Friday, July 23, 2010

1&1 Free Year of Hosting

Just got an e-mail from my domain registrar and they CANNOT give away site hosting. Get you some FREE site hosting for FREE for a FREE YEAR! Or something about getting five FREE domains when you buy hosting. Dude, there must be a glut of storage these days with everyone going out of business because Barry Obama is a MORON.


5 free Domains with Select Hosting Plans. Get yours!

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MUD said...

Our son's friend set up a web site and pretty soon it was visited by some porno people and he didn't take the time to make sure the site was monitored. he did four years at the State pen near Eldorado and is on probation for a while yet. Just make sure you know what you are getting in to when you set up a site. MUD

Paul Mitchell said...

MUD, someone posted kiddie porn on his site? I see that more and more in the older posts on this blog, too. That is why I set up approving comments on posts over two weeks old.

Some people just need to be beaten unconscious with lead pipes.