Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Controlling the Interwebs and Google Good Stuff

Since I have become the official ridiculous "Traffic Hawg," I figured I needed to share some special stuff with y'all. As a comment to bolster my bona fides, I simply point to the monthly traffic for the present month to end July 10th. Over 300k hits already this month with four days left in the period. In case you are not MATH-MAN!, that is three point six MILLION (3,600,000) hits for the year if I maintain the volume.

Visit length is down to 0:41 seconds with rarely a click through from the landing page, though. The HUGE volume of traffic has ZERO value. None at all. In other words, it has garnered me little income or subscribers.

But, the experiment has been VERY informative for the traffic study purposes and it has helped me to determine that there shall be very little change at this blog in the way that we do business here. But, I am going to monetize my business blog and so far, it appears to doing well. (When I say "well," I mean that income is starting, but it is certainly a trickle.)

As a matter of fact, Teh Google has been releasing an ongoing series of the "Fact and Fiction" of Adsense that may interest you. I know that it does me.

Teh Google has also RUINED their "news" site. It is DEAD to me.

But, their blogging platform, Blogger, continues to get better and better. The "Related Content" gadget from Zemanta looks pretty solid. I am not going to use it, right now, at this blog. But, maybe I will in the future if it appears to be everything that I think that it is.

Also, Blogger has implemented a new stats thingy. The tab for it is right next to the "Monetize" tab in your Dashboard if you are using Blogger in Draft. It is designed much like Analytics, but I cannot imagine why, though. /sarc

You can also add a Google Buzz "Share" button with a counter to your posts. I know that not too many folks are using Buzz right now, but after Teh Google launches their social network, we should see a HUGE uptick in that sharing usage.

Here are some more bookmarking buttons, too. Usually, when I post my items to StumbleUpon, I can count on at least 30 hits if I have a provocative post title.

I have really been pouring through Google Docs since they released the OCR ability and the tips and tricks come in really handy. Here's one on using images in Docs.

While we are doing this, check out the new stuff in Google Enterprise. Go Google.

And read this, I have read it four times to date. It is inspiring.

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RightGirl said...

Were you at all affected by the Google/Blogger comment cockup over the last couple of days?


Paul Mitchell said...

If I was, I was not aware. i have only been online intermittently since Thursday. This is the first that I have heard of it, too.

Andy said...

I'll answer, Wendy. Yes! At least I was. But, when you only get one comment a week, it's not a big deal.

TD, thanks for the info...bookmarked, and will return when I have time. Much appreciated!

The Mayor said...

Paul - it seems rank is important. The higher your site ranks, the higher you go on the mighty Googler.

Potential advertisers like sites with high rankings, it gets them a higher ranking, obviously.

So, my question to you is this: getting 300k hits a month will eventually get you ranked higher, or do you have to get linked by higher sites than your own to move higher?

Or, neither A or B?

Paul Mitchell said...

Mayor, I know that the first thing that Google looks for is exact wording on the search. Obviously, since I jumped on the Rima NUDE and Larissa NUDE thingies early on, it boosted my value in that search string since because I was early.

I also know that page rank counts for value in the interblark linking. If I am a five and link your six, it doesn't help you much, but the other way around it does. With the Facebook domain holding a freaking TEN Page Rank, just about every link from anyone on FB with over 100 friends helps.

And Good Lord, if traffic doesn't boost your Page Rank, what would? Of course, when the traffic is all 90% bounce rate, it is not worth much at all. Which is what mine is right now. I am trying to mitigate that somewhat with linking across my own posts and hoping that this first time traffic goes more than one page deep, but horndogs looking for nekkid chicks are a crapshoot unless you give them nekkid chicks.

Andy said...

Well, give 'em nekkid chicks then, Paul!

I mean, I don't care so much myself. Really, I don't...

Honestly, this whole web traffic spike deal has been interesting to observe, and read about. But, I can tell from what you've written that it's a long stretch from a million hits to a million bucks.

It is a lot to process in my feeble brain. But, I am learning a thing or two.