Wednesday, September 01, 2010

College Gameday - September 4, 2010

Well, we are only two days away from college footbaw. There is one game on Thursday, but Saturday is the big day. Thursday night is the 'Cocks v. USM. *Yawn*

The Four Letter Morons shall be broadcasting College Gameday from Atlanta, Georgia for the Geaux Tigers v. of the Carolinas or one of the Virginias. I cannot remember all of these out of BCS Conference games.

Now, WHY College Gameday is doing that game, I could not even tell you. Oh wait, I just looked at the schedule.

Thursday: 'Cocks v. Southern Miss

Saturday: UK v. Louisville; UGA v. La Welder's College; Flarda v. Miami(up North one, they do not have the Dolphins); Klansingtonville v. Jacksonville State Plumbing and Telemarketers College; Vols v. a fishing show; The Barn v. Arkansas State Floral University; Razorhawgs v. TennTech; Bammeroids v. The Spartans (which I thought was a Matthew McConaughey movie, then I found out that was Marshall); We Suck v. Somalia; HOLY SHIT Vandy still has a team?!?!?! v. Southwestern Airlines; Geaux Tigers v. Tarheels.

I thought that I should tell the story of "Tarheel" right here, but I realized I have no freaking clue what that even is. My assumption is that it means that they are a bunch of inbred farmer hicks that stepped in cow flop all the time and never cleaned their shoes. Dammit, if there was something, like a big database, where I could find weird information like that...

And, as always, CROOM!!!!

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 Holy crap, Super Bammeroid, you need this!


Andy said...

Yeah TD, it's a pretty weak opening day (as usual). I think we had some DII team scheduled...can't even remember who it was now. It wasn't App State, but it was some other successful DII team that we dropped when the invite came from the Kickoff Classic folks.

Man, I hope we don't stink up the joint against NC. We're pretty weak. But, let's get it on.

College Gameday.

Andy said...

Hey TD, I'm glad I subscribed to comments on this one. I just got an eye-full. You da' man!

Paul Mitchell said...

SO you got that spam notice, too? Okay, maybe the spammer thing is not working as well as we thought.

Andy said...

Naw, it works fine. It's just if you've subscribed, or administrator.

That happened on one of mine that you had subscribed to. Remember? You thought I had dumped it before you got back around.

I guess you could call that a flaw. Maybe Blogger will change the delivery to all subscribers. I'll speak with them about it. I'm pretty powerful over there.

Paul Mitchell said...

Dude, I can hardly remember to wear clothes these days.

But, Teh Google still needs to tweak that a bit.


Moogie P said...

Woooo Pig!

innominatus said...

My Beavs are facing the TCU Horndogs in the only battle of ranked teams on opening weekend. Not that anybody cares.

Staci said...


College Gameday!

Neil Cameron (One Salient Oversight) said...

I'm no longer going to read your site. Not because we disagree over issues, but because it has become so boring.

Andy said...


Paul Mitchell said...

Thanks, Staci.

OSO, I am simply devastated. Remind me who you are again?

Andy, is OSO that Communist moron from a Third World Country?

Paul Mitchell said...

Moogie, TennTech ain't no pushover.

innominatus, weren't the Frogs kinda strong at some point last year?

Andy said...

TD, since you axed, I think it's KangarooHumperistan.. I knew that OSO probably ruined your day.

But since you have to be reminded of EVERYTHING these days, it is said nation that OSO (who last left a comment roughly 5 months ago...gotta check the archives for the exact date), who has not likely read one word of your boring blog since then hails from.

I don't think I'd call her a communist, though. I have actually read a few comments she has left on familiar blogs that exhibit quite the sense of humor. Communists are devoid of that. So, I think she's more of a misguided victim of the slow march toward it...not fully overcome by the final result.

Just sayin'...