Saturday, July 31, 2010

Saying What You Mean - A Primer

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In the era of political correctness, we have run headfirst into a hoard of problems with language and making definitive statements.  You see, language is how HUMANS communicate and having standards for said communication is necessary for clarity.

"Progressives" have ruined human communication, entirely.  There is no way for us to talk to each other without some moron interpreting our words incorrectly.

For a really good example, for years, you have seen and heard the national media morons talking about "African-Americans" in France or other countries.  This is certainly NOT going to get any better, either.  Basil has a great post on this lunacy.  Allegedly, this crap was supposed to end the minute that we elected President Dumbo McDusky.  Strangely, the racialistmisting has increased exponentially since that time.  Wonder why?

I think that we have all come to the conclusion that our national media is NOT on the side of the freedom-loving individual.  This is ALL too apparent unless you are stupid.  A semi-intelligent person can come to that conclusion by simply checking the statements concerning the Obama legislation that has been passed and what was said by the Republican and SANE detractors during the debate.  Our national media hid the truth of pretty much everything until after that bad legislation was passed and we see that daily when the reports come out regarding the actual performance of any of Obama's legislation.  By the way, here is the MoM recap of the first year of the Obamoron.

Nothing that President Obama has said about a single piece of his promoted legislation has come true.  Not one single thing.  Daily we see "unexpectedly" in news reports.  Doesn't that PROVE that all of the national media was SNOOKERED by Obama and his Idiot Party?  Facts mean nothing to those folks.

Normal people have also told others that the Democrats were trying to force a national service bill through Congress and the media has continually told us that was not true.  That very legislation has been introduced for the SECOND TIME.  I doubt that the bill will pass this time either, but this is the SECOND TIME that it was introduced.  Yes, even while the national media was stating for the record that nothing was in the works like that, it was actually being debated in Committee.  Why do some people still believe the lies from the folks at CBS, NBC, ABC, MSNBC, CNN, and the rest of the far-left media?

Also, the racialists, in the Obama Party of Lying Douchbags, have also made a huge, huge, huge stink about the racist Shirley Sherrod and her hatred of UN-BLACK people.  Everyone should know that Sherrod (as well as her husband) is a militant racist to the very core.  Plus, there is much more to the story that the national media is not telling us.  There is just so much more to this story that the leftist media has to hide that it boggles the mind.

When people drag out the tired old line about being the next Rosa Parks, you know that something is up.  Of course, the readers of this blog know that Rosa Parks was not the first Rosa Parks, Claudette Colvin was the first Rosa Parks.  After I published that post back in 2006, we started to see a chink in the Rosa Parks armor.  These days, Claudette Colvin's story has become that she was RAPED by the older man.  That is also untrue, but it is on Wiki right now.  She has changed her story over the years to paint herself in a better light, I would actually do the same, too.

We have arrived at the point in our society where telling the TRUTH immediately gets you labeled an "extremist."  And we have reached the point in our society where stating facts will get you thrown out of the Cool Clique.

Not only that, when there is definitive knowledge that proves beyond any doubt that someone hates this country, the "Progressives" will go to any lengths to promote that ideology.  For the love of crapping-crap, who in their right mind did not know that Howard Zinn was a Communist?  The very next revelation is going to be that Cornel West is, too!  I bet there exists someone in our past that might be able to say the very same thing about Huey Newton, EVEN!

While the media is spending all of their time trying to keep you from knowing the truth about everything, the President and the criminals in the Democrat Party are cleaning up with the bribes and padding their retirement income.

Please keep in mind, if a person is a Democrat, they are a criminal.  So far, there has been no exception to this theory.

Here are the Zemanta links.  Notice that the media is certainly using the exact tactics described above.  Could I have been MORE truthful?


Moogie P said...

Thanks for the link to HR 5741 -- I had totally missed it. I smell a new spin on "economic stimulus" coming.

And a crown for the annointed. Someone cue Brutus.

Paul Mitchell said...

Moogie, I do hope you noticed that it was introduced by none other than Mr. Rangel?

Andy said...

Good post, TD. I had completely forgotten about Claudette Colvin. Or, maybe I never knew it.

But, thanks for the info. And, like Moogie said...HR5741...sheesh! Pal, I can see some real rough times coming amongst the citizenry. I thought we would see it about 16 years ago, but things quieted down.

Buckle up.

Paul Mitchell said...

If you recall Andy, when Bubba did these same things, the normal people were given control. I am not so sure that those same people are normal anymore, though. We'll see.

Skunkfeathers said...

HR 5741..more corruption by corrupt libtard pols, who are now debating circling the wagons to protect their tax cheat, Charley.

Yeah, Barry's sure made things all hoax and change, alright.

Paul Mitchell said...

Skunks, it just gets curiouser and curiouser.

Moogie P said...

Yep, I saw the Rangel connection. That part is definitely intriguing. What really throws me is the inclusion of the Secretaries of Commerce and HHS in the definitions of "the powerbroker/decision-makers" ewith The White House drafting all the regs and making all the critical calls. That's some scary stuff.

Maxine Waters was probably a co-conspirator . . . er, co-sponsor.