Friday, August 06, 2010

Teh Google Post and Teh Droid X

I purchased the Motorola Droid X on Tuesday, July 27, 2010. This is the most amazing hunk of electronic hardware that I have ever owned. It is going to take me forever to figure out all that it can do. I am seriously impressed.


There are two hiccups that I have encountered. Number one, the battery does not last forever. Since I purchased it, I have run it through the motions every minute that I have been awake. The longest period that I have experienced to date is six hours between charges. This weekend I am going to try to keep my little grubbies off of the damned thing to find out how long standby is for me. Promise.

The other hiccup is the slow interface with text messaging. The main problem with that is no phone number can have parentheses and I imported my entire set of contacts from G-Mail, Twittah, and Facebook. Of course, I had no idea that the phone was going to do that when I hooked those services up on it. Also, in defense of the text messaging, I have not typed but maybe three, the voice messaging works swimmingly.

My score, 679 stars out of five. Seriously, the Droid X is a game changer. Get rid of your iPhone, it is a POS and shall never catch up. The Droid X can actually place phone calls.

With the X firmly in hand, I attempted to surf the webbyblargs and found that it is as fast as I need it to be and is surprisingly large. With the unit rotated, it is perfectly readable. Also, Teh Google has rolled out Search History for Mobile. I have not taken the time to actually go through the widgets and apps that could maybe let me get my bookmarks from Teh Google, but I am certain that there is one. Here's more on Search History.

I also ran into the multiple log in this week. This comes in very handy for me because of the number of G-Mail accounts that I have. This is not only on G-Mail, it is also for your Reader, Calendar, Sites, Voice, and Code. Docs is soon to be included as well. If you have multiple log ins activated, you cannot use the OFFLINE service, though. Makes sense to me. Also, you can only log into three accounts at the same time, unless you open another browser. I keep three loaded in Firefox and three loaded in Chrome. Get used to it. I get a bunch of e-mails, yo.

G-Mail has also added Drag and Drop for attachments. This is not so important for me, but I know that a lot of folks do not use Windows Explorer or their documents folder to put stuff where they want it. In case you are just a home computer user that plays Farmville, I guess that is okay, but I gotta know where my stuff is and I move it around all the time.

If you are not storing your documents in the cloud, you are probably not using Teh Google Docs, but they are adding even more features lately. Adding words to your dictionary, resizing tables, and web clipboard are just a few of the nice features in Teh Google Docs.

In case you have not noticed, Teh Google Search has now added a dictionary at the very top.

Also, Teh Google Wave is going away. Classicaliberal, Christina Jade, (both have not posted on their blogs since my birthday) and I had some great fun with that ridiculous crap, but none of us could figure out the benefit of using it. Maybe we made fun of the service so bad that Teh Google just shut it down.

But, while Teh Google is getting rid of Wave, they are also buying Slide, a social app company. I am not sure what they are planning, but I am pretty sure it involves Buzz. Another service that I really see limited use for right now. Yes, I can share posts easily, but not too many folks use it. That is why I have taken to spamming FAILbook.

One thing that you can bank on with Teh Google, they are not going to sit around the job trailer drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes, they want to fail at new stuff. Funny thing about liberals, they always say that you learn by failing, making mistakes, and ruining stuff. At least Teh Google puts their own money into those failures.

Just one little other thingy. After I got my business site all set up, then started building my business blog in Wordpress, I wanted to start learning more and more about the different languages. Then, I actually used Teh Google Search to find some way to short circuit the learning curve. This site takes your own Photoshop design and turns it into code for a myriad of different formats.

No matter what, SEARCH IS STILL KING, BABY. I should use it before I run off half-cocked and try to learn something new.

Just so you know, Zemanta has a total of fourteen of my posts recommended as related articles to this post.  Imma add 'em.

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ChristinaJade said...

Google Wave is waving bye-bye? Oh, darn. I won't miss that at all! :)

Oh, and thanks for reminding me that I am a SLACKER! LOL

Paul Mitchell said...

You have not posted since July 8, ma'am. That is not slacking, that is a dead blog.

Sultan said...

Where is that link to the project management software. Can't find it?

Paul Mitchell said...

Sultan, brah, can you be a little more specific? Did I forget something that I promised you?

Sultan said...

You had a link up the other day about a pm software or shareware that you had found on one of your post. Or at least i think it was you.

Paul Mitchell said...

I went back to October of last year on my web posts and found nothing. Jog my memory.

Sultan said...

Maybe I am just overworked and imagining things. It might have been on some other blog that I saw it. I thought it was with this droid phone post but just forget about it. I guess when its just you and one other guy administrating, managing, producing, and designing every project in an office you lose track of shit. Please forgive me for wasting your time. I am retarded!!!!!

Sultan said...

You had a link up the other day about a pm software or shareware that you had found on one of your post. Or at least i think it was you.