Sunday, September 12, 2010

Teh Google Updates and Owning the Interblarbs

With the H-U-G-E change of Teh Google's Search Engine to an instantaneous search format comes big changes to stay on the top of traffic. I never thought about what instant search would do to getting hits, but since I have watched it in operation, I have come to the conclusion that keywords have become even more important.

And they need to be the first words at all times that is possible. I think that you know why, right?

If you have not used Teh Google this week, you are in for a HUGE surprise. There is nothing the same anymore. The whole bloggynets traffic thingy is screwed up forever, now.

In an attempt to keep this Testament to Mediocrity hanging tough in these tough interwebby times, I changed the subscription buttons and the menu at the header of this blork. Lemme know what you think. Do you see the new RSS and E-Mail subscription buttons? Just so you know, currently we have 146 RSS feed subscribers. I wonder if we'll pick up more with the BIG buttons?

Here are a few ways that Instant Search can tromp on your wallet.

Maybe these tips from the AdWords blog can help bridge that gap.

Google Mobile has the screens for Maps on Android. I have yet to try this, but the Maps works exceedingly well on the Droid X. I have no clue how Maps works on the iPhone because, I am not gay.

Another Android WIN that I use is the Teh Google Voice. The voice function in Search for the Android is 100% for me so far. Most of y'all have heard my voice. Obviously, Android speaks REDNECK purdy danged guud.

Teh Google Docs App Store is six months old, already. And has over 200 Apps. Can we stop using Outlook YET?

Here, go learn about exactly what is going on with Docs.

Speaking of Outlook and its ANTONYM, G-Mail, here are five tips for using the new Priority Inbox in G-Mail.

Just so y'all know, Teh Google Local stuff is a good traffic driving hawg, too. Here's a case study on Places. Currently, the traffic for my business site is almost exclusively from Teh Google Local Search and FAILbook.

Is there really someone left on Planet Earth that doesn't know how to change their blog background? You have GOT to be kidding. Haven't we all been blogging at least five years? Isn't that enough time to learn the easy stuff?

By the way, Teh Google Buzz has added a feature much like "Alerts" called Track. I think that Teh Google has realized that RSS is slowly falling apart. If FAILbook ads an RSS reader feature worth a crap, Teh Google Reader might be the next Wave. Remember, Bloglines is gone after the end of this year.

As much as I lurve Teh Google products, the Google Guys' political activism concerns me and I keep an eye on the Public Policy blog. Here is a post on Teh Google's desires to advance Google in the white spaces on the television airwaves. I am not so sure that I want Teh Google developing a "Family Safety Center." Their liberal policies might start to censor Christian sites, conservatives sites, and help to start to promote the idiocy of environ-terrorism at the same time. I'll have my Teh Google products served up with no Communism, thanks very much.

Here are some more tools for p0wning the intertubes.

Heat mapping traffic analytics.

Wordpress rolls out subscriptions like Tumblr has. Personally, I lurve me some Tumblr. Check out the hottest Tumblr site on the entire web, right chere.

Here's more on the Wordpress subscriptions.

Check name availability at all social sites at the same time. This can help you to have continuity across all forums for your AWESOME online presence.

When you get ready to start your social media campaign, go install Seesmic Desktop 2. it combines all of your social networking sites into one platform.

And when you finally get ready to make money online with social media, load up Market Me Suite. Market Me Suite allows your to personalize the "Posted From" tag in all your media. Great product.

Twitter Counter helps with all of your tracking on Teh Twittah. Check it out.

ManageFlitter helps get rid of those assholes that add you to just drop you the next day, purposely running up their stats and running yours down. I like to call those jerks, "Democrats."

Enjoy your new found webwealth.

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Red said...

Well alrighty Captain Blogmaster, aren't you the techiest of the tech? Cool buttons btw and I too agree that I'll have my Googles sans pinko regs.

Paul Mitchell said...

Dang, Red. I forgot the link to the icons.

No. Pinko. Regs.

Moogie P said...

I think I have a headache, but my preference is definitely a dearth of pinko regs nonetheless.