Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Southern Strategy is RAAAAACIST and has never been used by Republicans.

For some reason, the vaunted "Southern Strategy" has come up four times in the past two days in my conversations. Of course, "Progressives" love to talk about how RAAAAACIST the Republicans are for using it, yet there is not one shred of evidence that they did. If you use a Reagan election as evidence, you shall have a hard time convincing ANYONE that was alive then that that was what happened.

Since Nixon was the one that allegedly started the "Southern Stategy," let's look at every election since Nixon ran in the late 1960s and see what happened, mmmmkay? (All images are from the leftist Bible, Wikipedia.)

1968-Here is the election where Nixon allegedly started the "Southern Strategy." Hmmm. Looks like he did not win much of the South, huh? Maybe he was just kidding or something.

1972-This is the Nixon re-election election. Obviously the South has gotten MUCH MUCH bigger in 1972, amirite?

1976-Now, this is really weird, all of the sudden the South is SOLID BLUE. This is the Jimmy Carter election. Face it, the South voted for an idiot.

1980-BUT WAIT!!! After four years of Obama the First, almost the entire country was sick and tired of HOPE! and CHANGE! the first act. So, the Southern Strategy encompassed everywhere.

1984-And after four years of GOOD GOVERNANCE, the only people that voted against President Reagan were the few folks in the national media in DC and Minnesota, Mondale's home state. If anyone tries to tell you that Ronald Reagan was not the BEST president in the 1900s, they are an idiot. Avoid them at all costs.

1988-And since Reaganomics has reversed the stupidity of Obamanomics Part I, the country gave HW Bush, Reagan's VP, the chance to continue the policies. Pretty much the whole country stayed RED.

1992-HW Bush did not continue Reagan's policies, he sided with the Democrat Congress and raised taxes. This stalled the economy again.

1996-The Republicans nominated The McCainiac Part I, but still took the majority of the South because of the criminal activity going on in the White House. Southerners have solid morals and we want our President to NOT be a criminal that rapes women. Just saying.

2000-Face it, everyone knew that Al Gore was a fucking moron. Well, except for morons that were MORE moronic than Al Gore. Blue in this case signifies where stupid people live.

2004-And since W Bush had been the best President since Ronald Reagan and because W's policies had the economy banging on all cylinders, plus John Kerry is a lying sack of shit and a traitor, again, the whole country, except idiots voted for W. (By the way, W Bush is in the top seven best presidents in history and if anyone disagrees that he is not in the top ten at least, they are idiots and you should avoid them at all costs. Please do not have children with someone that thinks W Bush was a bad president, they are not bringing any additional IQ to your gene pool.)

2008-NOTHING explains how Barry Obama got elected. His campaign speeches were nothing but stuttering ravings of an idiot that hates freedom. Only people that want to surrender their lives to a slave master could have possibly thought he was good for liberty. This president is most unqualified human being to ever hold elected office. He is a record setting dumbass and his economic policies are bringing back the FAIL of the Carter era. Hopefully, he is a one term president, he goes back to wherever the fuck he came from, and comes back out of hiding in fifteen years to support terrorists like his model president, Jimmy Carter, has. But, still, the Southern Strategy did NOT win the presidency for the Republicans.

Now, will you moronic liberals/progressives/criminals/mentally incompetent people please shut up about the "Southern Strategy?" It never worked even IF it was employed.

Oh, and one more little tidbit. I posted a link to this old video in my comments on Friday and yesterday it was all over the interwebs again. I originally posted this video back in 2005, this is old as all get out. But, four big big blogs had it up yesterday, and you know that they stole it from my Friday night comments.


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Paul Mitchell said...

Andy, he thought something, but I have no clue what it was because he was stupid.

Andy said...

To quote a famous blogger, "I'm sorry, I am not stupid enough to understand you."


Paul Mitchell said...


Joubert said...

Another leftist myth/lie exposed. Excellent.

Disgruntled said...

Numbers LIE. Stop using logic and reason.

President Douchtard EconomyDestructor has no need for you silly math.

Paul Mitchell said...

Thanks Barry the Barbarian. I have no clue how they kept this one alive for so long, either.

Disgruntled, numbers are your F-Riend!

Andy said...

And so, this is the post that the retarded guy thought you were calling Republicans racists in?