Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Teh Google Headlines are Overwhelming!!!

Google in 1998, showing the original logoImage via WikipediaI just took a quick gander in the Teh Google folder and it is overflowing.  Dang, I have accumulated sixteen posts from Teh Google blogs that are must reads.

UPDATE: I missed one! The Popular Posts gadget on the sidebar, check it. Here's the skinny. (Yeah, we kinda knew how that would turn out, huh?)

Dude, PRIORITY INBOX from G-Mail.  Daily, I receive somewhere between 250 and 300 e-mails.  A bunch of them are comment responses from comments I have made MONTHS ago, too.  Marketing letters, forwards from people, the list of stuff is endless. Yes, I read every danged one, too.  I even respond to forwards for the most part.  But, if I had an inbox that I could filter stuff into that was PRIORITY, now that would be KEEN.

How about some contextual gadgets for G-Mail?  Suh-weet!

I have been wearing out folks calling them from G-Mail this week, too.  I call the Ball and Chain from four feet away from her.  She loves that.  (I do this because I finally got my replacement Droid X.  No text message problems at all.  If you do not immediately buy a Droid X, you are a loser.)  Lifehacker has some tips for using the call function other than worrying Jules to freaking death.

AdSense has a new interface in testing.  Get involved, yo.

I also ran across REALTIME Teh Google Search this week.  I have been checking it out a little, and it appears to work OKAY.  It needs a little work, but Teh Google always does that crap.  They release something that is wonky as Hell and then tweak it until it is no longer crap.  Teh Google also tested CENTERED LAYOUT and I don't know why.

New You Tube Mobile Channel info.

Calendar has added a better scheduling feature, too.  Here's a good breakdown on it.

Better Teh Google Finance for your Droid X and other phones that are only marginally smart.

As badly as I HATE HATE HATE Mikersaft Powerpoint, here's a Teh Google Docs tip for improving presentations.

More tools for small business.


BLOGGER TURNS ELEVEN ON AUGUST 31!!!  I love Blogger.  I cannot believe that there are some folks that like Wordpress better.  I cannot believe some people voted for Barry Obama, either.  But, well, you know.

In honor of Blogger turning eleven, Teh Google Open Source has released some more blog converters.

I think that instead of producing code for blog converters, which I have no clue how to do, I'll just drink some beer to celebrate.

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Andy said...

These guys are good. But, I'm puzzled as to the results in your "popular posts" thingy.

I figgered that fabulous post you did last season about USuCks would at least be in the top three. (You know the one I'm talking about).

Bookmarking this one for when I can find a minute to hit all the links. That priority e-mail deal is cool. Be sure and put me on the top of the list, because I've got a bunch of angel prayers, old fake unsnoped news stories, and recipes I ain't forwarded to you yet.

Skunkfeathers said...

Been using Blogger since June '05. No complaints, 'cept from scammers and odd libtards, bitching about my content ;-)

Anonymous said...

So you making any actual money with all the ad stuff? Probably ain't getting rich, I imagine, but is it worth it the time it takes?

Been reading your stuff for a while now, never really commented much. Kids dared me to start a blog so I did. Be honored if you'd check in every once in a while.


Paul Mitchell said...

Andy, from everything I have read about the Priority Inbox, I shall not have to mark you. You and I correspond a bunch, so Teh Google should catch that one on their own.

And there are no posts that come CLOSE to the traffic generated by NUDE.

Skunkfeathers, I think that I have been reading your blog for most of that time, too. Our first meeting was when you smacked that college kid around like a little ragdoll.

Cranky, thanks for the comment and I shall certainly visit your place. I can honestly say, the blogging money is certainly there, but you have to go get it. I am just not that kinda guy, though. So, to answer your question, I have not made that much in the five years I have been blogging.