Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sunday Funnies - Continued....

Man, I start posts and do not get through them for eight or nine hours. No wonder traffic is back to normal. Let's just jump into it, mmmmkay?

Who in the mortal Hell is this? Did Newt finally bump his head and remember the 1994 Newt? Dude, if he can keep this up for a coupla' years, he MIGHT have my vote.

Now, that actually sounds like what we voted for way back when and jump started the economy again. AMIRITE?

Here is what Barry Obama says, thinks, and does...

USA Today seems to think that things might be headed in the wrong direction.

More failed banks on Friday! So far, thirty-nine more than last year at this time. The fact that there is ONE person that still approves of Obama's performance skeers me.

The Associated Press has to change the definition of "recession" to make Obama look less incompetent.

The "Financial Reform Bill" does nothing to address any of the problems with our economy and in fact exacerbates many of them. If you want to fix the economy quickly, cut marginal tax rates and abolish the minimum wage. There is also a plus side to abolishing the minimum wage, too. The criminal Mexicans LEAVE.

Joe FREAKING Biden, the guy in charge of the "Stimulus" money, is a FREAKING criminal. SHOCKA!!!

There are even some Americans surrendering their CITIZENSHIP to flee the Obamanomics meltdown.

Klavan on the Summer of Recovery.

Andrew Breitbart wins Dude of the Week.

Bob Schieffer is a lying sack of mule excrement.

And last but not least, George Will calls out the NAACP in his peculiar style.

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