Thursday, August 12, 2010

Teh Google Updates and Stuff

This past week has seen huge changes in the stuff that Teh Google is releasing. I have become even more attentive since getting the Android phone, even though the Verizon tech ruined it yesterday. I had only had that Droid X for one week and already I had forgotten how to use the MotoRazr V3. How weird is that?

With the huge screen real estate of the X, I had ceased to even regard it as just a phone and had upped my usage exponentially of Teh Google products. Now, I am back living the lifestyle that all the Democrats want us to lead. Which is to say, the suck lifestyle.

Probably the biggest change in Teh Google products this past week has been the updated Contacts interface in Teh G-Mail. True, there is a slightly different look to G-Mail, but the contact list is completely revamped. It is a welcome change, too.

By the way, I had no idea that I had actually been using G-Mail since April of 2005. Wow, five freaking years.

And with the change to G-Mail, Teh Google has also decided to try to utterly kill of the older versions of Internet Explorer. Remember when I started coding my business site and told y'all about the problems with IE on that simple, little site? I think that the problems Teh Google has with IE might be a little more complex than mine are. FOR THE VOLUME!!!

Not only has Teh Google made big changes on G-Mail, but Blogger has been getting a facelift, too. When I first started blogging, Blogspot was easy to learn, but had very few features. All of that is different now, and Teh Google is making it harder and harder to turn away from Blogger, now. That is what customer service is all about and it is weird that I am not even paying a penny for this service!

The new comment thingy on Blogger is still a little wonky, but I am certain that they shall figure out the hiccups really soon. On this here blark, I notice that when I go to click on the "Comment" link, I get a pop-up for the comment and the page reloads to the comment page, too. That pisses me off no end, so I have not been commenting as much the last few days. For that, I am sorry.

Teh Google has also updated their Font Viewer, too. I do not use a wide variety of fonts because most of my stuff is online. In that scenario, it is best to stay with typical fonts that everyone has. Plus, it simplifies life. That is ALWAYS a good thing for me.

I have no idea if Teh Google Moderator is new or not, but I just ran across the post on this service yesterday. I have not had a chance to test it out at all, but I was researching FORUMS for my business site to get more input. Teh Google Moderator is what I found. I am going to read more on it when I get a chance tonight.

Also, AdSense is implementing some updates, too. I have only had a couple of "BIG" months on AdSense, but I am certainly going to try to start following the money on the webbynets. If there is money to be made doing this blogging thing that I enjoy so much, I would certainly like to make it. No brainer, huh?

Teh Google Small Business Blog is releasing some tools for online success for small businesses. Imma all up in dere. Here are the tutorials.

Teh Google Enterprise also has a response form update. It seems REALLY wonky right now. This might be a wait and see type thingy, but if you are adventurous, get all up in DERE. By the way, these sucky updates are what makes Teh Google stuff so much fun for me. The FAIL is built right into the product from the jump. Crash it when you get it is what I am all about.

As good as the OCR in Teh Google Docs WAS, it is even better now. Plus, there are even more conversion types that kicks Bill Gates even more in the shinbone. Granted, Teh Google is much more powerful than Microsoft is now, but still, it is kinda fun to play like they are not.

Oh, and please do not forget the new curve tool in Teh Google drawings.

Also, in BROWSER news, I have added a coupla' stuffs to my Firefox recently. With the coding of my business site, I added Firebug so I can instantly see how someone did certain things on their site. I can look at their code, jack it around, and make it my own if I want a feature similar to theirs. It is really, really cool.

Plus, I added SEOQuake to help me figure out what some of the higher traffic blorx are doing to direct that traffic. It is a little harder to figure out, though. Boy, building traffic is NOT easy as falling off a log, so I guess that content, link building, and guestposting really ARE some of the best things that you can do to build your following.

Plus, throwing in the word NUDE on occasion doesn't hurt, either.

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Red said...

I'm gonna check out a *NUDE* droid when I move back to *NUDE* Texas.

Staci said...

I have that dummy blogging book. I was a dummy for buying it.

Andy said...

Paul, I don't see any problems with the comment thing. It's just a regular pop-up box. Maybe after I post this, I'll see what you're talking about.

Andy said...

Nope! Maybe the bug is out.

SAY said...

Thanks for the info. I was leaning toward Verizon, but I've had same carrier, since first installed in my car in 1984. Names have changed over the years of course.
Guess it's time for a change!

Paul Mitchell said...

Red, way to troll that traffic.

Staci, Blogger was completely the same for the first three years of my blogging the platform. Only the last two or so have they started rolling stuff out.

Andy, it appears to be working properly for me, too.

SAY, I started out with Motorola in Jackson in 1984 or 85, and have never changed cellphone numbers since. They were bought out at least five times in the process of getting to Verizon. Alltel was completely swallowed by Verizon last June. So far, I have had no complaints at all with the service. I have had TWO run ins with cell store employees in the last five years, too. One got fired.

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