Monday, September 13, 2010

I Appreciate the Hatemail, Really I Do

For some reason, it helps me to know that there are stupid people in the world. Especially those that are so stupid they feel the need to send an e-mail to someone that they do not know and that doesn't care one way or the other what those people think or feel about anything.

Seriously, when I get an e-mail from a "Progressive" it simply makes me realize that there exist people that will never find true happiness and will always have the need to belittle others to make themselves F-E-E-L better.

But, let's address the e-mail.

Define: Bigotry. A bigot is a person obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices.

Point one, there's that "intolerant" word again.

No. I cannot TOLERATE slaughtering innocent people because they are working in the World Trade Center.

No. I cannot tolerate someone that grabs CMU and bashes a woman's head in because she is not totally covered in sackcloth from head to toe.

No. I cannot tolerate someone that gets sexual pleasure at the expense of children. (or goats, whichever your pleasure.)

No. I cannot tolerate someone that believes it is okay to lie, cheat, steal, and murder someone that doesn't believe as they do.

No. I cannot tolerate someone that will destroy a church simply because that church teaches from The Bible.

No. I cannot tolerate someone that is HONOR BOUND to kill someone simply because they are Jewish.

So, if this makes me a bigot, so be it and if the above rehashing of what Muslims believes is PEACE, the world would be much better off without PEACE.

And just so you know, I got a great bit of advice from a friend of mine to use when I am President of the United States. This shall be from my inaugural address.

"I am tasked with protecting and defending the Constitution of the United States. Our country is not just made up of people, our country is LITERALLY our people. So, my main task as president is to protect our people."

"If in the course of my tenure as President of the United States there is ONE SINGLE MUSLIM attack on the United States or any of our embassies around the world, the nuclear warheads shall be instantaneously launched and Mecca shall be obliterated in one blink of the eye. You ought to be able to resume your Hajj in the year of our Lord, 25,000 AD. Look before you leap, Fucktards."

Please, quit trying to tell me that Islam means peace. That is beyond silly when their book, that they obviously have read more times than Christians read The Bible, DEMANDS that they slaughter ANYONE that is NOT Muslim.

That is just flat out mean, if you ask me, and the fact that you sent me an e-mail kinda means that you did, Dumbass.

Please take the time to comment.


Steve B said...

What people don't get is that, despite all the calls for "tolerance" and live and let live, Islam is even more "evangelical" than Christianity. Only diff is, their missionaries traditionally carry AK-47s and bomb vests.

The only peaceful Muslim is 1) Not actually a practicing Muslim, or 2) Lying to you to sucker you until they can use you to further the cause of Islam.

Red said...

Ha! "F#ck you, Islam means peace". Way to unravel ones own argument. What a tool.

Andy said...

Standing O! Once again, I am awed. Seriously!

Oh yeah...what Wendy and Red said, too.

Basil said...

I do have a question: why did you hide their email address? If you had posted it, in text, in your post, bots would have read it and their level of spam would have increased.

Moogie P said...

That lie, steal, cheat thing -- when I was teaching at UALR, every semester I always had one or two male students who self-identified as being from "Persia" (and who were always less than thrilled about being taught business law by a woman). Without fail, I always caught one or more cheating on the Ethics paper I assigned them. They were cheating on the ethics paper and never quite "got" why they got an F on that particular assignment. The women never cheated, that I could ascertain. That taught me volumes.

Oh yeah, and ditto all of the above.

Herb said...


MUD said...

People think that the Kuran, Quoran or whatever you call it is the source for the teaching in the Muslim holy places. The sad fact is that they learn the words by rote and then the meaning only from some old twisted dude that makes stuff up. It really is like they made you or me the Pope and everyone thought we were infalible. My wife runs around and says we need to be isolationist and you want to nuke 'em. I wonder what the half life of plutonium is? Is a place that glows in the dark a holy place? MUD

Red said...

Paul Mitchell 2012!

Boogie said...

Some people are too damn stupid to procreate. Does this person have children? For the future of our country and the world, I hope not.

Basil said...

Yeah, I have an occasional troll that is someone I know. Not a friend. Just some jackass that I happen to know. Total waste of space and air.

He doesn't email me, but he will sometimes post comments on the blog. I don't even read them any more. I just delete them. I'm not letting a URL I pay for be used by the likes of him.

Mary said...

Paul, you are one of my fav reads. I simply adore you.

That is all :)

Skunkfeathers said...

Paul rocks. His libtard, moronic friends (and Paul is exceptionally tolerant, considering some of the libtards he maintains friendships with), undo their arguments with their own demonstrations of intolerance and using all the age-old, tired, discredited arguments from the libtard playbook, because they cannot argue logically, factually or truthfully.

Paul runs in '12? My vote's in!

Paul Mitchell said...

Okay, y'all have convinced me to run. Get busy hitting my Pay Pal account and start referring to me as President Paul.

I need about 70 million dollars to fund the campaign. We need to be quick about the fund raising, too.

Paul Mitchell said...

Boogie, no he/she/it has no kids, but they are married. To someone of the opposite sex, too!

Mary, thanks for you kind words and keep commenting!

Skunks, yours was the encouragement that made me decide to run. Wanna be the person that solicit funds on a nationwide scale? If memory serves, you have some experience in that field.

Staci said...

I'm just going to write you in on my ballot.

Skunkfeathers said...

I have been the magnet for literally billions in unsolicited funds in the past 10 years, Paul. Sadly, it's all been scam money. But I got $5 to seed the account with.

Andy said...

Mary gots a crush on Two Dogs...

Two Dogs and Mary, sittin' in a tree...K.I.S.S.I.N.G.

Anonymous said...

I can't help the quality of your hate mail...
Why does he spell bigoted like that?
Islam means submission, even those idiots know it.
Q. You'll have no problem supplying an original long form birth certificate?

marc in calgary

Paul Mitchell said...

Well, Skunks, that is alright anyway. We can't accept funds from out of the country because it is against campaign finance laws unless we are Barry Obama. Five bucks is a good start.

Andy, I lurve me some crushes. Don't you?

Marc, my assumption is that not only do liberals hate math, science, and history, they must also hate grammar and spelling. I also just assume that when I get an e-mail from a leftie that it is going to have typos, rambling, disjointed thought and logic, and no punctuation.

Moogie P said...

I have some lottery winnings awaiting me in both London AND Nairobi. If you would be so kind as to send me your bank information and PIN, I will immediately forward several million dollars to your campaign account, Mr. President Paul, sir.

Paul Mitchell said...

Moogie, you should get with my campaign financial consultant, Skunkfeathers. He knows how to bring that cash to market.

Skunkfeathers said...

Yeah, to misquote Winston Churchill, never before in the human experience has so much nuthing been owed to so few by so many".