Monday, August 30, 2010

Blog Props - Some Ol' Redneck Guy

The folks that I have gotten to know while blogging never cease to amaze me. Y'all some good folks.

Anyhoo, my future next-ex-mother-in-law sent me an e-mail with this link to Kaziah Hancock and it was extremely touching. I wanted to know more about her, so I ran Teh Google.

Lo. And. Behold. Lookit number two. It is our good friend, Andy.

And then I found Kaziah's non-profit. If you do not rush right over there and drop a huge sum of money in donations, you are a bad person and Barry Obama is going to be president FOREVER.


Please take the time to comment.

Artist honors fallen heroes.(Kaziah Hancock): An article from: DAV Magazine 


Red said...

Totally linked!

Andy said...

TD, that is cool! WAY cool. Yeah, The Gooble loves seems like I hit high on serious junk regularly.

And, I can not imagine anything I'd rather hit high on than the video I posted of Kaziah Hancock. She's my kind of gal, and it is an honor to be even mentioned in the same post with her.

Paul Mitchell said...

Andy, maybe you should try to win that Mercedes getaway on the sidebar. You got the good luck charm on your side, now.

Andy said...

TD, I am quite possibly the unluckiest gambler/contest entrant/lotteryplayingwannabe that ever lived.

Seriously. Remind me to tell you about mine and Pam's honeymoon in the Bahamas in 1979. The entire fiasco is truly hilarious, due to the fact that they had casinos down there. I was the captain of the boat called FAIL, and had Pam not been so young and in love she would have thowed me off the good ship Lollipop and collected the insurance...heck, I need to tell that story at my world famous blog, and not shoot my wad here where no one will read it. Nyuk...

Suffice it to say that I ain't never won nothin'! Period! Always bet against me! Always sell what I'm buying, and buy what I'm selling. Trust me.

But back to Kaziah Hancock...Man, I met some gals like her in the way back when I lived out West. Seriously, I've got one particular lady in mind that she reminds me SO MUCH OF. Even thought it's been 14 years since I've seen the old gal I still get e-mails from her...she's a horse lady, not a goat lady...but cut from the same cloth.

Heck, I've been working since 6 am, and gotta get at it at 5 tomorrow am...I just looked and realized that I'm too old to be burning the candle this late. Thanks again, man. I hope a bunch of folks drop a bunch of coins on our girlfriend.

Paul Mitchell said...

You're too late anyhoo, there is a lipstick there now. And NO, I am not talking about a dog's THANG.

Write the gambling story!