Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Drive-By Blogging Linkdump

Hoops to jump through today. Listening to "Droid" ever six seconds is driving me batsh*t crazy, too. Dang, I made a huge mistake adding my Twittah to my new Droid X, but I shall deal with it.


Boogie smacks Jerry Mitchell around again. I do NOT miss seeing those Clarion Ledger articles every day at all.

Good, old-fashioned HATE from another Obamabot. Stunned, I am.

Paul Krugman is the #3 most stupid "journalist." Just so you know, Cynthia Tucker was #5. Grouchy Old Cripple was as stunned as I am about Cynthia coming in so far down the list.

Here's a red thing that is for sale on E-Bay from a friend of this site
. If you are looking to buy a red thing, this is the one that you should buy. It appears to be a really good price for a red thing in this good of condition, too. It should be yours, too.

Red at Caught him with a Corndog has a new twist on an old friend, complete with an obligatory smacking around of the Colored People Society.

And an uncolored guy thoes a hissy-fit 'cause Red posted the image before he did.

Full Metal Patriot has a report on the Liar-in-Chief's lies about lying when he lied that he was not going to raise taxes on everybody. ObamaCare = Largest tax increase in the history of the world.

Um, WTFingF? Paycheck Fairness Act? This is UNcredible!

I am really glad that MSNBC finally hired a Knee-Grow. I hope they do not expect her to get everyone tea and stuff like that. But, you know how racist are.

Hmmm. The national media burying stories that look poorly upon the Obamessiah? I don't believe it.

I don't even know what this means, but it makes me mad.

I'll try to get back later to post today's NUDE LARISSA RIQUELME.

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Anonymous said...

Red things are so awesome, seriously. I am buying it.

Skunkfeathers said...

Can't buy anything red. Gotta save my pennies for tax increases.

Red said...

Hey thanks for the link back. Btw, did I spot a removed post regarding something about you buying a new pair of (god forbid) 'Crocs™"? Because you know what they say about those damn shoes right?

Paul Mitchell said...

I actually linked your Croc post on my FAILbook. And I wear them every single day, too.

Yeah, I did delete the post because I could not get the link to work properly. Folks need to buy all kinds of Crocs so they keep making them FOR ME.

Red said...

Noooo! Those shoes are so wrong! They enhance the foot's ability to imitate the smell of stale cornchips. And they are just wrong.

Paul Mitchell said...

Red, Crocs are the bestest ever in the history of footwear. Cornchips are awesome, too.

Somewhere on this blog is a photo of my feet on top of my Crocs at a meeting. Find it, and enjoy.