Saturday, July 17, 2010

Racism, Lying, and the Assault on Tea Party Folks

For those of you that have been around this joint since the beginning, you already know that my very first real post was about abolishing Black History Month. It is a stupid concept that does NOTHING GOOD.

Having grown up in Mississippi in the 1960s, I was all too aware of exactly how terrible racist Democrats were and are. There has never been any time in my life when I did not know exactly how evil Democrats are. It has been proven time and time again at every turn. You simply cannot make any point at all that could even convince me otherwise. I SAW IT. Blacks forced to ride on the back of the bus, families ripped apart by evil legislation passed, black children tossed onto the ash heap of education to perpetuate illiteracy, minimum wage laws designed to keep the poor poor, and hideous ideology created for the sole purpose of dividing people.

The is no HOPE to save the Democrat Party. There has been no hope of saving the Democrat Party since the 1830s. It is a corrupt, criminal, and hate-filled enterprise run by the most terrible people in history. YES, Democrats are like Hitler. In fact, I can even make the case that they are worse.

The Ku Klux Klan, the Democrats' KILLING BRANCH, has always singled out individuals for killing. Hitler did something LESS EVIL in one respect, that was actually approved by the Democrat Party. He killed minorities. He did not select individuals to murder. He was a supremacist, and just like every Democrat in history, Hitler divided the people into different classifications and promoted HATE against certain people based upon something other than their individual merits.

Now, some folks have made an futile attempt to say that the racists left the Democrat Party at some point and now are in the Republican Party. This is demonstrably false. I PROVED this by pulling the sign-in sheet of the Dixiecrats and found that the HUGE majority of those racists went right back to the Democrats when their party folded. Of fifty people on the rolls, THREE jumped to the Republicans, the rest went right back to the Party of Perpetual Racism. So, STFU, anyone that uses the Dixiecrats as some kind of metric on this party switch is a LIAR. There is no other word for it.

Some people also make hay about the Klan was an 1800s or a 1960s thing. Well, not actually. The Klan never went away. Woodrow Wilson (Dumbass) had very strong ties to the Klan and in fact, Franklin Delano Roosevelt (Monumental Dumbass) appointed a Klansman, Hugo Black, to the Supreme Court.

About the 1960s alleged party jumpers, Strom Thurmond is the one that is ALWAYS brought up. Thurmond was NEVER a member of the Klan. But, you want to see something funny? Google "Strom Thurmond kkk" without the quotes. The first result is the Robert Byrd (Dumbass-DEAD) wiki page.

Folks, I am sick outta my damned gourd with the unsubstantiated charges of racism today. Mexican is not a freaking race, neither is gay, nor female. I am sick of racist organizations like the NAACP calling ANYONE racist. I have had a bellyful of this madness.

Face it, folks, the NAACP is a washed-up racist, bigoted, BLACK supremacist organization. They are NOT inclusive and do not "elevate" anyone. They perpetuate the VICTIM mentality and when that doesn't work, they promote violence against normal people that want to keep what they earn with their own damned labor. Plus, they say some of the dumbest shit that you have ever heard.

To add insult to injury, there are some folks that actually HELP the NAACP to promote the hatred, too. And the President of the United States is involved in that, as well. When you cannot make your case with FACTS, oh! Just lie, it's all cool. Also, if you cannot find any facts to back up your thesis, why, just call people names from your pulpit and compare them to Muslims. Or better still, when someone that is not a racist completely takes apart your racist argument, try to bully them into submission.

Now, there are some black folks that are not swayed by the stupidity of the NAACP, but those people are becoming fewer and fewer in number.


Now, to the real point of this post. Barry Obama is the worst president in the history of our country. Debating the other side of this issue is impossible. If Bill Clinton had not have lost the Congress to the Republicans for the first time in forty years, he probably would have put the final coffin nail in the Democrat Party and we would be living in a country without electricity and wealth this very day. Thankfully, that did not happen.

Jimmy Carter, on the other hand, had a Democrat Congress and set up ALL of the economic problems that have culminated in the meltdown today. Barry Obama's policies are just like Carter's, but even more crippling. This is undebatable as well. The "Progressive" ideology is a CANCER upon society. There is no disagreement in opinion here, the "Progressive" philosophy has NEVER worked. It has ALWAYS failed. There is not one single success at which to point because it has never happened.

You even have some idiots that actually say that Castro's Cuba has better stuff than the United States. You have to be some kind of special cud-chewing moron to espouse something that asinine, but on regular intervals Democrats do just that. A funny thing is that almost every elected official in the Congressional Black Caucus says that Castro is awesome. Tell me how that is possible?

Do you want to take an honest look at the race problems in our country? Lemme shorten the discussion.

Detroit is the MOST liberal city in the United States. It is also majority black, about eighty-one percent(81%). Unemployment is over fifteen percent (15%) using the government's lowered metric. It is probably around forty percent (40%) in actuality. The population has fallen to HALF of its 1950 population. It has one of the highest crime rates in the entire country. Detroit has not had a WHITE Mayor since 1974. If you want to point to racism as a culprit in the utter failure of Detroit, point to the black race as being the ruination of the city.

Of course, I do not believe that blacks caused the destruction of Detroit. Skin color cannot do that, it is not to blame for anything. Never has anything actually happened in history that was caused by skin color, the only thing that is a driving force of human behavior is intelligence and ideology.

Until blacks completely discard the group-think mentality of "Progressivism" and ditch the Party of the Klan entirely, the RACE is never going to succeed. Oh, that dressing and acting like criminal thugs might need to be revisited, too.

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Anonymous said...

How exactly are blacks to give up the group think?

Their mere creation is artificial, one drop rule. They were created as a group so how can they not have group think.

We are individuals now right, well explain why I see what I see when I look into the mirror. Let's see, my people have been here 350+ years outnumbered by Europeans settlers for the most part and still I can get off a plane in Nigeria, Cameroon, or any other West African country and easily blend in before I say word. Harold Ford Jr, cannot do that...he cannot blend in there, not like me.

The mere fact the original African population still looks African is enough reason for observing what your observing today since that looking African part was not voluntary but imposed on the group by the European settlers. Is there a majority black city that is actually doing well????? Create a population then neglect them and then be "surprised" when things don't turn out well.

Explain this to me where would black folks get the experience in running large metropolitan areas??? Africa?? But we are all equal right??(blank slates huh???) What would happen if I took all the current Africans out of Africa and put the Europeans there would the situation be the same??? (bad gov't, poor economic development, impact of disease, HIV/AIDS, etc...) You know the answer to these questions but currently can't say it....I mean if your "white" you can't say it and still be considered respectable, but we all know the answer.


Paul Mitchell said...

Roderick, correct me if I am wrong, but are you going full blown 'Hate on Blacky?' Because it seems that way from your comment.

The terrible thing for me seems to be that everywhere the Underground Railroad stopped, we have a monumental problem with failure of local government. I wonder why that is, exactly?

Anonymous said...

Not at all.

This is not self hatred of any kind, I just recognize a problem. The problem of an artificially created group with the problems that go along with it. (I'll set aside the blank slate argument in regards to differences of people because I'll just let every ones eyes do the observing for them, no sense in talking about it since the different peoples of the world are behaving in ways that can't be visually ignored).

Don't you read about the "acting white" insult phenomenon?? Well I actually witnessed this first hand, and it was disturbing.

See the problem now?? The identity of the artificial group is ground in the separateness of the group from the creators of the group. Speaking grammatically correct English then you must want to be "white." Studying hard then you must want to be "white." Get the picture, this is the problem!!

So how do you fix this without destroying the group that holds an identity that differentiates it from the group that set up the country and it's rules and ethos??

Is this self hatred? The black identity was forged as separation from whiteness, by the majority "white" population. Whites ran Detroit it was ok, blacks run it now and it is bad...what happened? If the black identity was not forged as a separation from whiteness then would Detroit be in the state it is now? Would there even be a NAACP?

Can you answer that,or is asking this question be an indication of how much I hate myself?


Paul Mitchell said...

I don't think that you think that I am saying that you are self loathing because of your race, Roderick. It is very easy to see that you deal with individuals in your daily life rather than lump the people you meet into classes based on race. And as you well know, there are certainly those that do not do as we do.

We do have to recognize that there is that group-think philosophy going on the black side of the tracks because of circumstances exactly like you described. "You are acting white."

To me, that means that if you are successful and conduct yourself in a manner that is acceptable in public, you are NOT BLACK. You must have tattoos all over your body, a bone through your nose and navel, and pants down below your underwear in order to be black. Another terrible thing about this is that the black community as a whole has now re-accepted the mentality of the slave mindset yet again. They do not vote for people that are not in the party that has always tried to enslave blacks. How much sense does that make? NONE.

What needs to happen to stem this tide that is destroying the poorer folks in black areas? We need to remove the DC folks from the equation ENTIRELY. Ditch the Dept of Education, Housing and Urban Development, Energy, Homeland Security, all of them. When the decisions are made closer to home, the more involved the population is.

It has taken us over forty years to get to this point, we must be ever diligent for at least 50 to reverse the destruction of the Democrat Party.

Anonymous said...

First deflect and then ignore...not very intellectually honest is it.

Anti-black, your the one bashing the first black president as the worst ever..what about Harding? (Tea pot dome scandal) or Clinton who committed perjury? Clinton committing military action to cover up his problems?? LBJ escalating the Vietnam War?

I do agree he is a bad choice for president because I know what he is thinking and how he views the world. He associated with the same people that were largely excluded from the US socially, not invested in and not valued (if McCain had won the election would his justice department go after the white vigilantes in New Orleans that shot innocent black folks or those not committing offenses?? a side note when the desperate black folks were firing guns to get the ATTENTION of the helicopters above during Katrina this was viewed as them trying to shoot down the helicopters, I suppose race had nothing to do with it right???). With all these factors I know the result, anybody who thinks will know that. Even though he is not really African-American he experienced the same feeling of being the other, if Michelle was white would he have married her?? Or what about reverend Wright's church, what really attracted him to that place?? He doesn't identify with the majority population, and they are starting to understand this but they don't really have the understanding of why he doesn't really identify with them because they feel like you the past is the past yet when we look in the mirror we see the results of the past...we are the past, or the choices made in the past! (remember what he did to the bust of Winston Churchill...Clinton would not have done that, but he did....what is the difference, I'll give you a hint one identifies with a group that was socially excluded, not invested in and not held to account by the other that is the majority o the country. And like that minority, he doesn't really identify with the majority.) Obama can't govern like the majority of America wants because he does not identify with them...the founding fathers to him are a bunch of slave holding hypocrits, to him America is not great and never was. See I know what he is thinking, I know the community he identifies with because I know the spectrum of thought and what is said when white folks aren't around.

Example: Zimbabwe when the white farmers were ran out and the farms were given to black folks, they farms failed to produce like they did with the white farmers. In your eyes to point this out is to be anit-black, but I point this out as an example that the diversity of people must be respected and not assume we are all the same. Blacks too stupid to farm, is that your reply to an uncomfortable truth?

An intellectually honest reply would be say people have different cultural and developmental histories so taking something developed from one people and giving it to another doesn't always result in identical or superior outcomes but the difference in outcomes does not equate to the intrinsic valuation or devaluation of either group (group differences in performance/outcomes does equate to differences in intrinsic value of different groups). That is a complete understanding of diversity and not assuming one shoe fits all.

With your arguments black inferiority is assumed...worst President ever and Detroit being the worst city in the US, which you pointed out hadn't had a white mayor since 1974...what does that mean? Black mayors since and disaster resulted, to point that out is anti-black right?? No to point that out is to understand this is the result of a community that has been socially excluded, not invested in, and not held to account for performance and behavior (white flight anyone!!). And you expect this community to produce a president that fully identifies with the current majority of the country to the point where he governs in a way they identify with?? How???

Oh well, just a thought. An intellectually honest thought.


Paul Mitchell said...

I don't think that you missed my point, but there is a reason that I continue to use black examples in my situations that I describe. It is NOT the race, it is the ideology.

Granted, there have been plenty of studies that show that black IQ does not equal white IQ. But, IQ is not a static metric in my opinion.

The main thing that I keep pointing out is that when there exists a group think mentality, the average is ALWAYS going to be lower because the exceptional is not allowed to accomplish that which they are capable. Everyone is pulled down, like in Detroit or St. Louis, Memphis, New Orleans, DC...

It is certainly not about race, though the left would have us believe that it is.

Roderick, Obama is certainly the worst president we have ever had. He has been in charge during the worst loss of jobs in history and that includes the lead up to the "Great Depression." And it is certainly not going to get any better unless he undoes all that he has done since he has been in office and changes his ideology entirely.

And that ain't gonna happen.

Anonymous said...

Hey I missed your earlier post, for some reason it was not visible to me.

I was not ignoring your point in my last post, because I didn't "see" it.

I understand your point of using certain examples but keep in mind group think takes time to move beyond, it took the majority a while to move beyond that so it will take the black community time to move beyond it. Reference points have to change, the civil rights movement is still too recent historically, no black American nowadays is denied opportunity based on the color of their skin (atleast not explicitly as it used to be). Each new generation has new reference points.


Paul Mitchell said...

Your earlier response did seem somewhat weird, but I just chalked it up to there were things going on my mind and yours that were not being said.

Hell, i know that I confuse some of the most astute sometimes because no one lives in my head.

Ia fifty years long enough to undo the last forty? That is what I think it'll take, IF normal people take over their local schools again. If we do not get rid of the collectivist ideology in our public schools, it shall take at least twice as long.

Steve B said...

I wonder why we can't criticize Mr. Obama's performance without his race nearly always being brought into it?

Why so often does it quickly devolve into "hating on the black man" rather than "having ideological heartburn with the socialist incompetent currently occupying the Oval Office?"

By this logic, any black people who didn't/don't like G.W. Bush, must hate him cuz he's white, right?

I guess this is the thin thread out of which the NAACP and its ilk are weaving their Tea Party = Racism shtick.

They hate Obama because he's black! Nothing at all to do with record national deficit and double-digit unemployment while he vacations and campaigns for other Democrats.

Some of the greatest stories of "black" achievement come from those who refused to be defined or constrained by their circumstances. To many people, of all ethnic flavors, are too ready to play the "blame someone else" game.

Paul Mitchell said...

Steve, it is not only Obama, but did you know that in most locales, they do not even keep score in Little League anymore? That is the very same type of cancer. I am in it for the long haul, though.

If I live to be 100 years old, anyway.