Tuesday, August 31, 2010

President Obama and his Lack of Intelligence on All Matters Economic

There is no longer any doubt that Barry Obama is quite possibly the dumbest person to ever enter DC. Of course, luckily, he picked Joe FREAKING Biden to be his Vice President so we can get a really close look at the "BEST" the Democrat Party has to offer.

Barry and Joe. Geez, how is it possible that the Democrat Party still exists? Doesn't the fact that these morons are the top dogs scare you enough to make sure that you never, ever pull the lever for the "D" ever again?

This Democrat death needs to occur even in the local elections, folks. The Democrat Party needs to die the hideous deaths of the hundreds of black folks that they have strung up in trees or all those folks that they firebombed in churches since our country's founding and with the formation of the Democrat Military Force, the Ku Klux Klan. Kill the party once and for all. It is an evil entity that is the very same as Muslim terrorists, who the Democrats try at every turn to protect.

Compare the two entities. So-called "moderate" Muslims, which have yet to be proven to exist, continue to defend Islam by saying that terrorists are in the minority. Yet, those people to this day blame the United States for the slaughter that happened on September 11, 2001. How to do you reconcile this madness? How do you even fail to see the similarities with that mentality to that of the Democrat Party?

Democrats will go to the end times defending ABORTION. Democrats will continue to seek to appease our enemies at the expense of our military.

Call a spade, a spade, folks. Vote those hideous people out of office at every, single chance. Granted, there are pockets of our country that shall never turn away from their gruesome ideology. We have to accept the fact that EVIL EXISTS.

Now, plenty of people will say that I am being too damned over the top on this, but I seriously ask, what GOOD idea has come from the Democrat Party in the last 200 years?

Here's the conundrum that I struggle with daily, "How is it possible to continue to hate the sin while steadfastly loving the sinner THAT NEVER CHANGES HIS SINFUL BEHAVIOR?"

I'm tryin' real hard to be the shepherd. But, I fail miserably sometimes. I cannot keep turning the other cheek when I only have two and they keep getting slapped.

On Wednesday, August 25, 2010, Leonard Pitts published an article that epitomizes the stupidity on the left. Pitts goes whole hog calling Glenn Beck a RACIST. (Watch the whole Beck Restoring Honor Rally. I challenge you to find the racism. Was it Dr. Martin Luther King Junior's niece speaking there that was racist?) Boogie has a great rant about the Restoring Honor Rally and his generation.

Fuck a big racist Chicken Little Leonard Pitts.

Leonard, a top contender for Dumbest Opinion Writer of All Millennia, presents a butcher's list of people slaughtered by racists, while denigrating Republicans and Conservatives. What he never mentions is that EVERY LAST ONE of these people killed were KILLED BY DEMOCRATS. One more time, THEY WERE KILLED BY DEMOCRATS, LEONARD. Do you get it?

Democrats killed Emmett Till. Democrats killed Schwerner, Chaney, and Goodman. Democrats made it illegal for Claudette Colvin to not give up her seat to a white person, which led to Rosa Parks protesting in the same way as Colvin. A Democrat killed Medgar Evers. A Democrat killed Jimmie Lee Jackson. No matter which way you believe, a Democrat killed Martin Luther King.

And, Leonard, to put Charles FUCKING Sherrod in the same group as these people is just ridiculous. Seriously, do you really want to put someone that has committed FRAUD in the same group of folks as Evers and King? REALLY? Are you that stupid?

Leonard, Democrats burned down Black Wall Street. Instead of continuing to advocate for more of the same policies that have LITERALLY destroyed the black family, why not return to the ideology that produced Black Wall Street in the first place?

Because racial equality and success for all people regardless of color is NOT the goal of the "Progressives" actions. I oscillate between believing that they are actively promoting the destruction of all mankind or they are actively promoting the beginning of an all out race war to bring about the destruction of all mankind.

Now all I can do is throw my hands up in disgust at these ridiculous articles from the morons on the left. Pick one of them, any one. Their task daily is to attempt to rewrite history in the HOPE that they can sway people to believe their idiotic ideology of moral relativism and collectivism coupled with the non-existent racial inequality that they espouse. They desire to turn people into milquetoasts that believe NO TRUTH and to bring about the ultimate eradication of all humans through economic torture and eventual starvation or through the slaughter of mankind by pitting one aggrieved group against the others.

I have had a bellyful.

You still hear people talk about the moron in the White House like he is some kind of God. Folks, if you are paying attention, the economic meltdown has gone into hyper-drive since the policies of Barry Obama have been instituted. There is NO other way to see it.

Just take a look at The Ten Worst Places to Live in the United States. Tell me, what do these places have in common? Come on, I am positive that you can find the connection. (OKC appears to be the ONLY strange entity on the list.)

Take for instance, El Centro, the place with the highest unemployment in the United States. DO you know what it says about the town on their own webpage? The center of one of SoCal's most promising new commercial and industrial regions. Yeah, RIGHT.

One of the horrible cities ABSENT from the "List of Areas Destoyed by Democrats" was New Orleans. With the fifth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina hogging the news, you shall hear a continual keening noise coming from that shitstain. Of course, idiots will beg, plead, and cajole their Obamessiah to SAVE THEM!

Hasn't New Orleans suffered ENOUGH at the hands of Democrats? Why do those morons NEVER learn? "Oooooo, our Army Corps of Engineers levees failed! Let's get the federal government to rebuild them. And you know what? Let's elect the DAMNED contractor that built them to be our MAYOR!!!"

Folks, seriously, you simply cannot make this crazy bullshit up.

And speaking on the New Orleans FAILBOAT, here's Reverend Al and his merry band of racist morons. As another example of how exceedingly stupid these idiots are, CHECK IT.

Ah, yes, yet another Democrat, that just so happens to be a Congressional Black Caucus member, is robbing us blind.

"American" Airlines joins the Democrat racist gravy train.

Now, I started this post off with "economic" in the title and all the above segue was leading to the following.

Democrats are to blame for the terrible economy.

They doubled down on things even as history and evidence have always told them that they are wrong in their "beliefs."

The worst part of the Democrat economic devastation has yet to come

The Democrats are not only doubling down on their failed philosophy, they are TRIPLING down.

Yet since their ideas have been proven every time to fail, they have to attempt to make those failures appear to be racism.


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Boogie said...

I couldn't stomach much of Leonard ArmPitts' column, but I did notice one thing: he listed people like Brando and...somebody else...as high profile celebrity reporters of the civil rights movement.

Know who he left out?

Charlton Heston.

Oooooh, they forget that Hollywood's Moses marched with Dr. King when it wasn't politically viable to do so. See, King because a political liability after the "I Have A Dream" speech. He was kinda toxic, from what I understand. LBJ didn't want him around (LBJ also being a racist Democrat).

But Chuck Heston was putting it on the line long after everybody had left. Ya know why? Because he had principles.

Thanks for the hat tip.

Oh yeah...I'm from the area. I'm not saying it was right, but Michael Schwerner helped an awful damn lot getting himself and his buddies killed that night. Yeah, some Democrats pulled the trigger, but Mike was told to get the hell out of Meridian, MS by none other than the black leadership there in town, along with the Jewish leadership. They said "we're doing this pretty well without you, and you're just looking to start a fight."

There is a right way and a wrong way to do things, ya know.

Paul Mitchell said...

Boogie, I was born in Louisville in 1964. I have heard so many things about those murders it is amazing.

Skunkfeathers said...

The media has downplayed this, but I'll dare to throw it in: Glenn Beck's rally produced a well-mannered, diverse crowd of 300,000 plus that cleaned up after itself; Al Sharpton's counter rally goes unreported because it managed a measly 3,000 racists of dumbed-down libtard education and ideology.

Leonard Pitts screws riding mower mufflers.

'Nuff said.

Boogie said...

Skunkfeathers, I had a buddy at the 8/28 Rally. Smart guy, Captain, US Army, about to start trainups for Special Forces Selection, graduate of West Point, Class of 2007. I called him the other day and asked "how many folks you think there were there?" He went off into some square footage calculation and estimations by size of the reflecting pool and yadda yadda yadda and said "All in all, I'd say 400,000 is a conservative estimate, probably closer to 500,000."


And Paul, I don't mean to sound like an apologist or anything. What those Ku Kluxers did was W-R-O-N-G wrong, not to mention subhuman. But was the way Schwerner went about things smart? Not by any means. I've read enough Meridian history, and talked to people that were there at the time, to know that the label "agitator" can be accurately affixed to that particular man.

Paul Mitchell said...

Boogie, you did not sound like an apologist, but the guys that were tried were not the ones involved from what I have been told. I heard from two black guys I know, that some of the black folks working in the glove factory took care of them for Sheriff Price.

Boogie said...

Is that so? I always heard that an old neighbor of my mother's was the trigger puller, but I don't think he ever got charged.

Charging Edgar Ray for murder was silly, in my opinion. Unless you haven't got that from my disdain of Jerry, of the obviously intellectually challenged Mitchells (as opposed to your clan, the Intellectually superior Mitchells).

Paul Mitchell said...

That was the story as far back as I can recall. One of the guys allegedly involved drove a forklift at my family's brickyard.

Thankfully, Jerry is not kin. I would have to hack off my head, Muslim style, if he was.

The conspiracy conviction of Killen was a death sentence, so it is all good for me. One less Democrat voter.

Skunkfeathers said...

Boogie, I heard a gent call the local radio talkshow that was talking about the weekend rally (and how the WashPo posted a misrepresentative photo of the turn-out), and his estimates of the crowd match your source.

The libtards are truly scared of something they can't intimidate or lie about into submission.