Sunday, July 04, 2010

Today is Independence Day

Today's DATE is July 4th. For some reason saying "Happy July Fourth" drives me nuts.

Today is Independence Day. Two hundred, thirty-four years ago today, a bunch of rich, dead, white guys declared our independence from an oppressive regime in England. Today, we have requested that OUR government enslave us.


Longtime blogger friend, Full Metal Patriot, has a movie and a post.

Andy has a rather large flag.

Classicaliberal has some history.

Malkin has the signer's list.

Elena Kagan doesn't think much of the Declaration of Independence. This makes her EXACTLY like every other Democrat libtard.

And of course, the Barrystream Media ignores the fact that our president that hates our country has nominated someone for the Supremes that hates our country.

Of course, the very same media is also changing the standards for success for the President of FAIL.

All you have to do to KNOW that the Democrats hate our country and our Constitution, is just look at DEEMED PASSED budgets.

When Democrats do not understand even the very basic tenets in our Constitution, why would we expect them to understand economics and the catalyst for job creation?

Enjoy celebrating our freedom today, it is being stolen from us daily.

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Andy said...

The more I see of this Kagan guy, the less I like him. Of course, I didn't like it to start out with...but downhill from zero...well.

I'll tell you man, I do not believe that Barry could have picked a bigger moron. Seriously. Heck, he could have put Biden on the Court, and it would have made more intellectual sense.

Basil said...

July 4th is on a calendar. Independence Day is in your heart.

Happy Independence Day!

Dapper Dan said...

Paul, I'm with you. I prefer Independence Day to 4th of July. The first term tells you what it the holiday is about and the second is just a date.

And it is sad that today many Americans want the Nanny state to tell them what to do. Might as well have a king. Matter of fact, that's probably what O aspires to.

But he would suck even as a monarch. He's a zero, a big phony.

Good post and I hope you don't mind my linking to it.

wv: phaket (like O can't shake it but he can phaket)

Anonymous said...

Happy Independence Day.

marc in calgary

*years ago, Liberals in our capital stole the name "Dominion of Canada" day from our July 1 holiday and renamed it "Canada Day", to appease those that were offended by the "Dominion" part. It's not the 4th of July, it's Independence Day and it's called that for a very definite reason. Your independence was won, not just given out freely... I pray you keep it.

Paul Mitchell said...

I think that we can all agree that y'all are just a bunch of ALIVE white guys.

Men at the Square Table, to our Independence!

Andy said...

Just barely "alive" TD. Just barely...

Full Metal Patriot said...

Happy Independence Day, Paul! Hope you and your family have an excellent holiday.

Thanks for the link. It's good to see that I'm not the only one irritated by the way "Happy Fourth" waters down the meaning of this important day.

JMK said...

"When Democrats do not understand even the very basic tenets in our Constitution, why would we expect them to understand economics and the catalyst for job creation?" (Paul M)

Sadly and yet unquestionably true.

Until we turn over this House and Senate, we'll continue heading off this cliff....not that the Keynesian "Moderate"/Rockefeller Republicans are much better....we really NEED those tea Party Conservatives NOW more than ever!