Friday, July 09, 2010

Friday Linkfest - The Birthday Edition

Today is my forty-sixth (I think) birthday and much to my surprise, someone sent out some sneaky e-mails and caused a H-U-G-E dust-up in the blog family.

That person shall remain nameless because I do not want to encourage this bad behavior.

I certainly appreciate the effort, though. Lemme see if I can hit everyone back on the link-love, too.

Christina called my MOM and got a danged photo.

Basil, the only blogger that I have actually met in person, joined in on the roast.

Red has got a flaming Flyin' V!

The Mayor pulled out the poetry pen. (A dude wrote another dude a poem? Canadians.)

Speaking of Canadians, Right Girl offers No Pants Friday spankings.


Staci has a great photo of my boy and me that she 'shopped for me. (Seriously, if you had seen the photo before Staci fixed it for me, you would have said, "Hey, I love a good steak with a baked potato!")

Skunkfeathers joins in on the ribbing, too.

The Starkvegas Boogie adds to the fun!

Just so you know, this little thing has outranked the shampoo guy's birthday in June on Teh Google.

And to all the folks on FAILbook that have chimed in, thanks to y'all, very much.

(If I missed someone, it was not on purpose, I have a sick Ball and Chain today, so I made her a pie.)

Please take the time to comment.


Chris said...

From one Bulldog to another...Happy birthday, Paul!

Anonymous said...

Happy B-day there ya mean ol meany. Just so happens your day will be done tomorrow and then MY Birthday Goes into affect and fun will be evertywhere I go! Hope you've enjoyed yours!
Peace. From the LHHEE!

Andy said...

Dude, that deal with Red beating out all the big-timers on The Gooble is way cool.

I gotta say that the picture of you and little dog really was impressive. I had envy of Staci on that one.

And, did CJ REALLY get that pitcher off your Ma? You was a cute little rascal.

But, I am pretty dang sure that CL wins the lovefest hands down. Dude, I laughed like a retard with a hula-hoop...

Hope the pie is as good as advertised. Have a great what's left of it, and tell the lady to get over it.

Herb said...

Happy B-Day!

classicaliberal said...

Did someone call me (retard with a hula hoop)?

Happy Birthday, Paul. Hope you live to be as old as you wanna. Too many more years on this earth and I'd lose my mind.

Basil said...

Again, happy birthday!

Andy said...

Okay, so this comment has ZERO to do with Paul's big piefest. But, I'm gonna say it anyway.

CL: From an even older fart than TD, I'm gonna give you a completely unaxed for word.

No matter what circumstance you find yourself in, that circumstance WILL CHANGE.

In times of abundance, and the supposed security that comes along with it, be assured that a time of lack and uncertainty will one day replace it.

In times of dirt grubbing crappiness, be assured that a time of peace, and prosperity will replace it.

In times of love, hate, wildly exceeded expectations, great disappointments, and toenail fungus...just remember that it ain't gonna stay the same.

In the words of the great philosopher John Anderson..."The only thing that stays the same is that everything changes. Everything chaaa aaa aaaanges!"

So, should I hit the submit comment deal? Why the heck not? I mean, it's TD's birthday after all!

Skunkfeathers said...

My birfday wish is from one old(er) fart to an up 'n coming one.

And Andy, I'm older than you...should I be proud of that?

Andy said...


I don't have a rock as a pet. You win hands down.

Joubert said...

46? In dinosaur years you're still a puppy. Happy birthday and may you have many more.

SAY said...

Didn't realize you were a "Bulldog". You just might be ok.

Happy Birthday to a young pup. (46 is very young)

Paul Mitchell said...

Thanks everyone, it has been a day.

Red said...

"Dude, I laughed like a retard with a hula-hoop...
Now I am. HA!

Lisa G in NZ said...

ooooops, happy belated birthday

give me your address and I'll send you a kiwi... hmmm, naaaah, they're endangered so nevermind...

recommend: 1 shot of 42 below honey flavored vodka, on ice, with splash of orange juice... shaken or stirred