Friday, July 30, 2010

Drive-By Bloggin - President Racist McBlackerson Hates Whitey

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 The dumbest president in presidential history was on some kinda libtard show yesterday and said that "We Kneegrow folks done bees some mongrels and shit...."

Please recall, Mr. Obama, who is that dumbest president in history, is HALF-WHITE.  Will you black folks please, please, please call this poser out on being a freaking racist?  Or, are you going to sit back and let President Honkey McWhiterson just shit all over YOU PEOPLE?

Seriously, our electorate has voted into office the most racially divisive, hate-filled idiot that have ever held public office.  I am also including Robert Byrd (Dumbass-Dead).

Not only is the Obamessiah a racist, hate-filled idiot, but he also hates religion.  His former group blog, Daily Kos, actually calls for the abolishment of organized religion.  But at the same time, his sycophants in the media are ignoring the devastation caused by their favored religion.

Are the Democrats going to run away from President FAILTRUCK?  If they are even remotely intelligent, they will with much haste.  The FAILTRUCK has a long, distinguished record of bringing the stupid.

And bringing the stupid has some mighty devastating results.  Being in the main industry that the Obamoron has targeted, other than every other industry, well, except for the welfare recipient industry, has opened my eyes to the A Clockwork Orange point.  Folks, who among you is it that is voting for these morons that have no clue on economics, mathematics, science, history, medicine, military actions, ....?

How many times do even the most liberal of media outlets have to repeat the words, "Worst ever in history" or "unexpectedly higher unemployment" before you realize that the president and all that surround him are incompetent boobs?  Gimme a length of time, I'll wait it out, there is potted meat and some saltines in the pantry.

Have y'all seen THIS guy?  Doesn't he seem to be all Hopey and Changey or does he appear to have a good grasp of what is happening?  If you said no to either of these questions, the Department of Health is going to send a padded van to pick you up.  You are a danger to yourself and to others.

Do you hate Sarah Palin for some unknown reason other than Keith Olbermann told you to?  Read this and please understand that Keith Olbermann got FIRED from ESPN because he was too stupid to read sporting news.  Would I vote for Sarah Palin for president?  Of course I would.  From everything that she has said since her meteoric rise to leftist hatred fame, she believes in a United States that i believe in.  Is she smart?  She is certainly smarter than the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.  Is she smarter than me?  Probably not, but I have also had much more time to read and study than she has.  In case you did not know this, she is married with like twelve of the weirdest named kids in the world.  That kinda cuts into your time.

Here is still another reason that you never need to vote Democrat.  Again, I took the time to do the math on criminals in politics.  Democrats are indicted eight times more than Republicans.  What says you?

And here is an old Klavan that i saw again this past week.

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Boogie said...

Read that thing about the Kos Kids and religion. Just reading the excerpts was enough to make my blood boil. Don't think I could handle the entire thing.

I'm gonna quit typing now, because I'll start using some very un-Christian words if I don't.

Boogie said...

Dude, I'm good. I mean, this website is just enhancing the cynicism that I've always felt.

Well, maybe allowing it to fester into hatred as well...

Red said...

Good post Paul! Way to call out the blacks for the double standard. Augh, and what the hell is up with President Pander being on "The View"? That show is Jerry Springer with vaginas. Bleech.

Andy said...

Boogie: Dude, I know you're good, and a big boy that can take care of hisself. Just jerkin' TD's chain.

Paul Mitchell said...

Boogie, sometimes I read Kos just to know that there are some people less "fortunate" than me.

Andy, please refrain from using the word "coon" when speaking about the African American president. It might appear RAAAAACIST to some folks. And like I need that crap going on around here. (Thanks for the Zemanta feedback, I am not for liking them myself, neither.)

As far as me corrupting Boogie, he is a State grad, he is incorruptible, and he knows how to watch his team lose a lot, too, so he has pachyderm skin.

Thanks Red, I just do not get the lack of understanding on exactly what racism is. If it is what the Democrats say it is, then I gotta call racism every time the Moonbat President opens his cakehole.

Bushwack said...

Now that's a good post. Funny and TRUE...Well done.

A couple more of those type posts, and I may even become a fan..

I'll keep checking in to see if you can match this one...

Skunkfeathers said...

Bushwhack, Paul h'yar is a treasure trove of posts like this. If the libtards could push an (un)Fairness Doctrine on the 'net, you could guarantee that he'd be high on their target list.

Truth sucks to the Left.

Paul Mitchell said...

Thanks Bushwhack and Skunks. Let's HOPE they do push the (un)Fairness Doctrine, there is nothing they could do that would better illustrate their tendency toward fascism.

Boogie said...

Andy, I can tell that he needs an occasional chain pulling...

No offense meant or anything!

Paul Mitchell said...

Why is my chain burning?