO done white in our robes, that is too dreary for me, now. I like orange.

Anonymous said...


I am not surprised by your experience, it is unfortunately common with a subset of a very specific demographic.

Insinuating you'll be a good member of the white hood crowd was over the line, I'm more upset your victimizers were black than your observation that they would most likely be black.


I guess blogging about the serious stuff gets boring fast because it never ends does it?


Paul Mitchell said...

Roderick, I have been trying like a dog to just blog the nekkid chicks lately. Traffic is AWESOME.