Thursday, September 23, 2010

Wal*Mart Declines

P1010396Image by sirdrak via FlickrSeriously, this is the photo recommended by Zemanta to accompany this post. If y'all have any clue why, please drop it in the comments.

As most of y'all have realized by now, I have added a bunch of junk to this page in an attempt to find some ads revenue that actually works. The bar at the bottom is for subscriptions and sharing, the new RSS and e-mail links at the top are to try to cipher through the traffic and find out who is reading my junk. The additional links from Zemanta and the other thingy are to see if I can drive traffic to other places, and the pandering to pervs with the NUDE posts is to see if I can grab traffic from idiots.

All that said, I have been putting together a money-making webbynets conglomerated syndicate in other places and one focus is on push-selling music. iTunes JUMPED at the opportunity to do business with me and there is no one that trashes MacApple like I do.

And, I tried to add Wal*Mart and this is the response they sent me.

Dear Paul Mitchell,
Thank you for submitting your application to the Wal-Mart MP3 Music Downloads Affiliate Program. We appreciate your interest in our program.

Wal-Mart MP3 Music Downloads carefully reviews each application to our program. Unfortunately, we do not feel that your Web site meets the criteria we have established for acceptance. At this time Wal-Mart MP3 Music Downloads is looking for affiliates with high traffic sites that have the potential for high sales volume. In addition, will not accept into its affiliate program sites that fit the following descriptions:

* Promote sexually explicit material
* Promote violence or hate toward any persons or groups
* Promote illegal activities
* Promote alcohol, tobacco, gambling/lottery in any way
* Promote the use of pyramid, ponzi, or similar investment schemes
* Promote discrimination based on race, sex, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation, or age
* Contain, in our sole judgment, material that is defamatory, fraudulent, or harassing to us or any third party
* Are known as blogging sites, defined as sites that contain only blogging and no other form of informational content
* Include walmart or variations or misspellings thereof in their domain names
* Otherwise violate intellectual property rights of, Wal-Mart Stores or its suppliers
* Disparage, Wal-Mart Stores or their suppliers
* Are under construction or not live at the time of application
* Require a username and password to access
* Are non-US based or are sites that primarily serve a non-US based audience
* Any other reason based on Wal-Mart's sole judgment.

The Walmart MP3 Music Downloads Affiliate Team

Hmm. I guess that we can safely assume that Wal*Mart is yet another backer of the hideously stupid Democrat Party because of their promotion of decidedly politically correct nonsense. Does Wal*Mart realize that nearly everyone in the Democrat Party hates their company?

Seriously, I have no clue which ridiculous rule that I am violating, but they advertise on one BLOG that gets one sixteenth of the traffic that we get here.

I guess that at some point even successful companies try to LOSE business? Maybe Wal*Mart thinks that if they piss off enough normal people, then the Democrat Party will give them a bail-out, too? You know, it has gotten to the point that if you want to "compete," you have to take federal money to keep your prices in line with the Obamanomics model of stupidity.

Sorry, Wal*Mart, it was good knowing you, and I am genuinely distressed with the nut-punch you gave to one of your loyal customers. Maybe Kroger will treat me better.

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Moogie P said...

So, um. Which of the categories doesn't apply? ;-)

About the picture -- I think it was chosen because its subject is one of those Chinese manufactured resin dogs that Wal-Mart sells. They're advertising with you anyway and don't know it!

Skunkfeathers said...

It's all 'cuz you don' like Islamofascists, and you constantly diss 'em and hurt their self-esteem (which I always thought they hurt more by blowin' themselves up with open-air markets full of goats and camels).

Eh...Wallyworld can support a party that aims to destroy it, iffen they want to. Sucks ups are as suck ups are.

Andy said...

Dude, that is hilarious! Seriously, Moogie stolden my thunder.

I reckon it's a trade-off. You can be #1 on Larissa Riquelme Nude, and continually hammer home the point that Democrats a effin' morons...or, you can play nice in the sandbox, and appetize for The WalMart.

Paul, I am seriously LMAO over that one. I mean, the fact that you even really (if you really did) try go sign up for they ads...

You're a trip, Dude. Seriously.

Basil said...

Are known as blogging sites, defined as sites that contain only blogging and no other form of informational content
I think that might be the problem.

Paul Mitchell said...

If they call this POS a blog, they are insulting me. This is the NUMBER ONE site for College Gameday!!! LITERALLY.

Skunkfeathers said...

So, Wallyworld is anti-college gameday? UNAMERICAN!!!!!!

Paul Mitchell said...

Skunks, that's what I'm saying!!!

Skunkfeathers said...

I'm not buying any more Wallyworld-sold, "Buy American, made in China" crap from them. Phfft.