Wednesday, September 22, 2010

College Gameday - Week 4 - September 25, 2010

Dude, there has not been one single hit for College Gameday this week. I guess that most college footbaw watchers know that since the Four Letter's Traveling Gaggle of Douchebag Morons is going to be in I-DA-HO at the Bluefield Horses v. Another Team that Cannot Play in the Championship. I think that The Horses are playing the Beavers.

College Gameday shall be in Boise. I am pretty sure that there is no electricity in Boise, so maybe, just maybe, the Four Letters Retard Program will not be aired.

The fun part about the Idiots being in Boise is that there are only three games in the SEC that are infinitely better than the match-up they are going to air.

1. (1)Bammer v. (10)Razorhogs
2. (12)'Cocks v. (17)The Barn
3. (22)The Robert Byrds v. (15)Geaux Tigers

Instead, The Four Letter wants to be at (Not a D-I Team)Boise Horses v. (PAC-10 #7 Team)Beavers. Honestly, I had no idea that Boise was actually a four year school. When did they move up from Community College? And really, the NUMBER SEVEN TEAM in the PAC-10?

Good thing that there are only THREE games that would be better, huh?


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innominatus said...

My nice new widescreen display is spattered with spittle of rage!!1!!

You speak ill of my Beavers and I struggle to restrain myself...

Needing to use scientific notation to measure my blood pressure...

There are presently 5 Pac-10 teams, including my Beavs, who are ranked in the top 25. The BSU Smurfs have had a lot of success beating SEC, Big 10 and Big 12 opponents the last few years. This is a good matchup between two teams that are fun to watch. Yes, there is life (and football) (and electricity, too) outside the south.

Because you have dissed my Beavers, I am going to name the spider that lives in the shop bathroom "Paul the Mean Old Two Dogs" and then perform a ceremonial spider stomping ritual.

And all the world will learn a painful lesson about dissing the OSU Beavers!!!!

Moogie P said...

I was wondering whether Inno would take the bait! (And it's definitely "interesting" to read that the south is renowned for its cosmopolitan trappings, such as football dominance and electricity). While nothing will ever surpass the Hog Call for spirited innovation, I do like Inno's suggestion for his Beavers of, "Timber!!!!!!!!!!!" It has potential.

The good folks in northwest Arkansas agree that it was a boneheaded decision to send COLLEGE GAMEDAY to Idaho instead of to the U of A. Fayetteville is so pretty this time of year, especially with vicious, majestic Hogs chasing wet heffalumps all over the Ozarks. They seem to be making lemonade, however:

Paul Mitchell said...

Inno, the reason that the SEC doesn't play well out of conference unless it is the associate championship game is that WE. DO. NOT. CARE.

Playing I-DA-HO is a BYE weekend. And you simply must admit, seventh in the PAC-10 is not that good.

BUT! We are talking about College Gameday. They are a traffic source for this blog. We must trash them at all times.

Again, you gotta wonder why they are going to Boise instead of Hogfarm, though.

Moogie, y'all's is the game of the week. A legitimate college footbaw show would be in Hogfarm this Saturday.

Basil said...

Boise? I wonder if Frank J and SarahK will go to the game. Maybe folks'll get to see a birth on live TV.

Lisa G in NZ said...

hi Paul...

what do you mean "foot ball"... Soccer? Rugby union? Rugby league? Rugby sevens? Aussie rules?

OH... you mean "grid iron", eh... /sarc

golly, such a 'tough' sport grid iron is... tackling each other with lots and lots of padding ...and 5 minute breaks between each play... often... & the coach tells 'em all what to do for each play! wowie... hard huh

They DO get to man hug and slap each other's buttes a lot... so there's that...

Why don't your faux-tough grid iron boys try a running game of 80 minutes of run and tackle WITHOUT any padding passing the ball backwards or kicking for the goal posts from where it was downed and NOT the middle only...?

The boys playing "footie" down here rough-like & we like our Rugby bestest...

just my $0.02

Once you go Rugby, you can't go back

have a lovely day

Paul Mitchell said...

Lisa, I am not really into women's sports, do those rugby girls look pretty good, because the soccer chicks are gross.

Lisa G in NZ said...

The NZ Black Ferns recently won their 4th consecutive rugby world cup.

Like the men, they girls also play without any grid iron gear... (so thanks for reminding me the women are tougher than USA grid iron men?)


Paul Mitchell said...

Those dudes look kinda effeminate. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Tennis and golf are the only sports where it is allowable to wear short pants, though.

(Dead) Tommy5 said...

I saw the Beavers spent almost $5000 to paint their practice field blue to get ready for the Smurf Turf. I wonder if Inno is going to paint "Paul the Mean Old Two Dogs" spider web blue?

Paul Mitchell said...

(D)T5, I hope every college starts painting their field ridiculous colors and adding holograms to the playing surface, too.

Then, everyone starts using steroids again, playing while it is lightning, during the rain and stuff, and we can have some REAL footbaw again.

Paul Mitchell said...

The bye with UAB comes at a good time, huh?

Andy said...

Jeepers, I had almost forgot that (Dead)Tommy5 was not really dead. Dang, I miss his comments around these parts.

We will murder WV. This is the only game, except for the ULM, and McNeese (yes...we are really playing ULM & McNeese) games that I am putting in the W column. Oh wait...I retract that. We get the Klan some time this season, so we gets to win four more.

The rest are all up for grabs. We will certainly lose to 'Bama. We will give Flarda a run on they money, but probably lose. We will probably beat Auburn, because we almost always find a way even if they are better than us.

We will probably lose to the Hogs, because they will have had several weeks to recover from the murderous beating that they will receive this coming Saturday. We will not be yet healed up from our murderous beating by them, so it will be close.

Paul Mitchell said...

Andy, (D)T5 better not die off, he has three chicks counting on him.

Andy said...

3 chicks?

Sheesh...I think I'd off myself.

Paul Mitchell said...

Naw, they are pretty cool.

Andy said...

I'm sure they are WAY cool.

But, I can barely handle the emotions of ONE chick.

DT5 is made of sturdy stuff.

Paul Mitchell said...

I know exactly what you mean. Dude, I swear there should be an unlimited bag limit on them.

paul mitchell said...

I know exactly what you mean. Dude, I swear there should be an unlimited bag limit on them.

Lisa G in NZ said...

The NZ Black Ferns recently won their 4th consecutive rugby world cup.

Like the men, they girls also play without any grid iron gear... (so thanks for reminding me the women are tougher than USA grid iron men?)