Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Racism, Leftists, Hate, and Lying

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Everyone knows that the Democrat Party is the party of the Ku Klux Klan, racism, and hate, but did you know that my statement from June 10, 2008 has come true in spades, just this past week?

(Spades, racist?)

From the future-knowing archives of MoM:
What you idiots fail to understand is that electing Barry Obama will return Blacks to slavery and set race relations back a hundred years or more. He will be the new Black quarterback, think Michael Vick, you idiots.
I like to point out all the time that I am pretty much correct on most things because I am a student of HISTORY, as well as human behavior.

Why do I say that Barry is to blame? Simple, he did not immediately come out and smack the NAACP down like they needed to be when they unleashed the coming race war. Barry never bothered to tell his acolytes in the Barrystream Media to start vetting their alleged racists that they talked to at Tea Parties. Barry is actually SUING Arizona because they want to keep criminal Mexicans out of their state. And he says nothing about these types of HATE.

Oh, but have the racist rules changed?

Well, if the last link is true, I guess that this is not really racism, huh? If not, then why did she immediately resign upon the video being released?

And why does the APee basically just promote the NAACP at every opportunity?

I am really curious to know why the Obama DOJ dropped the judgment against the New Black Panther Party. Was it because of this awesome song? Does he not know that that is sorta offensive to the citizens of this country?

Now, I really, really wonder why no one wants to take care of the poor school kids in Detroit. Is it racist when, in a city with an 81% black population, no one comes forward to run the schools for the black kids? Can we call that reverse racism, which is hating someone that has the same skin color as you do?

Is it reverse racism when the (Barrystream Media alleged Lily-White) Tea Parties kick out one of their own race?

Is it anti-Semitic for someone to compare black folks attending Tea Parties to Jews working in concentration camps?

And what the Hell is it with the leftists always talking about their philosophical brethren, Hitler, like he is a bad guy or something? Leftists believe the very same things that Hitler believed, but Hitler is bad to them? Seriously, do leftists even have one functioning brain cell between every one of them?

Here's even more. Can you figure out exactly what the Hell this means?

I told y'all two years ago that if we got Barry Obama for president, we were going to have an all out race war because of his stupid policies that would send us into a depression. Did y'all listen? Well, of course Y'ALL did, but did you trick the leftists into getting stuck in a well on election day?

If not, YOU failed the country.

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Thanks to Conservative Belle for contributing data for this post. She is awesome.


Andy said...

I think that dog gots rabies. Dude, you're right, Belle is awesome. Is she ever going to start posting again?

Paul Mitchell said...

She said last night that she was going to start posting again really soon.

Andy said...

I think that dog gots rabies. Dude, you're right, Belle is awesome. Is she ever going to start posting again?